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Join the sugar mania! Swap and crush the sweet candy items and winlevels. Our cute candies found themselves on a space adventure.Help them solve the puzzles in order to get back home. Download andplay the addicting Cute Candy Day game for FREE. Try to beathundreds of challenging levels and match the cute colorful figuresuntil you clear space from all the candy. **Play Now**• Match-3games are easy and fun to play!• Discover hundreds of awesomelevels filled with some candy blasting fun.• Explore the cosmickingdom of candies. • Complete levels and win high scores. • Masterall the sweet challenges!• Win rewards & beat levels.• Unlockawesome boosters and clear obstacles. • New and exciting challengesare just around the corner! • Try to get 3 stars on every level.Cute Candy Day is an addictive online puzzle game featuringbeautiful graphics and items and tons of thrilling puzzles. Yourgoal is to match 3 or more candy items of the same kind to create aline blast and clear the space board. Collect the candy and winlevels, create crunchy explosions by making special candycombinations. Get this fun candy match game today and journeythrough hundreds of delicious levels. You can play online oroffline-no internet connection is required! Embark on an excitingadventure in space and navigate through the levels. Join the candysmashing mania! Share this awesome game with family and friends andrace for the highest score.

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Welcome to the land of jelly! Enter the magical candy forest andmatch and crush jelly treats to win levels. Play this delightfulpuzzle game for free and enjoy loads of delicious levels filledwith different challenges and surprises. Smash the Candy* Make rowsof at least 3 jelly treats to remove them and clear the board. *Advance along the candy trail. * Plan your moves and collect allthe sweet candies to win levels.* Unlock amazing boosters and othersurprises to help you on your journey.* Complete all the funchallenges and puzzles and try to reach high scores.Jelly SplashingFunCreate massive explosions by making the following combinations:-Match 4 candies to get a striped treat of this color and create aline blast. - Match 5 jellys in an L or T form to get an amazingtreat that will explode all items around it.- Match 5 jelly treatsin a row to get a special colorful rainbow candy. The colorful itemcan burst all candies with the same color. - Connect 2 specialjelly boosters to create even greater explosions!Play and Enjoy*Awesome levels filled with challenging match-3 puzzlers. *Addictive gameplay. * Tons of sweet jelly, candy and other lusciousdelights.
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Join us on an exciting journey of matching candy treats! Go on anamazing adventure across the candyland. Explore sugary worlds atthe Candy Kingdom and discover hundreds of sweet levels filled withdelicious treats. Matching candies is the best way to relax andpass the time.Match, pop and collect candy, it’s fun andeasy!**Remember: there are special matches you can do in order toget even more points, powerful boosters and bonuses. Move and matchsweets and earn cool boosts that will help you crush candies andunlock the sugar combinations. ** How to Play **- Swap the candy tomatch 3 in a line and remove them from the board. - Solve the funpuzzles and win levels. - Unwrap sweet boosts and power-ups andcreate massive candy explosions. - Collect delicious candy andexplore magical sugary worlds. - Complete missions and reach highscores.- Try to get 3 stars on every level. Download now andexperience this addictive puzzle game straight on your Androiddevice. Enjoy the most amazing graphics and effects in this sweetcandy adventure. If you are a fan of match-3 puzzlers, you willabsolutely love our fun delightful cookie charm game!** Make sureto keep an eye out for cool updates and new levels.
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Swap and crush the crystal diamonds and solve all the fun match-3puzzles. Enjoy an epic puzzle matching adventure at the magicalkingdom and collect all the gems. Play the most addictive diamondmatch today. Make combinations of at least 3 gems to blast and winpoints. Play through hundreds of sparkly levels and collectdifferent rewards. Don’t forget to boost your experience withawesome power-ups! For massive explosions make the followingmatches:- Match 4 jewels to get a striped item of this color andcreate a line blast. - Match 5 gems in an L or T form to get anamazing gemstone that will explode all items around it.- Match 5crystals in a row to get a special colorful item that can burst allgems with the same color. - Connect 2 special jewels to create evengreater explosions. Follow these Instructions:- Move and match 3jewels in a line to remove them.- Beat all the challenges and windifficult levels.- Complete the missions set at the beginning ofeach new level. - Collect all the sparkling crystals before you runout of moves. - Win enough points to earn at least one star.Free toplay anytime and anywhere you want, no internet connection isrequired. Hours of entertainment are guaranteed!
Bubble Shooting Pro 1.0 APK
Are you ready to become the ultimate Bubble Shooting Pro?Train yourbrain, match colors, and pop all the bubbles. Get the app NOW, beatlevels and enjoy this addicting and relaxing bubble pop game! Match3 bubbles or more to blast and win with fewer shots to get morestars. Bubble Shooting Pro is an awesome online puzzle game you canplay anytime and anywhere, no internet connection is required. Beatall the challenges and overcome obstacles.It’s the perfect game toplay when you want to relax and clear your mind!Cool Game Featuresthat will turn you into a pro! * Addicting gameplay, once you start– you simply can’t stop playing.* Awesome rewards and cool puzzles* Exciting features and elements * Free to play bubble game * 1000+ Exciting levels, with more, added all the time. * Addicting gamemode. * Clear obstacles and beat the challenges. * Pop 7 bubbles ina row to unlock the fireball.* Drop 10+ bubbles at once to get abomb.* Play anytime and anywhere, no WiFi connection is required!How to Play:- Drag your finger to move the laser sight in thedirection of the bubbles. - Lift your finger to take a shot. -Match 3 bubbles or more of the same color to pop the combo and winpoints.- Hit and pop all the colored balls to clear levels.Clearthe board and advance along the map, win amazing rewards and enjoyfun new elements and features, boosts, power-ups, daily rewards,and more!
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Candy Quest is a super fun match-3 puzzle gamethat takes place in a land of sweets. Play now and discover plentyof delicious candies, jellies, cookies and pastries.Set out on this amazing quest now! Travel across the lusciouskingdom of candy treats and explore hundreds of delicious levelswrapped with exciting match 3 puzzles, bonuses and surprises.Unlock amazing boosters and power-ups to help you on your journey.Color bomb, striped or wrapped candy will create big explosions andremove surrounding items.Join the Candy Quest* Swap and link 3 candy items to create a line blast and removethem from the board.* Explore hundreds of puzzle matching levels.* Fun and addictive gameplay, once you start matching-you can’tstop!* Earn stars for using fewer moves to complete levels. * Completeall the challenges and missions set at the beginning of eachlevel.You have a limited amount of moves to clear a level so use themwisely. Plan your moves ahead and collect all the delicious sweetsto win levels. Match at least 3 candies to collect tasty items andadvance along the magical lollipop trail. There is no time limit soyou can play at your own pace anytime and anywhere. Start yoursweet match 3 puzzle adventure today! Get ready to explore sugaryworlds and new exciting flavors and colors. Solve the brain teasersand win amazing bonuses that will reward you with high scores andhuge candy explosions.
Melon Mania 1.0 APK
Join the match-3 jungle party, link the fruit and crush your waythrough the fun levels! PLAY and enjoy Melon Mania, the most funand exciting puzzle game on the play store.Discover hundreds ofjuicy levels filled with fresh fruit, beautiful graphics andintriguing challenges. Have fun matching the fruit in this sweetpuzzle adventure!HOW TO PLAY• Make lines of fruit in this relaxingand fun match-3 game. • Win levels and earn high scores. • Chargeup with awesome boosters. • Play through hundreds of levels andcollect different rewards. • Plan your moves and advance along thecolorful map. MELON MANIA FEATURES - Tons of fun puzzles. -Addictive gameplay, play anytime and anywhere!- Fresh and juicyfruit and colorful graphics and environments. - Fun levels filledwith awesome challenges. - Free to play, no WiFi connection isrequired. Play and enjoy this amazing match-3 adventure and advancealong hundreds of splashy levels!
Lost Treasure Match 3 1.1 APK
Match the ancient gems, unlock magical boosters and find the losttreasure! Download and play this cool free game and join the funmatch-3 puzzle adventure. Lost Treasure Match 3 offers beautifulgraphics, awesome effects and plenty of challenging puzzles.Discover hundreds of addicting levels!Some of the levels andmatch-3 puzzles can be difficult and you’ll want to use somespecial power-ups to boost your gaming performance. You can getthese special bonuses by making the following combinations:- Match4 gems to get a striped treat of the same color and create a lineblast. - Match 5 items in an L or T form to get a special bomb thatwill explode all items around it.- Match 5 jewels in a row to get aspecial colorful rainbow item. The colorful item can burst all gemswith the same color. - Connect 2 special boosters to create evengreater explosions. Solve the fun puzzlesEach level presents a newmission that you’ll have to complete. Try to use fewer moves toclear a level, so you can get higher score and get the chance toearn 3 stars. Master the challenges to level up and win points!Swapand match the treasure and collect gems in this addictive and funmatch-3 online game. Available now for FREE on Android, no internetconnection is required and there is no life limit, so you can playas much as you want!
Sweet Candy Clash 1.2.0 APK
Journey through the sugary landscapes and enter candy world in abrand new match 3 game! Download Sweet Candy Clash to your Androiddevice today, and experience hundreds of thrilling and deliciouslevels packed with exciting challenges. Swap items in this funmatch 3 game, make rows of at least 3 treats to remove them andclear the board. Collect matching candy to earn points and unlockawesome boosters that will help you get through levels.Put yourmatching skills to the test, and collect candy pieces so you canexplore new levels.Clear levels to unlock additional puzzles andsurprises, improve your matching skills and enjoy a smooth and mostaddictive gameplay. Form a strategy to crush your way through thelevels, and match items to create sweet and delicious combos. Playthis cool game today - It’s a never ending match-3 fun!How to Play• Move and match 3 candies of the same type to burst and winpoints. • Collect prizes and make special combinations to create acrush! • Boost your experience with awesome power-ups. • Play andenjoy hundreds of colorful puzzle levels in this fun addictinggame. • Reach high scores and try to get 3 stars on everylevel. Game Features:• Beautiful graphics and effects• Exploreenchanting candy worlds• Play online or offline-no internetconnection is required! Travel across the lollipop wonderland,explore wondrous places and discover hundreds of fun levels filledwith vivid colors, great puzzles, and bonuses. Solve the brainteasers and win amazing bonuses that will reward you with highscores and awesome power-ups that will help you beat all thechallenges and win levels. Match, pop and collect candy, it’s easyand fun! Play today and start working on your matching skills!