1.0 / July 26, 2017
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Are you looking for a special cute girl room for your girl ? Do youwanna have ideas about girls bedroom ? would you like to surf inbedroom pictures for girls of different ages while playing a game?cute girl room puzzle is a game that gives you girls bedroom ideaswhile playing a puzzle game, this puzzle game has different kind ofroom for girls in it.The most important thing is the slide puzzlesfree and no purchase required in it, which means you can surfinside the jigsaw puzzle for free.The favorit colors of girlsbedroom is purple, pink and red this is why you will see morepictures about those colors in this tile puzzle girls room.a studyproved that jigsaw puzzles games helps brain to react in a shorttime for different cases The decoration on this tile puzzle girlsroom is perfect you would love to have a broom like this forsure.This game uncludespictures of Cute Girl bedroom for allagesbeautiful girls beds with diffrent categories********** How toplay **********1/ open the cute girl room puzzle game.2/ choose apicture from the list of the cute girl room wallpaper.3/ drag thepicture pieces to their right place in order to make the picture init's correct form. 4/ Be sure to fix the tile puzzle in a shorttime and less moves to have high score.PS you can use " hint " ithelps you to find the puzzle in an easy way and it's suitable forkids because a numbers will be shown in the picture puzzle piecesall you need to do is to drag the pieces with numbers to theirright place from the low number to the high one.You can play thecute girl room tile wallppaper in three different levels ( easy ,medium and hard ) ********** Features **********More free jigsawpuzzles will be added soon * More tile puzzle games for girls andslide games for girls will be added to the store.** We may add thepossibility to save the tile wallpaper pictures in your laptopphone or tablet this allows you to get more ideas about bedroom forgirls.*** We may give you the ability to share your score in socialmedia for each tile puzzle wallpaper you fix.**** More then 50pictures of room for girls will be added to the tile puzzle game inorder to help you to choose the best one.***** We will adddifferent kind of all games for girls and all new games 2017 forgirls only .Feel free to contact us on our gmail "[email protected] " to make the game better for you and wewill be so glad to make it amaizing for you ^^thanks advanced forchosing our app :)

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    cute girl room puzzle
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    July 26, 2017
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    Android 2.2 and up
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com.ScaryPrankClown.lobat.Tartib.ElSora 1.0 APK
هل كنت تبحث عن ألغاز و ألعاب ذكاء لكي تلهيك في وقت فراغك ! هل تحبتركيب الصورة و تصليح صور فائقة الجمال ! هل تريد لعبة تريحك منضغوطات العمل و الدراسة للبعض الأخر ! هل عندك أولاد لا يتوقفون عنفعل المشاكل و يتحركون كثيرا داخل المنزل ؟اذا انت في المكان الصحيحمرحبا بك في العاب ذكاء ترتيب الصور للكبار و العاب اولاد ترتيب الصور, ان هذه اللعبة ليست صعبة الإستعمال لكل فئات الأعمار لأنها تحتويعلى إرشادات تمكنك من ايجاد ٱحجية لعبة بازل في وقت وجيز . ان ألغازوألعاب تركيب الصور تساعد على التركيز في الحياة اليومية و تقوي الحدسو خفة ردة الفعل عند مشكلة تتطلب الرد السريعألعاب تركيب الصورةللكبار تحتوي على ثلاثة مستويات (الأول سهل لأن الشخص يرتب العابترتيب الصورة المكونة من بضع أجزاء فقط و هذا ما ينصح به لأطفال أقلمن خمس سنوات ، الثاني متوسط يتطلب تركيز و إنتباه لأن فيه أجزاء أكثرمن السهل و لكن هذا المستوى سهل على بعض الأشخاص الأذكياء و يأتي فيالأخير المستوى الصعب الذي لا يمكن حله للكثير من فأت الأعمار لاكنتستطيع إيجاده و ذلك يتطلب وقت خطوات وتركيز جيد لايجادها )ما يزيدتشويق العاب تركيب الصورة الخلفيات الجذابة لي الصورة المركبة التيتجعلك تتخيل نفسك داخل ذاك المكان الذي في الصورة .و يمكن لعب ألعابترتيب الصور للبنات من جميع الاعمار لأنها تحتوي على اشياء تحبهاالبنات و ليست مخلة بالحياء العاب ترتيب الصورة تحتوي على :1) ألعابترتيب صورة السيارات2) ألعاب ذكاء ترتيب الصور ة3) ألعاب أولاد ترتيبالصور ة4) ألعاب بنات ترتيب الصور ة5) free puzzle games 6) ألعابتركيب صور الفراشات7) ألعاب تركيب صور الطبيعة8) ألعاب ترتيب غرفالبناتكيف تلعب ألعاب ذكاء ترتيب الصورة 1) إختر ألعاب ترتيب الصورةفي جوالك2) إختر المستوى الذي تريد تركيب الصورة فيه من سهل متوسط اوصعب3) إسحب أجزاء الصورة الى مكانها الأصلي إلى أن تضهر الصورة كاملةمرتبة في مكانها الأصلياذا لم تستطع إيجاد لعبة بازل بسهولة فما عليكإلا ان تضغط على زر (hint) فتضهر لك أرقام في أجزاء الصورة فما عليكالى ترتيب الأرقام تصاعديا من أعلى جزء في الصورة إلى أسفل جزء.مستقبلا يمكن أن نضيف :1) ألعاب خاصة بتركيب الصورة لكل الفئات2) عدةصور تتناسب مع كافة الأعمار إذا صادفت أي مشكل داخل اللعبة أرجوكراسلني على [email protected] شكرا مقدما لكAre you looking forintelligent puzzles and games in order to distract you in yourspare time! Do you like the installation and repair of super-beautyphotos picture! Do you want a game Trag from the pressures of workand study for some of the other! Do you have children do not stopdoing problems and are moving too much inside the house?If you'rein the right place in your hello games intelligent image ordergames for adults and children image order, that the game is notdifficult to use for all ages because they contain instructionsenable you to create ٱhadjih Basel game in a short time.The riddlesand games installation image helps focus everyday life andstrengthens the intuition and lightness reaction when problemrequiring rapid reactionPhotomontage adult games contain threelevels (the first easy because the person arranging the order ofgames image composed of few parts only. This is recommended forchildren less than five years, the second average requiresconcentration and attention because it is the most easy parts, butthis level easy some smart people and comes in the last difficultlevel that can not be solved for many of Fat ages I can find it,and it requires time and concentration of good steps to findthem)Over Thriller games installation image backgrounds attractiveto me composite image that will make you imagine yourself in thatplace in the picture.You can play games arranging images for girlsof all ages as they contain things girls love, not indecentOrder'sgames contain:1) Games Order auto image2) Games intelligentarrangement of images3) Games Order pictures of children4) BlocksOrder of pictures Games5) free puzzle games6) Installation ofpictures of butterflies games7) Games installation Nature Photos8)Order of girls games roomsHow to play smarter Order's games 1)Select Games Order picture in your mobile phone2) Select the levelthat you want to install the image in which the average of easy ordifficult3) Pull the parts of the image to its original place todisplay my full image ranking in its original placeIf you can notfind a game easily Basel you just need to press a button (hint)Vtdahr numbers you in the picture parts to you what the order ofnumbers upward from the top part of the picture to the bottomportion. In the future we can add:1) Special games installedfor each picture categories2) several images to suit allages If you encounter any problem within the game pleaseMessage me on [email protected] Thank you in advance
scrayPrankClown.al3ab.tartib.elsowar 1.0 APK
هل تبحث عن ألغاز و ألعاب ذكاء التي تلهيك في وقت فراغك ! هل تهوىتركيب الصور و تصليح صور الطبيعة و العمارات !هل تريد ان ترتاح منضغوطات العمل ! هل اولادك يتحركون كثيرا داخل المنزل ؟اذا مرحبا بك فيالعاب ترتيب الصور للكبار و العاب تركيب الصور للبنات , هذه اللعبةسهلة الاستعمال لكل فئات الاعمار لانها تحتوي على ارشادات تمكنك منايجاد احجية لعبة بازل في وقت قصير . العاب تركيب الصور تساعد علىتقوية الحدس و تساعد على التركيز و تقوي خفة ردة الفعل عند اي ازمة اوحالة تتطلب بسرعة العاب تركيب الصور للكبار تحتوي على ثلاثة مستويات(1/ مستوى سهل حيث اي شخص يلعب العاب ترتيب الصور يمكنه ايجادهابسهولة و هذا ما ينصح للاطفال اقل من اربعة سنوات ، 2/ مستوى متوسطيتطلب بعض التركيز و النتباه للخطوات و هو سهل على بعض الاشخاص 3/مستوى صعب الذي يمكون القول عنه انه الى فأة قليلة من الناس تستطيعايجاده و ذلك لعدد اجزاء الصورة الكثيرة التي تتطلب وقت خطوات وتركيزجيد لايجادها)ما زاد التشويق في العاب تركيب الصور الخلفيات الجميلةلي الصور المركبة التي تاخذك الى اوسع نطاق.يمكن لعب العاب ترتيبالصور بنات و ذكور من جميع الاعمار ولى تحتوي على اشياء مخلة بالحياءالعاب ترتيب الصور تحتوي :1) العاب ترتيب الصور للبنات 2) العاب ذكاءترتيب الصور 3) العاب اولاد ترتيب الصور 4) العاب بنات ترتيب الصور5)صور العاب السيارات 6) العاب ترتيب صور الفراشات7) العاب ترتيب صورالطبيعة و القلاع 8) العاب ترتيب منازل البنات كيفية لعب العاب ذكاءترتيب الصور 1) اختر العاب ترتيب في جوالك 2) اختر المستوى الذي تريدتركيب الصور فيه3) اسحب اجزاء الصور الى مكانها الاصلي الى ان تضهرالصورة كاملة مركبة في مكانها اذا صادفت صعوبة في ايجاد اجزاء الصورةلوضعها في مكنها الاصلي يمكنك الاستعانة بي (hint) تضهر لك ارقام فياجزاء الصورة فما عليك الى ترتيب الارقام تصاعدي من الاعلى الى الاسفل.سنضيف مستقبلا 1) صور تناسب كافة الاعمار و حسب الطلب2)العاب خاصةبترتيب الصور لكل الفئات على حدًا اذا وجدت اي مشكل داخل اللعبة ارجوكراسلني على [email protected] شكرا مقدما لكAre you looking forpuzzles and games intelligence that distract you in your sparetime! Are loves installation of images and images of nature andrepair of buildings! Do you want to relax from the pressures ofwork! Do your children are moving too much inside the house?If yourhello in the order of images for adults and games installationimages for girls games, this game is easy to use for all agescategories because they contain instructions enable you to find apuzzle game Basel in a short time.Installation of images games helpstrengthen intuition and helps to focus and strengthen thelightness of the reaction when a crisis or a situation thatrequires quicklyInstallation of images for adult games containingthree levels (1 / Easy as anyone who plays the order of imagesgames can easily be found, and this is what is recommended forchildren less than four years / 2, the average level requires somefocus and Alentbah steps and is easy for some people 3 / difficultlevel Imkun to say about it to a few of the deaths of people can befound and that the number of the many parts of the image thatrequires time and concentration of good steps to find them)Thethrill of the games increased installation of images beautifulbackgrounds composite images that I take you to a larger scale.Canplay games Order pictures girls and boys of all ages and Li containthings indecentOrder images games contain:1) Order pictures GirlsGames2) Action Games Order Photos3) children Order images Games4)Girls Games Order Photos5) Car Pictures Games6) Order PhotosButterflies Games7) Order Games Images of nature and castles8)Order Games homes GirlsHow to play games intelligent image order1)Select the order of games in your mobile phone2) Choose the levelthat you want to install your images3) Drag parts of images toplace the original to the full vehicle image display my place inIfyou encounter difficulty in finding parts of the image to put it inthe original enabled you can use my (hint) you display my numbersin the parts of the image to what you arrange the numbers ascendingfrom top to bottom.We will add in the future1) images suitable forall ages and on demand2) special games arranged images for eachcategory separately If you find any problem within the gameplease Message me on [email protected] Thank you in advance
com.Lo3batAlghazMosaliaBidounNet 1.0 APK
لعبة ألغاز مسلية بدون نت هي لعبة ألغاز لجميع افراد العائلة خاصةلمحبي تصليح صور الطبيعة و القلاع او لمحبي الصور النادرة. لعبه ألغازهي لعبة تجعلك مركز في اعمالك و تزيد نسبة الانتباه عند الاطفال لانألغاز وألعاب ذكاء من الالعاب التي تساعدنا في اختيار اقتراحات بدونبذل جهد كثير و هذا راجع للممارسة الدائمة على ألغاز وألعاب ذكاء منمنا لا يعرف ان لعبة بازل تركيب الصور تنمي و تفيد العقل البشري لانهاتفرض عليك ترتيب الصور بسرعة وهي ليست لعبة تركيب الصور للكبار فقط بلهيا لعبة ترتيب الصور للصغار ايضامما يزيد لعبه ألغاز اكثر اثارةالتنافس مع الاصدقاء لحلها في وقت قصير وحركات اقل و انت تشاهد صورفائقة الجمال داخل لعبة ألغاز مسلية ومفيدةكيفية اللعب :لعبة ألغازمسلية بدون نت توجب عليك تصليح صور الطبيعة و القلاع التي تكون مركبةمن 9 قطع او 15 الى 25 قطعة على حسب الصعوبة التي اخترتها و كلما كانتالصورة مقسمة لقطع اكثر زادت صعوبة اصلاحها وتتطلب وقت اكثر عنداختيار الطريقة الصعبة و عدم الاستناد بالدليل المساعد يجعل اللعبةاكثر تشويقا.الميزات القادمة :* اضافة ألغاز وألعاب ذكاء اخرى مثلroll the ball لعبة قطع ألغاز * اضافة 170 صورة او اكثر داخل لعبةألغاز لمنازل و مدن* اضافة صورك الخاصة داخل لعبة تركيب الصوروترتيبها* تحميل الصور من داخل لعبه ألغاز واستعمالها كا خلفياتالشاشة في الهاتف او الحاسوبكن مرتاحا بمشاركتنا اقتراحاتك او اداواجهة مشكلة داخل اللعبة على بريدي الالكتروني[email protected] Puzzle amusing without the Net is agame puzzles for all the family members especially for the loversof nature and Repair Photo castles or for lovers of rarephotographs. Puzzle Game is a game that will make you thecenter of your business, and increase the proportion of attentionin children because the gas and games intelligent games that willhelp us in the selection of proposals without making much effort.This is due to the practice of permanent gas and intelligentgamesWho among us does not know that the game develops Baselinstallation of images and reports of the human mind because theycharge you the order of images quickly and is not a gameinstallation of images for adults only, but created a game theorder of images for the young tooWhich played over the mysteries ofthe most exciting competition with your friends to solve them in ashort time and less movements and you see a very beautiful picturesinside game puzzles entertaining and informativeHow to Play :GamePuzzle amusing without the Net you had to repair landscape andcastles that are the vehicle of 9 pieces, or 15 to 25 piecesdepending on the difficulty you have chosen and the more the imageis divided to cut the more the more difficult it repaired andrequire more time when choosing the hard way and not rely on theevidence Assistant It makes the game more interesting.UpcomingFeatures:* Add puzzles and other games such as intelligent roll theball game cut mysteries* Add 170 or more images within the game gasto homes and cities* Add your own photos within the Gameinstallation of images and arrange them* Download pictures of theinside game of riddles and use of Ka wallpapers in the phone orcomputerBe comfortable with our participation suggestions or Adainterface problem within the game on my email .kim.kimous123 @gmail.com
Wallpaper puzzle 1.0 APK
Do you like nature wallpaper puzzle, beach wallpaper puzzle andflowers wallpapers puzzle ? do you wanna see a beautiful picturesof all categories in a wallpaper puzzle ?Well you are in the rightplace beacuse wallpaper puzzle is a puzzle game which containspictures of beach, flower and some other nature pictures, that youlove to fix.The wallpapers puzzle game is for free no purchaserequired !how to play :1/ open the puzzle wallpaper game 2/ chose apicture 3/ drag the picture pieces to the right place in order tomake the picture in it's real form.4/ you can use Hint it helps youto find the puzzle wallpaper quickly if u have any ideas aboutwallpapers or u face any problem fell free to contact me at myGmail [email protected]
puzzle sasuke 1.1 APK
Are you tired from everything around you and you want to live in adifferent world !Do you like naruto and his friends well puzzlesasuke is about sasuke's pictures and his friends and it's simpleto use everything is clear in itPuzzle sasuke game has 3 levelseasy mudiem and hard How to play :1/ open the puzzle sasuke game 2/choose a picture from the list of sasuke pictures 3/ drag thepicture pieces to their right place in order to make the picture init's right place 4/ Be sure to fix the tile puzzle in a short timeand less moves to have high score.PS you can use " hint " it helpsyou to find the puzzle in an easy way and it's recommended for kidsbecause a numbers will be shown in the picture puzzle pieces ittakes only to drag the pieces with numbers to their right placefrom the small number to the high one.feel free to contact me forany problem you face in the game or any different kind ofproblemsMy Gmail : [email protected]
jigsaw puzzle of the day 1.0 APK
re you looking for the latest things inside the puzzle games ! areyou bored from the old jigsaw puzzles ! what makes the jigsawpuzzle of day more beautiful is the good wallpapers of many kindssuch as landscape,butterfly, flowers, jungle, lake, beach and manydifferent categories.beautiful landscape wallpapers inside thejigsaw puzzle of the day game from montaigne to green areas untillonely homes in the forest.The most jigsaw puzzle games playersloves to see lovely pictures about any beautiful things, that's whyin this jigsaw puzzle game fits men women kids and even girls.Thisis jigsaw puzzle of the day that most of you was looking forbecause it makes you focus in the jigsaw puzzle wallpaper andforget everything around you such as people noices feelings.Byplaying the jigsaw of the day a door of inner peace will be opendthrough your heart which makes you want o play it agian andagain.So i would like to know after trying this jigsaw puzzle gameif this is the jigsaw puzzle of the day that you wa looking for.Thegame has the follwing jigsaw : butterfly puzzle wallpapers, puzzlefor kids wallpapers, cars jigsaw puzzle wallpapers, landscapepuzzle game wallpapers and tile puzzle games for girls How to playthe jigsaw of the day game :1)-> open the jigsaw of day game.2)-> choose a wallpaper from the list of different categories.3)-> fix the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle of the day that youchoosed in a quick time and less moves to be in the top 10 player.4)-> by fixing the wallpaper puzzle a window shown telling youyour score and the time you passed to find the jigsaw puzzle of theday and telling you too if you want try find the jigsaw puzzle inless moves and time or pass to the othe jigsaw wallpaper puzzle .PS : you can use hint to help you find the jigsaw puzzle in a shorttime and few moves and it's better to sit the hint for the kidsplayer because it's a hard jigsaw puzzle.the Jigsaw of the day has3 levels easy from 1 to 9 pieces medieum from 1 to 16 and hard from1 to 25, and you can change the levels in the menu bar.Futures :*)Different puzzle games will be added with more beautiful pictures.*) more wallpaper pictures will be added to the game which fitswith all the categories .*) The ability to let you take ascreenshot for the wallpapers and share them with friends .We areso glad for being here for you, if you need anything or you faceany problem in the game please feel free to contact me at my [email protected]
Tile puzzle girls bedroom 1.0 APK
Do you wanna have a special bedroom for girls ? Are you lookingabout girls bedroom ideas ? would you like to play and surf inbedroom pictures of different ages ?Will tile puzzle girls bedroomis a game about girls bedroom ideas , it have a different kind ofbedroom for girls in it.This tile puzzle free no purchase requiredfor it.This kind of games helps you to use your brain in a good wayand to react quickly.The favorit colors of girls bedroom is pinkand purple that's why we put more of them in this tile puzzle girlsbedroom.The decoration in this tile puzzle girls bedroom is perfectyou love to have a bedroom like this for sure.********** how toplay the game **********Choose a cute girl tile wallpaper bedroomand drag the pieces to there right place in order to make thewallpaper in its real form.PS : You can use hint to find the tilepuzzle girls bedroom in a short time.You can play the cute girltile wallppaper bedroom in three different levels ( easy , mediumand hard ) ********** Features *********** More tile puzzle gamesfor girls will be added to the store.** We may add the possibilityto save the tile wallpaper pictures in your laptop phone or tabletthis allows you to get more ideas about bedroom for girls.*** Wemay give you the ability to share your score in social media foreach tile puzzle wallpaper you fix.**** More then 50 pictures ofbedroom for girls will be added to the tile puzzle game in order tohelp you to choose the best one.***** We will add different kind ofall games for girls and all new games 2017 for girls only .Feelfree to contact me for any problem you face in the game in my [email protected]
Cars jigsaw puzzle 1.0 APK
If you like to hear about cars news or car racing games or carpuzzle or car games in general ! welcome to the show ...Don't tellme that you are not fun of car games or car racing games because welive in the era of speed where anything should be done in a shorttime and where you like to make it fast and furious means in ashort time.so if you are a fun of car puzzle game and cars jigsawpuzzle game i will let you play this cars jigsaw puzzle game thatwill make you surf in the pieces of this cars live wallpaperThisgame you can call it one of the cars new games 2017 because in thiscars jigsaw puzzle game you will find lateset cars that you wouldlike to use it in real racing games and in real life.Cars jigsawpuzzle is a game that it have some beautiful pictures of car racinggames and real car racing and some other famous cars ********** howto play cars jigsaw puzzle ************* * Click in the car gamespicture that you wanna play ** Drag the pieces of the cars jigsawpuzzzle to there right place in order to fix the cars livewallpaper picture*** When u fix it a window will apear for youshows your score and the time you spent to find the cars jigsawpuzzlePS :: You can use **** hint **** by clicking in it a numberswill be shown in the picture to help you to find the cars jigsawpuzzle picture in a short time You can sit the difficulty of thegame from easy medium to hard, it depends about how harder you wantthe cars jigsaw puzzle to be Futures :1/ We may add the ability tosit th cars jigsaw puzzle picture as wallpaper.2/ We may allow youto share the pictures from cars jigsaw puzzle in social media.3/ Wewill add more hard jigsaw puzzles and sliding puzzle too.feel freeto contact me at my Gmail [email protected] for anythingabout the game.