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Cyber Chronix is an edutainment tool to raise awareness aboutdataprotection and fundamental rights among the youngsters intheformat of interactive comics. It is a branching gameenhancingdigital competences, storytelling and engagement conceivedforactivities in informal educational setting.

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European Health Insurance Card 4.0.2 APK
Guide on how to use the European Health Insurance Card in the 28 EUcountries, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. Itincludes general information about the card, emergency phonenumbers, covered treatments and costs, how to claim reimbursementand who to contact in case you have lost your card, as well as acard expiry reminder function. All this information is alsoavailable while your smartphone is offline. The app is available in25 languages with easy option to switch from one language toanother. Please note that:• Due to technical, legal and privacyreasons, the app does NOT replace the card. The card cannot begenerated or downloaded for use. • The EHIC does NOT replace travelinsurance.• The European Commission is NOT responsible for issuingEHIC cards, which are issued for free by your national healthinsurance provider.• When using the application for the first timesome data needs to be downloaded (approx. 25MB). You will becharged for this according to your internet connection. Werecommend that you download all data before travellingabroad.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oRIwLmNstx4
CVRIA 1.1.13 APK
This handy app is the perfect tool for those wishing to stayup-to-date on the work of the Court of Justice of the EuropeanUnion. It provides easy access to the latest decisions of the Courtof Justice, the General Court and the Civil Service Tribunal(including judgments, Opinions and orders), as well as the latestpress releases. Also included is the Court’s diary, providingdetails of hearings, judgments and Opinions for the coming weeks.For those who need to delve deeper, a search facility providessimple access to the whole of the Court’s case law. Searches can becarried out by case number, party name, date and a free textsearch.
EURES - Your Job in Europe 1.4.1 APK
Are you looking for a job in another European country? Would youlike to live and work abroad and improve your job prospects? Thenthis app is for you. EURES is the European employment service thatconnects jobseekers with employers throughout Europe. This appallows you to benefit from this service directly on your mobile.You can:- Search jobs posted by all Public Employment Services inEurope, in any language.- Mark jobs as ‘Favourites’ and easilyaccess them later, or share with your friends.- Find and contactEURES Advisers, who can provide you with personalised informationand advice for your job move. - Browse through upcoming eventshappening in Europe and add them to your calendar.The app coversthe 28 EU countries plus Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway andSwitzerland, and is available in 26 languages. Choose your languagenow and take advantage of a continent of opportunities!
Going Abroad 1.2 APK
Use the European Road Safety App to find all important road safetyrules before going abroad or while on the road in Europe. Entertainyour passenger(s) with two fun games about road safety.Road trafficrules in the EU (as compiled by the European Commission)
Happy Onlife 1.3 APK
Happy Onlife, play and learn online safety. You can now learn howto behave safely in the digital world by playing the Happy Onlifegame. This engaging game aims at supporting children between 8-12years along with involving their parents and teachers in initiatingactive mediation of the digital technology with them. Quizquestions embedded in the game on the use of internet, socialnetworks, and online-games are designed to prompt discussionbetween players and empower them for a responsible and safe way ofusing digital media. The game presents key messages aboutchildren's use and overuse and misuse risks such as cyber-bullying,as well as simple and clear strategies of prevention, mediation orremediation of internet issues. The Portuguese translation /adaptation of Happy Onlife resources is by Patricia Dias (ResearchCentre for Communication and Culture, Catholic University ofPortugal) and Rita Brito (Research Centre for Communication andCulture, Catholic University of Portugal), September 2016. TheRomanian translation / adaptation of the digital game is by AncaVelicu (Institute of Sociology at the Romanian Academy, Bucurest)and Monica Mitarca (Faculty of Political Science at ‘DimitrieCantemir’ Christian University, Bucharest), August 2017. The Greektranslation / adaptation of Happy Onlife resources is by AnastasiaEconomou (Pedagogical Institute of Cyprus) and Aphrodite Stephanou(Pedagogical Institute of Cyprus), and Ioannis Lefkos (5th PrimarySchool of Kalamaria - Thessaloniki and Aristotle University ofThessaloniki), October 2017. The Georgian translation is byGeorgian National Communications Commission (GNCC) and BidzinaMakashvili, April 2019.
netBravo 1.1.3 APK
netBravo is a European Commission crowd-sourcing project designedto gather and share radio spectrum data about mobile telephonycoverage, WIFI channel occupancy, broadband and net neutralityconnection tests. Anyone with a recent mobile phone can downloadthe netBravo app which will automatically record thecharacteristics of the signal they’re getting on their phone –WIFI, 4G, 3G, 2G or nothing - and test the latency, upload anddownload performance of their Internet connection with additionalnet neutrality tests they can select. This data is saved locally tothe phone and can be sent back to the netBravo research database.The aim is then to plot the aggregated findings on a map, in aninteractive web site(http://netbravo.jrc.ec.europa.eu/).Furthermore, some of the mostuseful network tools are also included: LAN scan, SERVICE scan andTraceroute.The app is free to download, does not contain anyadvertisements and it uses very little bandwidth and battery. Thedata is anonymised and will not collate or store any personaldata.Continued use of GPS running in the background candramatically decrease battery life.
The interactive SESAR App will allow guestsattending events run by SESAR, to stay informed, interact withspeakers on stage, take notes, participate in Q&A, connect tosocial media and request further follow up information. The appalso provides a convenient way to stay connected with SESAR newsand activities. The app is not available at events not organised bySESAR.
Council Voting Calculator 3.0.4 APK
Do we have a qualified majority? It's always been difficult tocheck whether the Council of the European Union has reached thequalified majority it needs to adopt an act. Since November 2014,qualified majority voting at the Council needs at least 55% of themember states comprising 65% of the population to be in agreement.Answering this question has just been made easy thanks to theCouncil's voting calculator app. In just a few clicks you can checkthe final result of a Council vote. Designed for anyone who needsto quickly check a potential voting result for the Council of theEU, the voting calculator app verifies in three easy steps if anact can be adopted: 1) Choose a voting rule Most often, the Councilof the EU votes by qualified majority but it actually uses fourdifferent sets of voting rules to adopt decisions. From a drop-downmenu, you can choose the voting rule to run your simulation. 2) Setthe member states participating in the vote Usually, all EU memberstates take part in a vote, however, the EU treaties foresee areasfor closer cooperation and offer opt-outs in certain policies. Inyour voting simulation, you can exclude EU member states fromtaking part in the vote, if required by the rules. 3) Set the votesfor each country and verify the final result Each country can votein favour, against or abstain. By default, for each simulation allEU member states are marked as voting yes, so you only need tochange the vote of those voting against or abstaining. The finalresult then shows you if an act can be adopted or not. The votingcalculator app is a must-have for anyone following meetings of theCouncil of the EU, its working parties or Coreper. The votingcalculator makes it easy to check if a qualified majority has beenreached, anytime, anywhere.