1.6.0 / August 4, 2016
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Cyclus is a shooting arcade geometrical game that will test yourreflexes and skills, while making you enjoy your free time!- Touchthe screen and shoot all the semicircles- Avoid geometries liketriangles and squaresIt's all about timing and reflexes! How longwill you last?GAMEPLAYCyclus puts you to the test with 200challenging levels. The main goal is to shoot all the semicirclesin each level with the cursor in the centre of the screen. Whiledoing so, you must avoid obstacles such as triangles and squareswhen they appear.–Be precise! Reflexes and timing arecrucial–ARCADE MODEIn Arcade mode, the main goal is the same as innormal mode, but this time you must shoot the semicircles on thescreen till you miss them. –You’ll need the skills of a sniper tocollect as many coins you can without making a mistake–SECRET BONUSLEVELSIn Cyclus there are some “secret bonus levels”, that willallow you to earn a coin for every semicircle you shoot. –Be sureto find all the secret levels!–HARD MODE You can unlock 40 new hardlevels. Only an expert could finish them. –What are you? An expertor an amateur?–GRAPHICS & MUSICThe graphics and music are notsimply ornamental. We deliberately chose the minimalblack&white theme to match the soothing melody in thebackground. The music running in the background is perfectlyintegrated with musical notes and played every time you hit asemicircle, making this game both a visual and audio gamingexperience.–Let your senses enjoy!–Please leave a positive reviewon the App Store if you like the game! This helps us to developmany other engaging games.Thank you for playing!

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    August 4, 2016
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Tiny Games Srl
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    Via Ostiense 177C, 00154, Rome, Italy
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