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Daily Fuel Price : Daily Petrol Diesel Price India Daily Petrol andDaily Diesel Price In your City. Check The Daily Fuel Price. WithDaily Fuel Price : Daily Petrol Diesel Price India or Know YourFuel Cost Daily app you can keep track of the ever changing fuelprice in India. With recent Government move, the fuel prices couldchange on daily bases and Daily Fuel Price : Daily Petrol DieselPrice India app is designed for help you keep track of that.----------FEATURES OF DAILY FUEL PRICE APPLICATION---------- 1.Keep track of ever changing Fuel Price in your city. This DailyFuel Price : Daily Petrol Diesel Price India app gives you LiveFuel Prices for all the Indian Cities. 2. Daily Fuel Price : DailyPetrol Diesel Price India App also shows you the difference in thefuel prices ever day. 3. With this Live Fuel Price app you can alsocheck the Fuel price for last 7 days. 4. User friendly design helpsyou keep track of fuel prices of other cities where you could betraveling. Download the all new Daily Fuel Price : Daily PetrolDiesel Price India or Live Fuel Prices app and never worry aboutthe current fuel price in your city.

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    Daily Fuel Price : Daily Petrol Diesel Price India
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    September 10, 2019
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    Epic Apps Studio
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Learn English - अंग्रेजी सीखें Learn English & English Speakingvia this English Learning app. अंग्रेजी सीखें Learn English,including Learn English Speaking, English Grammar, EnglishVocabulary, English Conversation along with a New Word and Sentenceeveryday. This Learn English App or English Learning App or EnglishSpeaking App is sure to be a great Education App to improve orLearn English. Via this English Speaking App one can learn HindiEnglish Translation or use this app as Hindi English Translator.Get all the English Speaking tips you need on your smart phoneTOTALLY FREE!! ----------FEATURES---------- 1. Learn English:- ThisEnglish Learning App gives you a simplified guide in Hindi to Learnthe basics of English to help you communicate. This app is by farthe most simplified and easy way to Learn English and one of thebest Educational App you can have. 2. Learn To Speak English:- ThisLearn To Speak English App gives you detailed information aboutSalutation, Greeting and use of different to help you Learn ToSpeak English with easy. This feature all gives you meaning tocommon words that you can use daily. 3. Vocabulary:- Improve yourEnglish Vocabulary as this app gives you meanings of ImportantWords, Social Relations, House Hold Items and more. 4. EnglishConversation:- This app provides you with lessons designed for youto learn basic English Conversation. Have you ever wanted to have aconversation in English in office or at a family trip? if so thenthis app is sure to make that dream come true. 5. Learn EnglishGrammar:- Learn English Grammar from this app with ease. This appprovides you with all the basic of English Grammar from Tenses,Nouns to Famous Idioms and Famous Synonyms and Antonyms. 6. HindiEnglish Translator or Hindi English Translation:- This app helpsyou to Learn Hindi English Translation. This English Learning Appis a Hindi English Translator or Hindi English Translation thatgives you everything needed to Translate from Hindi to English. 7.Word and Sentence Of The Day:- Word and Sentence of the day helpsyou to Learn English from Hindi on daily basis. Get one EnglishWord and one English Sentence everyday and its Hindi Translation.8. English Hindi Dictionary:- With meanings to your day to dayEnglish words this app helps as an English Hindi Dictionary to helpyou learn more English Words. Down this English Hindi Dictionarynow and get started with your English Classes. Download the all newLearning English app with Hindi English Translator or Hindi EnglishTranslation and English Hindi Dictionary TOTALLY Free.
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Apps & System Software Update Apps & System SoftwareUpdate, App Uninstaller and System Update Have you ever had issueswith System Update or System Software Update? Or have you wanted aneasy way for App Update or and App Uninstaller? Apps & SystemSoftware Update or App Uninstaller and System Update app is youranswer to your issues. Now Update App or Update System Software andUninstall App with easy via this Apps & System Software Updateor App Uninstaller and System Update app.----------FEATURE---------- 1. App Update. 2. App Uninstaller. 3.System Software Update. 4. Shows the current app version. 5. Showsthe path of the app. 6. Show app name,version,update time,size 7.Fast uninstall by one click 8. Launch app Easy Uninstaller or Apps& System Software Update is an easy way to organize your phone.With user friendly design this app is sure to impress you.
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Muslim Baby Names Muslim Baby Names and Meanings. Also IslamicNames or Muslim Baby name in Urdu Give your new born the very 1stgift via Muslim Baby Names and Meaning app. This Islamic Names appor Muslim Baby Names app or Muslim Baby Names and Meaning app issure to help you find the perfect name for your new born. ChoseName from the Names of Prophets, names combined with Asmaul Husna -99 names of Allah (Names of God), names from history or thetraditional Arabic names and many more.If you have been looking forIslamic Baby Names or Muslim Baby Names of Urdu or Arabic Origin inEnglish along with its meaning and Urdu translation then yoursearch ends with this Islamic Name for Baby Boys and Girls app.----------FEATURES FOR MUSLIM BABY NAMES AND MEANING----------Muslim Names for Boys :- With Muslim Baby Names and Meanings appyou can look up for Muslim Names for Boys. Muslim Names for Girls:- With Muslim Baby Names and Meanings app you can look up forMuslim Names for Girls. Muslim Baby Names and Meanings :- Get theMeanings for all the baby names. Muslim Baby Names in Urdu :-Muslim Baby Names and Meanings allows you to see the name in Urduas well. Share Muslim Baby Name and Meanings :- Via this MuslimBaby Names and Meanings app you can share your name with yourfriends and family via social media. Download the all new MuslimBaby Names and Meanings app for FREE!!!
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GST Calculator & GST Rate Finder 5.2 APK
GST Calculator & GST Rate Finder GST Calculator, GST Act India& GST Bill India. Latest Version :- 1. GST Rate Finder :- TheGST Rate Finder function helps you find the GST Rates of goods andservices very easily. GST Rate Finder allows you to just search forGST Rate by just searching the name of the product or services.This GST Rate Finder function is sure to make things easier. 2. GSTHSN Code Finder :- GST HSN Code Finder help you find GST HSN Codesfor all the products and services. With GST HSN Code Finder, youwill never have to worry about the GST HSN Code. With GST HSN CodeFinder, this app has been upgraded to a whole new level. Get thecomplete details with GST Calculator, GST Act India & GST BillIndia Application. This GST India App gives you all the details youneed with regards to the all new GST Bill coming soon in India.Download the all new GST India app and get yourself updated withall the GST Information. ----------FEATURES OF GST CALCULATOR &GST RATE FINDER---------- 1. GST Calculator:- This all you GSTCalculator app makes GST Calculations very easy. This GSTCalculator app comes with two different formats of calculator withregards to GST Calculations. 2. GST India FAQs:- This GST India apphas all the answers to all the questions that you might haveregarding GST India. 3. GST Act - India:- This GST India app giveyou all the sections of the GST Act India. This GST Act app givesyou access to GST India Acts or GST Bill/GST law (CGST, IGST) GSTArticles. Download this app and get everything you need regardingthe GST (Goods and Service Tax) Bill TOTALLY FREE.