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Dard Love Shayri Described 10,000+ Love And Dard (Bewafa)ShayriesThere is 25+ Sub Category in Dard Shayri CategoryAnd 50+Category in Sub Love Shayri CategoryFeatures* New UI* Move to SDCard* Next And Previous Shayri easily* Add Your Favourite Shayri toFavourite section* Directly Share on Whats app* Share on anotherSocial Media

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Gangasati-Panbai Bhajan 1.2 APK
Gangasati was a medieval saint poet of bhakti tradition of westernIndia who composed several devotional songs in Gujaratilanguage.She composed these bhajans each with a theme and spiritualteaching like importance and grace of Guru, life of devotee, natureand words of Bhakti. They are composed as they are instructed toPaanbai. Notably these bhajans do not mention any traditional Hindudeity but God in general, without any form or attributes. Theyreflect different aspects of way of spiritual attainment. Herbhajans are still popular in Saurashtra and are traditionally sungby devotional singers.> Enjoy all lyrics of Gangasati And PanbaiBhajan.Share it with your Friends if you like this application.
Sunderkand Audio 1.9 APK
Sunderkand Audio Best Sunderkand Audio Application In HindiLanguage. Hanuman is one of the most popular devotees of God inHinduism. Lord Hanuman also referred to as Bajrang Bali, MarutiNandan, Anjaneya and Pavanputra. He is the 11th avatar of LordShiva. Hanuman is the most powerful, intellectual, devotional,courageous, biggest follower of Lord Rama and intelligentpersonality amongst divine beings. The SunderKand which is achapter in the 'Ram-Charit-Maanas', penned by Goswami Tulsidas isconsidered to be as auspicious to read, as it is to recite the'Hanuman Chaalisa'. In the Sunderkand, Hanumanji is reminded byJambavan about the fact that Hanumanji has great powers that thelatter has no memory of. In this case Hanumanji is made to rememberabout the fact that he is capable of flying. Jambavan exhortedHanuman to undertake the crossing of the Mighty Ocean. Hanumanji'sflight was necessary to search for Seeta who had been abducted byRaavan. Seeta is symbolic of Bhakti or devotion. To reach her onehas to don the wings of prayer and love. Hanumanji is now all readyto take the leap. Let us take the flight with him in search of Loveincarnate.
Sunderkand In Hindi 1.0.0 APK
This Sunderkand Describes Shloks with their Meanings InHindi.Hanuman is one of the most popular devotees of God inHinduism.Lord Hanuman also referred to as Bajrang Bali, MarutiNandan, Anjaneya and Pavanputra.He is the 11th avatar of LordShiva. Hanuman is the most powerful, intellectual, devotional,courageous, biggest follower of Lord Rama and intelligentpersonality amongst divine beings.His most famous act was to leadan army of monkeys to fight the King Ravana with Lord Ram.
Hindi Stories Of Alif Laila 1.3 APK
Wizi Technologies this time comes with Historical Story that isAlif Laila it is story said by Scheherazade to Shahryar .Stories OfAlif Laila contains both the well-known and the lesser-knownstories from One Thousand and One Nights which are mentioned here.Actual word is Alif Laila meaning thousand nights.Stories Of Aliflaila is the best Story ever and its delight to read in hindi withyour Mobile phone.Stories Of Alif Laila App Contains so many Storysaid by Scheherazade to Shahryar .i Hope you all Love this AlifLaila as Other Wizi technologies app.
Gujarati Shayari 1.1 APK
Gujarati Shayari collection, Copy any shayari and share in anyapplication. Share and Give Review if you like the app.
Kabir Vani And Kabir Ke Dohe 1.3 APK
This App Describe a Kabir Vani with Dohe In two line couplets withmeaning.Kabir was a poet and a saint, whose couplets still resonatewith people from all walks of life.Born in the early 15th centuryto a Brahman widow, he was brought up in a family of Muslimweavers.While his date of birth and death are not firmlyestablished, legend has it that he lived for a 120 years.Neverformally educated, and almost completely illiterate, hiscompositions are nevertheless a philosophical goldmine.This App hasa feature to share the Dohe on Social media Like Whtsapp.
Sweets Recipes In Hindi 1.6 APK
This Application Describes Many Sweets Recipes In Detailed To Howto Made and Serve.These are the Home made Sweets Recipes areincluded in this application.There are Easy to made this sweetrecipes in our Home.1. Malpuva-Rabdi2. Rasogulla3. Bundi Ke Laddu4.Kesri Ka Halva5. Gond Ke Laddu6. Malai Peda7. Til Ke Laddu8.Cookies9. Khir10.Shikhand11. Guziya12. Rasmalai13.Maisur Pak14Sandesh15 Kesar Peda16. Rajbhog
Hindi Vrat Katha 1.4 APK
Hindi Vrat Katha is a collection of all vrat stories(कथा) WithAarti in hindi. Hinduism is often described as a religion of fasts,feasts and festivals. Fasting a Hindu tradition to please God, bycontrolling and curbing one's desires. Fasts most commonly known asUpvaas or Vrat are the days when devotees refrain themselves fromfood or water. Fasts of different Gods or Goddesses are observed onparticular days. These stories have given solace to millions ofpeople from time immemorial. Hindi Vrat Katha Sangrah is abeautiful collection of famous and popular fast (vrat / upvas) andtheir stories (katha). Vrat Katha Sangrah is the only applicationwhich has complete collection of hindu fast and their stories (vratand katha). Hindi Vrat Katha app has following vrat katha's .एकादशी व्रतकथा करवा चोथ व्रतकथा सोलह सोमवार व्रतकथा नवरात्रीव्रतकथा छठ पूजा व्रतकथा सोमवार व्रतकथा मंगलवार व्रतकथा, बुधवारव्रतकथा, गुरुवार व्रतकथा, शुक्रवार व्रतकथा, शनिवार व्रतकथा, रविवारव्रतकथा