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Dark Beer Cool Lock ScreenDark cool beer - Lock Screen.What do youwant most in the summer heat? Usually refresh with cool drinks andrelax. Here one of the most popular beers - beer - delights yourthirst. This app contains a collection of 5 cool and beautiful beerphotos. You can choose photos with a bottle, a mug of beer, or aglass in which beer poured.Beer - alcoholic beverage obtained byfermentation. The third beverage in the world is popular with waterand tea.Beer is characterized by a specific bitterness and aromathat gives it a hops, as well as the ability to foam. The processof producing beer is called brewing or brewing.Even the ancientEgyptians possessed the art of making barley malt, attributing theinvention of beer drinks to god Osiris. The daily rate of buildersof the pyramids consisted of 3 loaves, with 3 jambas of beer andseveral beams of garlic and onion. In ancient Greece, rich invarious wines, beer was scorned. It was considered a drink of thepoor. However, the famous physician Hippocrates devoted a specialbook to the beer.

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Funny, humorous and lovely Husky - Lock Screen.Siberian Husky - agraceful, fast and easy moving mid-sized working dog. Itsmoderately compact case with thick wool, standing ears and fluffytail speak about the northern origin. This great app includes acollection of photos of your favorite dogs. The app will be aconvenient and useful decoration for your phone.Haski is anAmerican breed officially registered in the middle of the 20thcentury. Ancestors of the Siberian Husky are considered to beChukchi riding dogs, some of whom were taken to Alaska in the early20th century. It was on the basis of these representatives andcreated a new breed.The Siberian Husky works perfectly in a dogharness, transporting not heavy loads at medium speed at hugedistances. Proportionality of the structure reflects its strength,vitality and endurance. Psi are always bigger, but withoutcoarseness of the structure; Bitches are smaller but not lighter.The Siberian Husky should be in working condition, with strong andwell-developed muscles.Siberian Husky distinguishes the friendly,soft, sociable and at the same time lively. It does not show thequalities inherent in watch dogs, is not suspicious of third-partyand non-aggressive to other dogs, and especially to humans. Adultdogs are somewhat restrained. Reason of the Siberian Husky,obedience and light nature make her a pleasant companion anddiligent worker. Siberian Husky is among the five most beloved dogsin the world.
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Cossack horseshoe, horse - Screen Lock.An application containing acollection of photographs with Cossack horseshoes, a photo of ahorse. You can choose a background to lock the screen from thiscollection. Use a simple and convenient application and tell yourfriends!Horseshoe - a device for protecting horses from wear andtear. Horseshoes are usually made of metal, often made of steel,and nailed to the hoof nails.The main occupation of the Cossackswas a military affair: the guarding and patrolling of trade routes,sea raids on seagus against the Turkish fleet in the Crimea and theBlack Sea, the protection of Ukrainian lands from Tatar "huntingfor slaves", participation in military campaigns of neighboringrulers and protection of the borders of neighboringstates.Horseshoeing is a potentially dangerous operation, andusually performed by a specialist who selects the right horseshoe,prepares a horse's hoof, assesses the risk of lameness and nibbles,and sometimes glued, a horseshoe. In some countries, for example,the United Kingdom, this requires a special license, in othercountries certification of specialists is followed by relevantprofessional organizations.Perhaps horseshoe, has become a symbolof happiness, prosperity and success precisely because of itscombination with the horse, which could be a wealthy, wealthyowner.
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Nice pugs, dogs - Lock Screen.A beautiful collection of pets, dogbreed pugs. Become the owner of this app, and enjoy beautifulpisces photos! The application will become a stylish and usefuldecoration for your phone.Pag (pug) - a breed of decorative dogs,derived from China.Pag (pug) - a small decorative dog that has longbeen known to know. A dog with a living, cheerful and at the sametime balanced personality, noble and devoted to the owner. Thedisadvantages of eruptions that occur extremely rarely areaggressiveness, timidity, nervousness. Pugs live 13-15 years.Pag isan ancient Chinese breed. Early Chinese manuscripts mention"square, low dog with a short face". In China, there were "Ha Pa"and "Luo Jie" dogs. These two varieties were very similar anddiffered only in the length of the wool. Ha Pa were long-haired.Probably the ancestors of pugs were "Luo Jie", which looked likepekingese, but had a short wool. Pagodas were dogs of nobility andkept in rich homes. In those days, the pubes did not have such deepwrinkles, but a clear drawing of folds on the forehead resembling ahieroglyphics. That is why wrinkles on the forehead of the pugcalled the emperor's sign.
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Beer Summer Heat PIN LockBeer, summer heat - PIN Screen Lock.It isvery pleasant to refresh yourself in the summer heat with a cooldrink, for example, a beer. The application contains 5 beautifulbeer images that you can choose to your liking, as well as choose away to lock the screen. Tell your friends about this greatadd-on!Summer time is the best time to relax. Lucky for those whohave the opportunity to spend it in the wild, away from asphalt,transport, offices, and close to the reservoirs and the forest,because sometimes the summer weather is very hot and tedious.Theemergence of beer became possible only with the beginning offarming and the cultivation of barley and wheat, because the grainof these crops was the first, and barley still remains the main rawmaterial for making beer.The most widespread in Mesopotamia wasdark beer. It was quite thick, with a sediment, moderatelysparkling, with a small amount of alcohol, a smell of sour malt andrefreshing sour taste. To create bitterness of beer used differentherbs.