1.2 / May 21, 2013
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With DBCoder forget programing for daysorweeks the handler database!!

DBCoder writes it for you in seconds just by a few steps. Youcanshare the file "DBHelper.java" with your bluetoothapplications,mail, dropbox ...

Imagine how fast you would succeed if you only have to takewhatyou need, with this application you can!

Stop commit the same mistakes writing files, DBCoder isthequickest and easiest way to make your databases.

Try downloading this application, you do all the file handletothe database with all these methods.

Example attribute: "AAAAA1111", "BBBB2222", "CCCC3333"

public DBHelper(Context ctx)
public void onCreate(SQLiteDatabase db)
public void onUpgrade(SQLiteDatabase db, int version_ant,intversion_nue)
public void insertRow(String AAAAA1111, String BBBB2222,StringCCCC3333)
public void updateRow( Long id ,StringAAAAA1111,StringBBBB2222,StringCCCC3333)
public DBRow getId(long id)

public DBRow get AAAAA1111 (String AAAAA1111)
public DBRow get BBBB2222 (String BBBB2222)
public DBRow get CCCC3333 (String CCCC3333)

public ArrayList getAll()
public ArrayList getAll AAAAA1111 (String AAAAA1111)
public ArrayList getAll BBBB2222 (String BBBB2222)
public ArrayList getAll CCCC3333 (String CCCC3333)

public void deleteRowId (long id)
public void deleteall ()
public void delete AAAAA1111 (String AAAAA1111)
public void delete BBBB2222 (String BBBB2222)
public void delete CCCC3333 (String CCCC3333)

public void deleteall AAAAA1111 (String AAAAA1111)
public void deleteall BBBB2222 (String BBBB2222)
public void deleteall CCCC3333 (String CCCC3333)

public void open()
public void close()

App Information DBCoderLite

  • App Name
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  • Updated
    May 21, 2013
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.2 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
  • Installs
    100 - 500
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DBCoder 1.2 APK
¡¡Con DBCoder olvídate de estar durante días o semanas programandoel manejador de la base de datos!!DBCoder lo escribe por ti ensegundos solo haciendo unos pocos pasos. Podrás compartir elfichero “DBHelper.java” con tus aplicaciones bluetooth, mail,dropbox…Imagina lo rápido que triunfarías si solo tienes que cogerlo que necesitas, con esta aplicación es posible. Deja de cometeruna y otra vez los mismos errores escribiendo archivos DBCoder esla forma mas rápida y sencilla de hacer tus bases de datos.Prueba adescargar esta aplicación, te hace todo el fichero manejador de labase de datos con todos estos métodos.Ejemplo de atributos:“AAAAA1111”, “BBBB2222”, “CCCC3333”public DBHelper(Contextctx)public void onCreate(SQLiteDatabase db) public voidonUpgrade(SQLiteDatabase db, int version_ant, intversion_nue)public void insertRow(String AAAAA1111, StringBBBB2222, String CCCC3333)public void updateRow( Long id ,StringAAAAA1111,String BBBB2222,StringCCCC3333) public DBRow getId(longid) public DBRow get AAAAA1111 (String AAAAA1111) public DBRow getBBBB2222 (String BBBB2222) public DBRow get CCCC3333 (StringCCCC3333) public ArrayList getAll() public ArrayList getAllAAAAA1111 (String AAAAA1111) public ArrayList getAll BBBB2222(String BBBB2222) public ArrayList getAll CCCC3333 (StringCCCC3333)public void deleteRowId (long id)public void deleteall()public void delete AAAAA1111 (String AAAAA1111)public void deleteBBBB2222 (String BBBB2222)public void delete CCCC3333 (StringCCCC3333)public void deleteall AAAAA1111 (String AAAAA1111)publicvoid deleteall BBBB2222 (String BBBB2222)public void deleteallCCCC3333 (String CCCC3333)public void open() public voidclose()'With DBCoder forget about being over days or weeksprogramming the handler database !!DBCoder writes it for you inseconds just by a few steps. You can share the file "DBHelper.java"with your applications bluetooth, mail, dropbox ...Imagine howquickly triunfarías if you just take what you need, with thisapplication possible.Stop again and again commit the same mistakesDBCoder writing files is the fastest and easiest way to make yourdatabases.Try downloading this app, it makes you whole file managerdatabase with all these methods.Example attributes: "AAAAA1111""BBBB2222", "CCCC3333"public DBHelper (Context ctx)public voidonCreate (SQLiteDatabase db)public void ONUPGRADE (SQLiteDatabasedb, version_ant int, int version_nue)public void insertRow(AAAAA1111 String, String BBBB2222, CCCC3333 String)public voidupdateRow (Long id, String AAAAA1111, String BBBB2222,StringCCCC3333)public DBRow getId (long id)public DBRow getAAAAA1111 (String AAAAA1111)public DBRow get BBBB2222 (StringBBBB2222)public DBRow get CCCC3333 (String CCCC3333)publicArrayList getAll ()public ArrayList getAll AAAAA1111 (StringAAAAA1111)public ArrayList getAll BBBB2222 (String BBBB2222)publicArrayList getAll CCCC3333 (String CCCC3333)public void deleteRowId(long id)public void deleteall ()public void delete AAAAA1111(String AAAAA1111)public void delete BBBB2222 (StringBBBB2222)public void delete CCCC3333 (String CCCC3333)public voiddeleteall AAAAA1111 (String AAAAA1111)public void deleteallBBBB2222 (String BBBB2222)public void deleteall CCCC3333 (StringCCCC3333)public void open ()public void close ()
DBCoderLite 1.2 APK
With DBCoder forget programing for daysorweeks the handler database!!DBCoder writes it for you in seconds just by a few steps. Youcanshare the file "DBHelper.java" with your bluetoothapplications,mail, dropbox ...Imagine how fast you would succeed if you only have to takewhatyou need, with this application you can!Stop commit the same mistakes writing files, DBCoder isthequickest and easiest way to make your databases.Try downloading this application, you do all the file handletothe database with all these methods.Example attribute: "AAAAA1111", "BBBB2222", "CCCC3333"public DBHelper(Context ctx)public void onCreate(SQLiteDatabase db)public void onUpgrade(SQLiteDatabase db, int version_ant,intversion_nue)public void insertRow(String AAAAA1111, String BBBB2222,StringCCCC3333)public void updateRow( Long id ,StringAAAAA1111,StringBBBB2222,StringCCCC3333)public DBRow getId(long id)public DBRow get AAAAA1111 (String AAAAA1111)public DBRow get BBBB2222 (String BBBB2222)public DBRow get CCCC3333 (String CCCC3333)public ArrayList getAll()public ArrayList getAll AAAAA1111 (String AAAAA1111)public ArrayList getAll BBBB2222 (String BBBB2222)public ArrayList getAll CCCC3333 (String CCCC3333)public void deleteRowId (long id)public void deleteall ()public void delete AAAAA1111 (String AAAAA1111)public void delete BBBB2222 (String BBBB2222)public void delete CCCC3333 (String CCCC3333)public void deleteall AAAAA1111 (String AAAAA1111)public void deleteall BBBB2222 (String BBBB2222)public void deleteall CCCC3333 (String CCCC3333)public void open()public void close()
WifiChecker 2.1 APK
Os presento una fantástica aplicación para comprobar el estadodelos puntos de acceso, equipos en una red o incluso paginasweb...Esto ayudará a llegar un correcto mantenimiento de tuinstalaciónde red o simple mente comprobar si dispones de Internet.Elfuncionamiento de la aplicación consiste en hacer ping a lospuntosde acceso o a los dispositivos tanto internos como externos aunared, funciona con red móvil y con wifi, ¿que mas se puedepedir?. Ipresent a fantastic application to check the status ofaccesspoints, computers on a network or web pages ... This willhelp getproper maintenance of your network installation orsimplemindedcheck if you have the Internet. The operation of theapplication isto ping the access points or devices both internaland external toa network, works with mobile network and wifi, whatmore can youask ?.