/ April 15, 2020
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DC Classes is an online platform for managing its coachinginstitutes. It also comes with an integrated students attendanceand student fees management tool on the app. Personalized studentanalysis and detailed reports on performance can be done on thesoftware and on the app. The latest technology has been integratedinto this tuition classes and coaching classroom managementplatform. All this comes with a beautiful and simple designedinterface loved by students, parents and their tutors.

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Caliber Classes APK
Connect with Caliber Classes in an efficient and transparent manner
Connect with SSKI in an efficient and transparent manner
Impulse Classes APK
Inception of impulse was made in year 2007 with a aim to guidestudents for Engineering (IIT-JEE main and Advanced), MedicalEntrance Exam. A dream for few and hardwork of many, impulse hasreached ever growing height and turned many stones. Impulse in thislong and vibrant journey has built a brand which people are awareof. At impulse the sole purpose is to impart quality education andpreparing future prospects. Vision To be the most promisinginstitute for IIT-JEE (main & Advanced), Medical (NEET &AIPMT), Board and School Exam with the team of dedicated &competent faculties. Mission At impulse we ensure our futureEngineering, Doctors & CEO'o is loaded with both the skills andattitude to face the ever growing competition world.
Horizon Classes APK
This app has been developed by HORIZON CLASSES which uses cuttingedge technology and advance algorithms to provide you a greatlearning experience. The study material, tests and video solutionshave been created by renowned Faculties & Experts which helpedthousands with their experience & guidance to crack IIT-JEE inpast years. HORIZON Founder : Ankur Kabra is from one of the bestfaculty of India and he specially teaches Maths. He is a best knownby his way of teaching. He tries to simplify things to basic whichcan be easily understood by students. In the mid of lectures hegives some tips and technique which help in remembering things andsimplifying a standard question, this also help students inperforming well in their competitive as well as boards exams. So,come on start learning from today as a beginner and reach at yourpeak. Get secured your rank in IIT – JEE or other exams. AppFeatures eBooks : Study from detailed eBooks & personalize themby underlining, highlighting and much more. Video Lecture : All thelectures are available from class 11 th to IIT – JEE in a verysimple and understandable way. Video Solutions : Practice with over20,000 unsolved problems and if you are stuck in a problem, viewvideo solutions recorded by the best teachers. Learn form thecomfort of your mobile device : you can learn from IIT – JEE testpreparation anytime and anywhere with a comprehensive studypackage. Get a fully optimized experience for your smart phones.Live Classes : Live classes with our experienced Best Faculty aresuper interactive, so ask your doubt and get them cleared inminutes. Know the tricks and tips to crack JEE Main and Advancefrom the experts. Study Material : Loaded with great study materialfor smart learning important textbook solution for all importantreference books like. H.C. Verma & NCERT Books. Chapter Tests :Take unlimited number of tests in each chapter : Practice till youbecome a master. These tests adapt to your requirement : our smartalgorithm automatically chooses more questions from topics whereyou are week. See answer sheet solution & detailed analytics ofyour performance in tests: how well you manage your time, strongand week topics, tips on how to improve and much more. PerformanceMonitoring : Track your preparation level with real timeperformance and personalized tips for individual student. Ask andanswer to clear doubt quickly. Available Courses : IIT – JEE :Students who are in class 11 th , 12 th or are 12 th pass outs andpreparing for JEE or any other engineering entrance exam can studywith this course designed in collaboration with institutionalfaculties from all over India. Subjects covered : Physics,Chemistry and mathematics. Foundation : Students who are in class 9th or 10 th preparing for NTSE of Olympiads and want to build astrong foundation for competitive exams like JEE and NEET can boosttheir preparation with recommended courses. Subjects covered :Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Social Science
Ruchi Tutorials APK
Connect with Ruchi tutorials in an efficient and transparent manner
Adhyatmn Institute APK
Adhyatmn Institute has been established with a definite aim toprovide quality coaching facilities and academic support tostudents/aspirants- CBSE/RBSE, English Medium and Competitive levelwith IIT/NEET. Our Institute is also advantageous to schools withVII to XII Classes. We have a team of well qualified, experienced,dedicated and Mission-Oriented faculty members. They solve eachquery of a various and aspiring students. The duration of eachcourse is fixed keeping an eye on the crucial importance ofrevision time. Our infrastructure is superb and unmatched. WHYADHYATMN INSTITUTE ? All we have adopted a spiritual way ofteaching. It is different from the conventional ways of teachingand is an answer to all student’s problems. In this, student istaught to concentrate on studies and gain deep knowledge of thesubject. He/She learns the philosophy of the subjects: not only‘How’ but also ‘Why’ of the subjects.  We keep ourselves updatedabout changing trends of academic and competitive examinations andabout the examiner’s expectations from the candidate.  We teach insmall batches, ensuring individual attention and better interactionwith the mentor.  We emphasize on understanding and clarity offundamental concepts. This highly boosts student’s confidence totake the exam.  In our exclusive, Problem Solving Sessions (PSS),we develop students Mental and Logical Ability, which helps him/hersolve problem with confidence.  We keep parents duly aware ofchild’s performance in every Test conducted at the Institute. Thisassures child climbing the learning ladder, solving his/herproblems when they occur achieving success in final examination.
Super 10 APK
Connect with Super 10 in an efficient and transparent manner
NK Classes APK
Connect with NK Classes in an efficient and transparent manner