1.2.0 / July 29, 2014
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People always say, Ascending a height isadifficult thing. Then, is it easy landing? It’s not like thatinthis game. The object of game is to see who will safelygodownstairs and pass most steps. During the game, Player has togodownstairs fast for avoiding the electric current from above.Themore steps you past, the more scores!

App Information 100 Floor

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    100 Floor
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    July 29, 2014
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    Android 2.1 and up
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    500 - 1,000
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三国群英传1是一款由奥汀(Odin)公司出品的策略性小游戏,游戏的角色头像都是采用3d图会制而成的,在百人对百人大对决的战场上,采用了可调整镜头远近、具有3D景观的视角,武将技在高彩模式的画面下有着眩丽的光影效果非不中给力。三国群英传游戏与以往的三国游戏相同的是统一全国,不同的是它的时间(应该说是年代)的表示方法是即时的,也就是说它不是回合制的,而时间是以月来计算的。游戏的重点是战争而非内政,玩家可亲临前线,在沙场上杀敌,也可运筹帷幄。FBI Warning:仅供个人娱乐学习,请勿用于商业用途该游戏由 liangxc 移植!Three Heros 1 is a byOdin (Odin) company produced a strategic game, the game'scharacters are based on the 3d map will head from the system, inthe hundreds of people on a hundred battlefields NPC showdown,using adjustable lens distance, with the perspective of 3Dlandscapes, generals skills in high-color mode screen with dazzlinglighting effects Lai is not in the non-force. Three Heros game thepast three games with the same unified the country, except thatit's time (it should be said that the era) representation isimmediate, meaning that it is not turn-based, and the time iscalculated in months a. The focus is on the game and not theinternal affairs of war, players can visit the front lines,fighting the enemy on the battlefield, but also strategizing.FBI Warning:For personal entertainment and learning, not for commercial useThe game consists of liangxc transplant!
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