2.4 / May 1, 2013
(3.9/5) (614)


Monster truck platform game. 54 tracks, 5carsand loads of fun. The game has smooth and realistic physics(usingBox 2D). Easy controlls with forward, backward, break andtilt.Collect stars and race for the fastest times in the global,on-lineleaderboards. Destructible environment and a cannon mountedon yourroof makes for many enjoyable hours of game-play.

App Information 4x4 Heroes

  • App Name
    4x4 Heroes
  • Paketname
  • Updated
    May 1, 2013
  • Datei
  • Erforderliche Android-Version
    Android 2.0 and up
  • Version
  • Hersteller
    Aperico Software
  • Installationen
    100,000 - 500,000
  • Price
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  • Hersteller
    Visit website Email aet@aperico.com
    Teda-Kromsta 5 74592 Enköping
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Nine Worlds Adventure - A Viking Saga 1.5.1 APK
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Astounding and undoubtedly epic, Nine Worlds Adventure - A VikingSaga is the ultimate adventure platform jump and run game that willchallenge and thrill you to the fullest! Lure into the world ofVikings and dominate this stunning free platform jumping game! ⚔️BE THE HERO THAT WILL SAVE THE 9 WORLDSSomething is amiss inMidgard, the world of the humans. You have sensed it for a longtime now and lately it has gotten worse. You have just been on asuccessful raid on distant shores and your ship is filled with lootof treasures and artifacts. On the open sea your ship gets caughtin a terrible storm. The ship starts taking in water and sinks,taking your brothers in arms and all your looted treasure with it.You struggle to keep your face above the surface, but the water istoo cold and the sea too angry. Finally, the light goes out... Hereour story begins, now it is up to you to find out why you havewoken up in Elfheim, the land of the Fae after the storm and who orwhat is corrupting the nine worlds and making them descend intochaos. Help the mysterious fairy Ozma bring balance back to thenine worlds and emerge as the hero of ages.📥 A REAL ADVENTUREPLATFORM JUMPERNine Worlds - A Viking saga is an adventure platformgame of epic proportions. Filled with lore of the Vikings and theold Norse gods. Experience the engaging story as you play throughthe chapters of this grand Viking saga. The powerful weapons giveyou the ability to jump and shoot your enemies!🌠 STUNNING VISUALS& JUMP AND RUN GAMEPLAYJump, chop, spin and stab to defeatmonsters, avoid traps and collect coins, gems and other valuableitems. Battle against challenging bosses and evil gods. Find thehidden treasure rooms and the gateways leading to the bonus levels.⚔️ GET ULTRA-POWERFUL & BLAST YOUR ENEMIESStart out simple withonly your hands as your weapon. As you progress you will acquirenew and more powerful weapons and learn new devastating weapontechniques. Become even stronger by finding the scarce Hearths ofLife scattered around the nine worlds. You need to become strongerif you want to stand a chance against the tougher enemies that youwill encounter in the later chapters of the saga. 🏆 LOOK OUT FORTHE DAILY REWARDS & LEADERBOARDIn addition to the main storyquest, you can complete daily quests for bountiful rewards.Challenge yourself by competing against your friends for the topscores and try to place high in the leader-boards. Earnachievements to boast your skills and increase your Google PlayGames experience points. ⚔️ Nine Worlds Adventure - A Viking SagaFEATURES:✅ engaging storyline✅ jump and run adventure platformer✅striking HD design✅ breathtaking visuals and artwork✅ tons ofdifferent powerful weapons✅ challenging bosses and enemies ✅compete against friends✅ global leaderboard✅ daily rewards------------------One of the best run and jump games of 2017!Don’tmiss your chance to play this action adventure game because youwill have a blast while playing through all the levels andexperiencing the original and exciting story.Download now for FREE!
Stardust Battle Free 1.412 APK
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Stardust battle is a new generation shoot'emup action game. Except for being a fun action game Stardust offersadded value and gameplay with features such as achievements, globalleaderboard, bonus stages, 12 different weapon combinations, loadsof different enemies, bosses and power ups. Buy upgrades andcustomize your ship to match your need for speed and power. Competeworld-wide for high scores and achievements. Play this fun gamecasually or competitive it's your choice! This game is developedspecifically for the Android platform and is compatible withAndroid 1.5 and above with 320x480 resolution and higher.
Stardust Battle 1.41 APK
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Stardust battle is a new generation shoot'em up action game. Exceptfor being a fun action game Stardust offers added value andgameplay with features such as achievements, global leaderboard,bonus stages, 12 different weapon combinations, nukes and laserbombs. Loads of different enemies, bosses, bonus levels and powerups. Buy upgrades and customize your ship to match your need forspeed and power. Compete world-wide for high scores andachievements. Play this fun game casually or competitive it's yourchoice! This game is developed specifically for the Androidplatform and is compatible with Android 1.5 and above with 320x480resolution and higher.
Crypt Cards 1.2.1 APK
Aperico Software
Crypt Cards is a 3D online multiplayerstrategy card game with real-time turn based battles.Select from three different minion masters, each with his own setof spells and minions. Build your deck from the large cardcollection and battle your friends and foes or the computer AI. Doyou lack a card you want in your deck? Then there is an easysolution: craft a totally new card with the stats and attributesyou want!Features:* 3D online multiplayer strategy card game with real-time turnbased battles.* Cross-platform: works on Windows/Mac/Linux/Android so you can usethe same account and decks on both your computer and your mobiledevices.* Craft and upgrade your own unique cards with thousands ofcombinations.* Create your own look and feel with custom card skins.* In-game market where you can buy and sell custom skins.* Solo campaign: Battle in the Skeletons, Zombies and Demonsadventures.* Casual versus mode: Play against random opponents just for thefun.* Ranked versus mode: Play to increase your standing on the rankingladder.* Three different Masters to choose from each with his own set ofminions and spells.* Create your own decks from the big card collection and your owncrafted cards.* Original soundtrack* Free to play.* Strong community-influenced development.The game is developed by a small Indie team from different parts ofthe world. The goal for the project is to create a fun andinteresting game with a strong connection to our community. We wantto create the best game possible where the community is involved inshaping the game and we will keep pushing new features andimprovements. In the same spirit we also want our users to be ableto customize the look and feel of the game by creating their owncard skins. If you think a card skin you made looks cool? Then youcan upload it to the card skin market and sell it or give it awayfor free!Other things we focus on to make the game stick out is support formultiple platforms so you can play against friends that are not onthe same platform as you are. The game should offer something foreveryone and so we have three different game modes to suit both thecasual gamer and the more competitive ones.
Skellitown: Multiplayer battle 0.3.3 APK
Aperico Software
SkelliTown is a cross-platform multiplayerPvPand PvE battle game with MMORPG style combat andcharacterprogression. The game has several different multiplayerand soloPvP and PvE game modes and maps.NOTE: This is a BETA version exclusive to Europe. Theremightstill be bugs. If you encounter any bugs or have any otherfeedbackor feature requests, please contact me!Features:Three different classes: Mage, Warrior and Ranger each withawide variety of skills and builds.MMORPG style character progression: level up your skills,attributesand talents.Multiplayer: Play solo or in co-op team battles against or withyourfriends.Leader boards: High score lists for PvE and ranking lists forplayerversus player.PvP game modes :Death match - Two teams battle, the team with the most kills attheend wins!PvP Arena - Two teams battle, best of 5 rounds, no re-spawns.Capture and Hold - Capture and defend points on the map.Objectives - Objective based PvP battles, beat the otherteamsboss.PvE game modes :Boss Rush - Defeat the boss and his minions as fast aspossible.Play solo or co-op.Arena Pit - Fight through 20 stages of increasingly moredifficultenemies. Play solo or co-op.Multiplayer: All game modes can be played in multiplayermode.Boss Rush and Arena Pit can be played solo, also calledco-op.Leader boards:Compete for the top scores and highest rankings. Score boardsandranking boards for all the game modes. Each team size andmodecombination has it's own leader board.
4x4 Heroes 2.4 APK
Aperico Software
Monster truck platform game. 54 tracks, 5carsand loads of fun. The game has smooth and realistic physics(usingBox 2D). Easy controlls with forward, backward, break andtilt.Collect stars and race for the fastest times in the global,on-lineleaderboards. Destructible environment and a cannon mountedon yourroof makes for many enjoyable hours of game-play.
Aperico Option Calculator Free 1.0 APK
Aperico Software
Calculate the value and greeks (Delta,Gamma,Vega, Theta, Rho) of any European or American style option.Get theimplied volatillity for any American or European styleoption givenit's settlement price. Select between using the BlackScholesformula or a numerical binomial tree method.
Jungle Sentry RSS Reader 1.0 APK
Aperico Software
RSS feed reader for Jungle Sentry. View RSS feed for JungleSentry.Select and view articles from the feed.