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Yahoo Finance
Your #1 finance destination to track the markets and the economy.Follow the stocks you care about most and get personalized news andalerts. Access real-time stock information and investment updatesto stay on top of the market. Favorite features: • Track theperformance of your personal portfolio • Follow stocks to getreal-time quotes and personalized news • Discover detailedfinancial information such as historical financials, ESG ratings,and top holders • Go beyond stocks and track currencies, bonds,commodities, equities, world indices, and futures • Compare andevaluate stocks with interactive full screen charts • Sign in toview and edit your web portfolio on the go Helpful tips: • Followall the stocks you care about by searching for the ticker andtapping the star icon • Create multiple watchlists to organize thestocks you follow • Enable notifications for price alerts, breakingnews, earnings reports, and more • Sync your portfolios acrossdevices About Premium billing: Want to make the most of YahooFinance? Upgrade to a Premium subscription for exclusive tools thathelp you maximize your profits with confidence. You can choose tobe billed $34.99 monthly or $349.99 annually. Payment will becharged to your iTunes account as soon as you confirm the purchase.Your subscription will automatically renew at the end of eachbilling period unless you cancel at least 24 hours before the endof the current period. You can cancel at any point in your AppStore account settings.
Курсы Валют Украина
Alfimov & Co Ltd.
Простое приложение для информации об актуальных курсах валют вбанках Украины, НБУ, межбанк и на чёрном рынке. Кроме того,доступна актуальная информация по курсам криптовалют и стоимоститоплива на АЗС по регионам. Конвертер валют для курсов валют,курсов криптовалют и топлива. Данные доступны по следующим валютам:AUD, AZN, GBP, BYR, DKK, USD, EUR, ILS, ISK, KZT, CAD, LTL, MDL,NOK, PLN, RUB, SGD, TRY, TMT, HUF, UZS, CZK, SEK, CHF, CNY, JPYДанные по межбанку Украины доступны для: USD, EUR, RUB. Регистрацияпользователя в приложении для синхронизации настроек междуустройствами. Если вы следите за изменениями курсов валют, тотеперь не нужно каждую минуту открывать приложение - приложениесамо про это вас уведомит, сразу же, как курс изменится. Объявленияо покупке и продаже валюты. Переписка с продавцами. Финансовыеновости в Украине. Мы в facebook: История изменений: Версия2.2.2: [+] объявления [+] учетная запись в приложении [+] покупки вприложении: виджет, отключение рекламы [~] исправление ошибокВерсия 2.0.3 [+] улучшенный дизайн [+] график межбанка на экраневалют [+] добавление/удаление в избранное по длинному тапу [~]улучшено поведение и расположение кнопки калькулятора [~]исправление ошибок Версия 2.0.0 [+] полностью новый дизайн [+]курсы криптовалют [+] информация о ценах на топливо [+] детальныеграфики для курсов валют, криптовалют и топлива [+] офф-лайн режим[+] калькулятор для курсов валют, криптовалют и топлива Версия1.8.01 [+] Ландшафтный вид [+] Новые банки: Platinum, Fidobank,Поликомбанк [+] Курсы Visa и MasterCard [+] Добавлен все валюты поНБУ [+] Добавлены значения НБУ и межбанка в конвертере [~] прочиеисправления Версия 1.7.01 [+] новые банки [+] удалены "мёртвыебанки" [+] добавлен Израильский шекель (ILS) [+] окно настроек [+]выбор цветов динамики курсов [~] исправлен вылет при перезагрузке[~] другие исправления Версия 1.6.03 [+] курсы чёрного рынка [+]средний курс по банкам [+] дата обновления курса [+] логотипы: НБУ,межбанк, чёрный рынок, средний курс [~] исправления в конвертере[~] изменены графики [~] другие исправления A simple applicationfor information on current exchange rates in banks of Ukraine, theNBU, the interbank market and the black market. In addition,up-to-date information is available on cryptocurrency rates andfuel prices at gas stations by region. Currency converter forcurrency rates, cryptocurrency rates and fuels. Data is availablein the following currencies: AUD, AZN, GBP, BYR, DKK, USD, EUR,ILS, ISK, KZT, CAD, LTL, MDL, NOK, PLN, RUB, SGD, TRY, TMT, HUF,UZS, CZK, SEK, CHF, CNY, JPY Data on the interbank market ofUkraine are available for: USD, EUR, RUB. User registration in theapplication to synchronize settings between devices. If you followthe changes in currency rates, now you don’t need to open theapplication every minute - the application itself will notify youabout it, as soon as the rate changes. Announcements about buyingand selling currency. Correspondence with sellers. Financial newsin Ukraine. We are on facebook:   Change History:Version 2.2.2: [+] ads [+] application account [+] in-apppurchases: widget, disabling ads [~] error correction Version 2.0.3[+] improved design [+] interbank schedule on currency display [+]add / delete to favorites by long tapas [~] improved behavior andlocation of the calculator button [~] error correction Version2.0.0 [+] completely new design [+] cryptocurrency rates [+]information on fuel prices [+] detailed charts for exchange rates,cryptocurrency and fuel [+] offline mode [+] Calculator forexchange rates, cryptocurrency and fuel Version 1.8.01 [+]Landscape view [+] New banks: Platinum, Fidobank, Polikombank [+]Visa and MasterCard courses [+] Added all currencies by NBU [+]Added values ​​of NBU and interbank in converter [~] other fixesVersion 1.7.01 [+] new banks [+] removed "dead banks" [+] IsraeliShekel added (ILS) [+] settings window [+] color choice of coursedynamics [~] fixed crash on reboot [~] other fixes Version 1.6.03[+] black market courses [+] average bank rate [+] course updatedate [+] logos: NBU, interbank, black market, middle rate [~]converter fixes [~] changed graphics [~] other fixes
Курсы Валют Украина
Alfimov & Co Ltd.
Простое приложение для информации об актуальных курсах валют вбанках Украины, НБУ, межбанк и на чёрном рынке. Кроме того,доступна актуальная информация по курсам криптовалют и стоимоститоплива на АЗС по регионам. Конвертер валют для курсов валют,курсов криптовалют и топлива. Данные доступны по следующим валютам:AUD, AZN, GBP, BYR, DKK, USD, EUR, ILS, ISK, KZT, CAD, LTL, MDL,NOK, PLN, RUB, SGD, TRY, TMT, HUF, UZS, CZK, SEK, CHF, CNY, JPYДанные по межбанку Украины доступны для: USD, EUR, RUB. Регистрацияпользователя в приложении для синхронизации настроек междуустройствами. Если вы следите за изменениями курсов валют, тотеперь не нужно каждую минуту открывать приложение - приложениесамо про это вас уведомит, сразу же, как курс изменится. Объявленияо покупке и продаже валюты. Переписка с продавцами. Финансовыеновости в Украине. Мы в facebook: История изменений: Версия2.2.2: [+] объявления [+] учетная запись в приложении [+] покупки вприложении: виджет, отключение рекламы [~] исправление ошибокВерсия 2.0.3 [+] улучшенный дизайн [+] график межбанка на экраневалют [+] добавление/удаление в избранное по длинному тапу [~]улучшено поведение и расположение кнопки калькулятора [~]исправление ошибок Версия 2.0.0 [+] полностью новый дизайн [+]курсы криптовалют [+] информация о ценах на топливо [+] детальныеграфики для курсов валют, криптовалют и топлива [+] офф-лайн режим[+] калькулятор для курсов валют, криптовалют и топлива Версия1.8.01 [+] Ландшафтный вид [+] Новые банки: Platinum, Fidobank,Поликомбанк [+] Курсы Visa и MasterCard [+] Добавлен все валюты поНБУ [+] Добавлены значения НБУ и межбанка в конвертере [~] прочиеисправления Версия 1.7.01 [+] новые банки [+] удалены "мёртвыебанки" [+] добавлен Израильский шекель (ILS) [+] окно настроек [+]выбор цветов динамики курсов [~] исправлен вылет при перезагрузке[~] другие исправления Версия 1.6.03 [+] курсы чёрного рынка [+]средний курс по банкам [+] дата обновления курса [+] логотипы: НБУ,межбанк, чёрный рынок, средний курс [~] исправления в конвертере[~] изменены графики [~] другие исправления
Handelsbanken SE – Privat
Det är viktigt för oss att de tjänster du använder mest ska varaenkla och snabba. På startsidan kan du till exempel välja vilkakonton, kort eller genvägar du vill se. Du kan också sortera imenyn och har alla inställningar samlade på ett ställe. Med appenhar du alltid koll på din ekonomi. I appen kan du bland annat: -Hantera dina konton och kort - Göra betalningar, överföringar ochgodkänna e-fakturor - Skanna dina räkningar - Starta fondsparande,innehav i depå och Investeringssparkonto - Ta del av Handelsbankensaktieanalyser, experters marknadssyn och dagligamarknadskommentarer - Se pensionssparande - Se låneinformation,villkorsändra bolån och se dagens boräntor - Ansök om lån ellerlånelöfte och göra lånekalkyl - Få koll på din ekonomi medfunktionen Min ekonomi För att logga in behöver du ett avtal omtelefontjänster. Avtalet tecknar du via internetbanken undermenyvalet Mobil och BankID. Du loggar in med en personlig kod ellermed Mobilt BankID. Behöver du hjälp? Välkommen att kontakta ossdygnet runt på Personlig service 0771-77 88 99.
System Technologies
«Приорбанк» ОАО представляет вторую версиюуслуги Интернет-Банк для мобильных устройств.С помощью этого приложения Вы сможете узнавать информацию осостоянии всех Ваших счетов в "Приорбанк" ОАО, совершать переводысредств между счетами и оплачивать большое количество услуг (услугимобильных операторов, интернет-провайдеров, коммунальные услуги идр.), осуществлять поиск банкоматов и отделений банка по текущемуместоположению или адресу.Для входа в демонстрационный режим используйтеимя пользователя: demoпароль: demoДля чего приложению разрешение "Просмотр контактов ", "Изменениеконтактов"?Данное разрешение используется только для возможности добавитьконтактный номер "Приорбанка" ОАО в список Ваших контактов намобильном устройстве. Данная опция позволит Вам быстро связаться сбанком прямо из своей записной книжки.Для чего приложению разрешение "Осуществление телефонныхвызовов"?Данное разрешение используется только для возможности совершитьзвонок из приложения в Контакт-центр Банка (например, в случаевозникшей у Вас проблемы с банкоматом).Для звонка нужно нажать на кнопку с указанной на ней причинойзвонка (например, кнопка "Позвонить по операциям вбанкоматах")Для чего приложению разрешение "Камера. Фото и видеосъемка"?Данное разрешение используется для просмотра банкоматов и отделенийв дополненной реальности.Для чего приложению разрешение "Измение данных наUSB-накопителе"?Данное разрешение используется для сохранения документов,полученных из сообщений CRM.Процедура добавления виджета на экран Вашего мобильного устройстваследующая:1. Скачайте и установите новую версию приложения.2. Кратковременно нажмите на экран и удерживайте нажатие дополучения списка для выбора- приложения, обои, виджеты и т.д.3. Выберите добавление "Виджеты".4. Вам будет предложенно выбрать из списка виджетовнеобходимый.5. Пролистывая экран, найдите виджет Priorbank.6. Если в списке виджетов отсутствует Priorbank, то проверьте местосохранения приложения по пути Настройки -> Приложения ->Priorbank.Если приложение сохранено на SD-карте, для работы виджетов егонеобходимо перенести в память мобильного устройства.7. Перенесите виджет на любой экран в свободное место.8. Проверьте, что в мобильном приложении в меню настроек стоитпризнак "Сохранять пароль" (без установки данного признака виджетыработать не будут).9. Нажмите на виджет и выберите продукт к нему (платёжная карточка,депозит, кредит).10. Обновление виджета возможно по клику на него 1 раз в минуту ипосле выхода из спящего режима, автоматически 1 раз в 10минут.Если у Вас не получилось описываемым способом добавить виджет,ознакомтесь с инструкцией к Вашему мобильному устройству."Priorbank" is the secondversion of Internet Banking services for mobile devices.With this application you will be able to learn about the status ofall your accounts "Priorbank" JSC, make transfers between accountsand pay a large amount of services (mobile operators, Internetservice providers, utilities, etc.), search for ATMs and branchesBank's current location or address.To enter the demo mode, use theusername: demopassword: demoWhy permit application "View" or a "Editing contacts"?This permission is used only for the opportunity to add a contactnumber "Priorbank" of the list of your contacts on your mobiledevice. This option will allow you to quickly contact the bankdirectly from their notebook.Why permit application "directly call phone numbers"?This permission is used only for the opportunity to make a callfrom the application to the Contact Centre of the Bank (forexample, in the case of any problems you encounter with theATM).To call you need to press on with the specified call her cause(such as a button "Call for transactions at ATMs")Why permit application "Camera. Photos and Videos"?This permission is used for viewing ATMs and branches in augmentedreality.For what application permission to "change data onUSB-drive"?This permission is used to store documents received messages fromCRM.The procedure for adding a widget on the screen of your mobiledevice is as follows:1. Download and install the new version of the application.2. Tap the screen and hold to select a list of applications,wallpapers, widgets, etc.3. Choose to add "Widgets".4. You will be asked to choose from a list of widgets needed.5. Leafing through the screen, get the widget Priorbank.6. If the widget is missing Priorbank, check the location to savethe application on the path Settings -> Applications ->Priorbank.    If the application is stored on theSD-card, for the widgets you want to transfer it to the memory ofthe mobile device.7. Drag the widget to any screen in the space.8. Verify that the mobile application in the settings menu is wortha sign "Save password" (without the installation of this featurewidgets will not work).9. Tap the widget and select the product to it (credit card,deposit, loan).10. Updating widget possible by clicking on it one time per minuteand after exiting sleep mode automatically 1 every 10minutes.If you have not got the described process can add a widget, referto the instructions of your mobile device.
ING Direct France
ING Bank France
Gérez vos comptes où vous voulez, quand vousvoulez !Accédez à votre banque en ligne ING Direct où que vous soyez etgérez vos comptes bancaires facilement grâce à notre applicationpour Android.L’APPLICATION ING DIRECT, POUR QUOI FAIRE ?• accéder à vos comptes en toute sécurité (connexion facilitée,déconnexion automatique)• effectuer toutes vos transactions et en consulter le détail• commander et confirmer la réception de vos chéquiers, récupéreret partager vos RIB• ajouter un compte externe pour vos virements• consulter et augmenter les plafonds d’achat et retrait de votrecarte• consulter et activer votre offre Livret Epargne Orange Plus• ouvrir un Livret Epargne Orange ou un Livret de DéveloppementDurable• paramétrer vos alertes SMS et email• faire opposition à tous vos moyens de paiement• parrainer vos amis, nous contacter...VOUS N’ETES PAS CLIENT ING DIRECT ?Téléchargez l’application sur votre mobile pour :• vous informer sur nos produits financiers et notre approche de labanque• une « démo » de ce qu’est l’expérience client ING Direct• tous les contacts utiles pour nous joindreNous tenons à vous remercier pour vos avis et suggestions qui nouspermettent de faire évoluer l’application dans le bon sens (levôtre !). N’hésitez pas à partager vos remarques sur la communautéING Direct : PROPOS DE NOUS :Pionnier de la banque en ligne, ING Direct( est n°1 de ce secteur en France et compte16 millions de clients dans le monde.Ce qui nous caractérise depuis toujours : une gamme de produitsfinanciers simple et solide, pour gérer son argent, épargner ouinvestir (compte courant, livret épargne, assurance vie, Bourse…),peu ou pas de frais bancaires et un maximum de transparence côtétarifs.NOTE :L’application est compatible avec les versions d’Android 4 etau-delà.Manage your accountswherever you want, whenever you want!Access your online bank ING Direct wherever you are and manage yourbank accounts easily through our application for Android.ING DIRECT APPLICATION, WHAT FOR?• access your accounts safe (facilitated connection, automaticlogout)• carry out all your transactions and view the details• order and confirm receipt of your check books, retrieve and shareyour RIB• Add an external account for your transfers• Consult and increase purchase limits and removing the card• Consult your offer and enable Orange Savings Booklet More• open an Orange Savings Booklet or Booklet SustainableDevelopment• Set your SMS and email alerts• oppose all your means of payment• sponsor your friends, contact us ...YOU ARE NOT CLIENT ING DIRECT?Download the application to your mobile for:• inform you about our financial products and our approach to thebank• a "demo" of what ING Direct customer experience• all appropriate contacts to join usWe thank you for your comments and suggestions that allow us toevolve the application the right way (yours!). Feel free to shareyour comments on the ING Direct community US :Pioneering online bank, ING Direct ( is No.1 in this sector in France and has 16 million customersworldwide.What characterizes us forever: a range of simple and solidfinancial products to manage money, save or invest (currentaccount, passbook savings, life insurance, stock market ...),little or no bank charges and maximum side transparencyrates.NOTE :The application is compatible with Android version 4 andbeyond.
American Express
Access your American Express® account from virtually anywhere withthe American Express® App. Take advantage of what your U.S.Personal, Small Business, and Corporate accounts have to offer:Track spending and rewards, find offers, pay your bill, add yourCard to your mobile wallet, and enjoy features available only inthe app. STAY ON TOP OF YOUR SPENDING Track recent purchases with atimeline of your activity, and sort your charges by amount anddate. Easily see your payment status and pay your bill fromvirtually anywhere. Turn on AutoPay to pay your bill automaticallyfrom your bank account each month. Check your spending power tofind out if your purchase(s) will be approved*. For Basic CardMembers: filter transactions to see spending and subtotals for eachCard on your account. FIND AMEX OFFERS Discover offers from placesyou shop, dine, travel, and more, and add offers to your Card withjust a few taps. Explore a map of nearby offers and getpersonalized alerts. ENJOY PEACE OF MIND WITH REAL-TIME ALERTS Turnon purchase alerts to be notified when your Card is charged so youcan stay on top of daily spending and unexpected charges. Receiveinstant fraud alerts if suspicious activity is detected, and verifycharges with just a few taps so you can get right back to usingyour Card. To help prevent fraud activity, you can also freeze orunfreeze your Card to limit purchases if it is misplaced, withoutclosing your account completely. Set up Card payment alerts as ahelpful reminder when your payment is due, and confirmations whenpayments are received. Enjoy the convenience of electronic billingstatements, and you can set up alerts to tell you when yourstatement's ready. EXPLORE REWARDS AND BENEFITS Check your rewardsbalance and find ways to use Membership Rewards® points - from giftcards to credits on your statement.** For eligible Card Members:refer a friend and earn rewards when friends and family get anAmerican Express Card through your referral. For Platinum Card®,Centurion®, and Hilton Honors Members: find an airport lounge onthe go. Locate nearby lounges and plan for an upcoming trip bysearching the 1,000+ lounges across the globe Plus, Platinum andCenturion Members can seamlessly access Platinum Concierge, Travelor your Customer Care Professionals through the app. *Approvalbased on account status at time of request ** Terms and Conditionsfor the Membership Rewards® program apply. or call 1-800-AXP-EARN (297-3276) formore information. Participating partners and available rewards aresubject to change without notice. The value of Membership Rewardspoints varies according to how you choose to use them. To learnmore, go to App and app featuresare available only for eligible Card accounts in the United States.American Express® Prepaid Cards and cards issued by non-AmericanExpress issuers are not eligible. To log in, Card Members must havean American Express user ID and password or create one in the app.All access to and use of this app is subject to and governed by theAmerican Express End User License Agreement, Terms of Service andPrivacy Statement The American Express® App supports devices thatare operating on Android 6.0 and later. To access your accountinformation please visit
Linxo - Gérer mes comptes, mon budget
La gestion de vos comptes devient (enfin) simple et intelligente !Plus de 3 millions d’utilisateurs ont déjà choisi de gérer leurargent en installant Linxo sur leur smartphone. Linxo estl’assistant financier intelligent des Français depuis plus de 8ans. Une technologie agréée par la Banque de France (sous le numéro16928) et la SEULE technologie sécurisée dans laquelle les banqueset assurances ont souhaité investir en France. PRÈS DE 320 BANQUESET COMPTES DISPONIBLES DANS 1 SEULE APPLI Votre espace sécuriséLinxo se synchronise automatiquement tous les jours avec près de320 banques et types de comptes (Perso, Pro, Association, CB,Livrets, Assurance-Vie, etc.). LA TECHNOLOGIE DE RÉFÉRENCE • Latechnologie Linxo est utilisée en France par les plus grandsgroupes bancaires et assurances tels que la HSBC et LCL. • LeCrédit Agricole est notre actionnaire majoritaire • Linxo estcapitalisée à hauteur de 23,2 millions d’euros SACHEZ (ENFIN) OUPART VOTRE ARGENT CHAQUE MOIS • Classement automatique de toutesvos opérations dans des catégories personnalisables (alimentation,salaire…). • Graphiques interactifs pour une vue simplifiée AVANT,VOUS CONSULTIEZ VOS COMPTES ? Maintenant, ce sont vos comptes quivous consultent ! Recevez des notifications quand vous recevezvotre salaire, pour vos frais bancaires, ou en cas d’actualitéimportante sur vos comptes. Le tout paramétrable selon vos envies.CHERCHEZ. TROUVEZ. EN 2 SECONDES. VRAIMENT. Avec la recherchemulti-critères (exclusif Linxo !), retrouvez facilement une/desopération(s) à partir de son libellé, du montant, d’une fourchettede montant ou de sa catégorie. EFFECTUEZ VOS VIREMENTS SIMPLEMENT:Linxo permet maintenant d'effectuer un virement en quelques clics.Cette fonctionnalité est disponible pour les banques BNP Paribas,LCL, Fortuneo, la Banque Postale, la Caisse d’Épargne et le CréditAgricole. Nous allons progressivement ajouter d’autres banques.Technologie sécurisée et agréée par la Banque de France (sous le n°16928). ALLEZ PLUS LOIN AVEC LINXO PREMIUM Une version Premium estdisponible en achat in-app. Elle vous permet, entre autres : • deprévoir le solde de vos comptes sur 30 jours glissants • de fairedes recherches illimitées dans le temps • de créer vos proprescatégories de dépenses ou revenus • de bénéficier d’une extensionde garantie 12 mois sur tous vos achats effectués par carte(Smartphone, télévision, électroménager, matériel électronique,etc) PRÉVOYEZ L’AVENIR DE VOS COMPTES Oubliez les découvertsaccidentels grâce au Prévisionnel ! Linxo identifie automatiquementvos opérations récurrentes (salaire, loyer, …) en incluantmême vos opérations spécifiques (chèques par exemple). SÉCURISÉ •Nous fournissons nos technologies aux plus grandes banques etassurances en France • Aussi sécurisé que le site internet d’unebanque • Une technologie agréée par l’ACPR Banque de France sous lenuméro 16928 • La sécurisation de nos serveurs est vérifiéequotidiennement par McAfee, référence dans la protection desdonnées • Process de sécurité régulièrement audités par les banquespartenaires • Vos informations sont en permanence cryptées etsécurisées et ne sont JAMAIS stockées sur votre smartphone ILSPARLENT DE NOUS : • European FinTech Awards 2016 : N°1 France, Top20 européen • Top FrenchWeb des entreprises de la Tech française :2016 et 2017 • "Meilleure app dans la catégorie finance” - AppStore BANQUES DISPONIBLES : Consultez la liste de près de 320banques et types de comptes disponibles sur le site web de Linxo,parmi lesquels : • Crédit Agricole • Société Générale • BNP Paribas• Caisse d’Epargne • La Banque Postale • LCL • Banque Populaire •HSBC • American Express • Axa Banque • BRED • CIC • Crédit Mutuel •Crédit du Nord & banques du groupe • BforBank • Boursorama •Fortuneo • ING Direct • Monabanq • N26 • Revolut • Compte Nickel •Carrefour Banque • Amundi • C-zam • Et bien d’autres... Managingyour accounts becomes (finally) simple and intelligent! Over 3million users have already chosen to manage their money byinstalling Linxo on their smartphones. Linxo has been theintelligent financial assistant of the French for more than 8years. A technology approved by the Banque de France (under thenumber 16928) and the ONLY secure technology in which banks andinsurance companies wanted to invest in France. NEARLY 320 BANKSAND ACCOUNTS AVAILABLE IN ONE SINGLE APP Your Linxo secure space isautomatically synchronized every day with nearly 320 banks andtypes of accounts (Personal, Pro, Association, CB, Booklets, LifeInsurance, etc.). REFERENCE TECHNOLOGY • Linxo technology is usedin France by the largest banking and insurance groups such as HSBCand LCL. • Crédit Agricole is our majority shareholder • Linxo iscapitalized up to 23.2 million euros KNOW (FINALLY) OR SHARE YOURMONEY EVERY MONTH • Automatic classification of all your operationsin customizable categories (food, salary, etc.). • Interactivegraphics for a simplified view BEFORE YOU CONSULT YOUR ACCOUNTS?Now it's your accounts that are consulting you! Receivenotifications when you receive your salary, for your bank charges,or in case of important news on your accounts. All configurableaccording to your desires. SEARCH. FIND. IN 2 SECONDS. REALLY. Withthe multi-criteria search (exclusive to Linxo!), You can easilyfind an operation (s) based on its description, the amount, anamount range or its category. MAKE YOUR TRANSFERS SIMPLY: Linxo nowallows you to make a transfer in a few clicks. This functionalityis available for BNP Paribas, LCL, Fortuneo, Banque Postale, Caissed'Épargne and Crédit Agricole banks. We will gradually add morebanks. Secure technology approved by the Banque de France (under n° 16928). GO FURTHER WITH LINXO PREMIUM A Premium version isavailable for in-app purchase. Among other things, it allows youto: • forecast your account balance over 30 rolling days • to dounlimited research over time • create your own expense or incomecategories • benefit from a 12 month warranty extension on all yourpurchases made by card (Smartphone, television, householdappliances, electronic equipment, etc.) PREDICT THE FUTURE OF YOURACCOUNTS Forget accidental overdrafts thanks to Forecasting! Linxoautomatically identifies your recurring transactions (salary, rent,etc.), even including your specific transactions (checks forexample). SECURED • We supply our technologies to the largest banksand insurance companies in France • As secure as a bank's website •A technology approved by ACPR Banque de France under number 16928 •The security of our servers is checked daily by McAfee, a benchmarkin data protection • Security processes regularly audited bypartner banks • Your information is permanently encrypted andsecure and is NEVER stored on your smartphone THEY TALK ABOUT US :• European FinTech Awards 2016: N ° 1 in France, Top 20 in Europe •Top FrenchWeb of French Tech companies: 2016 and 2017 • "Best appin the finance category" - App Store BANKS AVAILABLE: See the listof nearly 320 banks and account types available on the Linxowebsite, including: • Agricultural credit • Societe Generale • BNPParibas • Savings bank • The postal bank • LCL • Banque Populaire •HSBC • American Express • Axa Bank • BRED • CIC • Mutual credit •Crédit du Nord & group banks • BforBank • Boursorama • Fortuneo• ING Direct • Monabanq • N26 • Revolut • Nickel account •Carrefour Banque • Amundi • C-zam • And many others...
Citi Mobile®
Citibank N.A.
Simpler All Mobile Account*: Open a checking or savings accountright from the app without setting foot in a bank branch FastNavigation: Quickly get to your favorite features with an intuitivenavigation menu and smart shortcuts Card Replacement: Request a newcard if your original is lost, stolen or damaged Citi Mobile®Snapshot: Quickly review key account info – without having to signin every time Zelle®: A fast, fee-free way within the Citi MobileApp to pay and easily split payments with people you trust.**Mobile Check Deposit: Quickly and easily deposit checks from yourmobile device Find an ATM: Easily locate one of more than 60,000fee-free ATMs in the U.S near you Account Information: View yourstatements, check balances and recent activity Make same-day orscheduled payments easily Smarter Aggregation*: Link virtually allyour bank accounts, credit cards and investment accounts for a moreholistic financial view to managing your finances Spendinginsights*: Track your spending habits and trends across youraccounts Bill management*: View and manage your bills, andrecurring payments in one place FICO® Score : Citi credit cardcustomers can view their FICO® Score for free Make paymentsincluding automatic payments, and transfers and manage payeesDispute credit card transactions if ever needed and track thestatus Stay informed with Account Alerts: Choose the alerts youwant and even when you want them Change your credit card due date:Choose the beginning, middle, or end of a month Secure Citi® QuickLock: Lock or unlock your lost or misplaced card PIN Reset: Resetyour debit card PIN from your mobile device Enable FingerprintAuthentication for a fast way to access your account * Features areavailable today on a limited basis. **Zelle and the Zelle relatedmarks are wholly owned by Early Warning Services, LLC and are usedherein under license. Citi’s Mobile App has been certified by J.D.Power for providing “An Outstanding Mobile Credit Card Experience”for customers.” J.D. Power 2019 Mobile App Certification Programrecognition is based on successful completion of an audit andexceeding a customer experience benchmark through a survey ofrecent servicing interactions. For more information, Your trust and confidence in how we collect,use, and share information about you is a priority. Review ourprivacy notice at and ournotice at collection at learn more about privacy at Citi. Additionally, Californiaresidents may submit requests in connection with the CaliforniaConsumer Privacy Act at
With this application you can check the latest prices of Sharemarket of Bangladesh (SEB). You don't have to go to the Dhaka StockExchange (DSE) or Chittagong Stock Exchange (CSE) website andbrowse for prices. You can see the price, indexes, record date andnews of both DSE and CSE market in the same screen.As theapplication shows the prices only, so it cuts internet cost.Features: 1. Don't have to go to websites and browse.2. DisplaysDSE and CSE in one application. 3. Cuts internet cost. 4. Includeschanges in percentage of each company's stock. 5. Easy to use. 6.Displays Indexes7. Displays Record dates8. Displays News For newfeature or reporting any bug or problem, please contact:farhad.rubel@gmail.comI believe you will enjoy this handy andsimple tool.
XE Currency Converter & Money Transfers Inc.
XE-perience currency on the go – from rates to charts to globalmoney transfers, XE puts all your currency needs into one app!World-renowned as the most trusted resource for currency exchangerates from around the globe, compare prices anywhere whiletraveling abroad to be sure you're getting the best deal at today'srate. Since 2009, XE Currency been connecting the world throughcurrency exchange by providing reliable exchange rates and chartsfor free. New Are you planning to send money across the border oroverseas? XE Money Transfer helps expats, foreign students,freelancers and people living international lives to send, receive,and spend money – register for a free account today! Global MoneyTransfers • Highly competitive exchange rates • Quick and securemoney transfers via your app • Global customer service team • 5/5star ‘excellent’ rating on Trustpilot • Keep up to date with yourtransaction Travel & International Exchange • Monitor up to 10currencies of your choice • Access to live rates for every worldcurrency and precious metal including Bitcoin • Easy-to-usecalculator functionality to compare prices using the currencyconverter • Historical charts for the past 10 years • Set alertsand receive notifications • Saves the last updated rates whenoffline • Currency Profile shares facts about your favoritecurrency • Market Analysis highlighting currency news everyday •Customization for the frequency of rate updates • Currency widgetfor at-a-glance views at the mid-market rates XE Currency does morethan convert currencies. It’s your go to currency app forinternational money transfers, travel, shopping, and personal use.Experiencing problems or issues with the app? Send us your feedbackwithin the app’s ‘More’ tab.
Money Lover: Expense Manager & Budget Tracker
★ Best of 2017 Android App ★ Google Top Developer ★ Editors' ChoiceApp since 2016 Get Money Lover today to track your money and reducespending by budgeting better in this 2020. Money Lover wasdeveloped by a group of millennials to first solve their personalfinance issues. After earning and spending almost all of our firstsalaries, we realized that there needed to be a convenient tool tosee where our money was going and how we can spend it better. ThusMoney Lover was born - made by young professionals and for youngprofessionals. KEY FEATURES ✔ Money Manager: Track expenses andincomes by categories (food, fuel, etc.). ✔ Budget Planner: Set alimit on how much to spend in a category; get alerted when close tolimit. ✔ Goal Wallet: Set a saving goal; automatically update yourbalances as you progress towards your goal ✔ Reporting: Financialreports give you overview of your spending, income by date orgroup. ✔ Linked Wallet: Connect with bank accounts and getautomatic bank feed. Security: Data encrypted by RSA-1024 bit;support PIN code & Fingerprint to unlock. ✔ Credit Wallet:Manage credit cards and get reminded when repayments are due Note:We support 17 countries. Please go to Connect to bank and check theavailability. With Premium account, you have: ✔ Unlimited number ofbudgets, savings, wallets, events. ✔ Export to CSV, Excel ✔ Pictureattachment ✔ Ad-free -- Clarification for Access Permissions: -Network Communication (Internet Access) is for syncing data andgetting money exchange rate. - Social Information (Read Contact) isfor suggesting “With Who” to tag your people in your contact list.- Your Location is for identifying your location of thetransaction. - Storage (modify or delete contents on your USBstorage) is for creating and storing backup data to the USBstorage.
Finanzen100 - Börse, Aktien & Finanznachrichten
Die einfachste Börsen-App Deutschlands! Realtimekurse zu Aktien,Indizes (Dax, TecDax, etc.), ETFs, Währungen und Rohstoffen.Tagesaktuelle Top-News zu Aktien, Börsen sowie zur Wirtschaft undden Märkten. Wertpapiere schnell und einfach im Blick in derWatchlist oder im Portfolio. Push-Benachrichtigungen bei Limitsoder wichtigen Börsen- und Wirtschafts-News. Die wichtigstenFeatures im Überblick: Echtzeitkurse zu über 2 Mio. Wertpapieren *Echtzeitkurse der wichtigsten Aktien, Indizes, ETFs, Währungen undRohstoffe * Blickt auf die wichtigsten Börsen und Märkte * Indizes(Dax, TecDax, Dow Jones, etc.) * Rohstoffe, Währungskurse undDevisen * Zertifikate, Optionsscheine * Fonds, Anleihen, Aktien *Realtimekurse * Marktüberblick (z.B. Gold, Silber, Rohöl, Euro,Dollar) * Wertpapiersuche (Wertpapier, WKN, ISIN) * UmfangreicheChart-Analyse Leicht bedienbare und komfortable Musterdepots *Persönliche Portfolios mit allen Daten * Musterdepot * Wertebeobachten in Watchlists * Synchronisierung der Musterdepotszwischen Web und App * Limit-Alerts und Börsen- sowieAktien-Eilmeldungen per Push-Notification * Nachrichten zu Wertenaus ihren Depots Immer gut informiert über die aktuelle Marktlage *Aktuelle und relevante Börsennews und Nachrichten zum Thema Börse *Eigenen Redaktion und 12.500 weitere Nachrichtenquellen informieren* Finanznachrichten für Deutschland, Österreich und die SchweizFinanzen100 ist exklusiver Börsen-Partner von FOCUS Online.Exklusive Anlagestrategien von Experten * Bernecker Börsenkompass -Marktkommentare, fundierte Analysen und geldwerte Empfehlungen ausdem Hause Bernecker. * COT-Report - David Varga entschlüsselt diePositionen der maßgeblichen Trader an den US-Terminmärkten fürAktien, Dollar, Gold und Öl. * Devisen100 - Idealer Begleiter fürIhren Einstieg in den Devisenhandel. Mit passgenauen Empfehlungenvon Profi-Händler zu aktuellen Trends der wichtigsten Währungen undWährungspaare der Welt. * AktienSensor Deutschland - Erhalten SieTrendsignale aus hunderttausenden durch DataMining ausgewertetenBeiträgen in sozialen Netzwerken, Foren und Börsenportalen. Soerkennen Sie die Gewinner oder Verlierer, bevor es die Masse derAnleger erfährt. * Stock Selection Europe - Steigern Sie IhrePerformance mit den besten Aktien aus ganz Europa:Top-Handelssignale auf DAX & Euro Stoxx 50 jede Woche nachSystem. * Small Caps Champion - Top-Renditen auf Nebenwerte:Profitieren Sie von Bernd Wünsches einzigartigem 3-Säulen-Systemaus langfristigem Vermögensaufbau und kurzfristigenHebel-Investments. Weitere Vorteile * Android Widget mit IhremMusterdepot oder aktuellen News * Partner von Wikifolio * Downloadund Nutzung komplett kostenlos * Werbefreie App als günstiges Aboverfügbar, innovativstes Finanzportal imdeutschsprachigen Raum, bietet mit seiner Gratis-Android-App dieeinzigartige Kombination von Börsen-News, Aktienkursen,Wertpapierdaten und Charts aus der Welt der Finanzen nun auch fürunterwegs an - für über 2.000.000 Wertpapiere. Helfen Sie uns, dieAndroid-App weiter zu verbessern! Gerne nehmen wir Ihre Fragen,Kritik oder Anregungen entgegen. Verwenden Sie hierzu denInfo-Punkt 'Fragen oder Feedback'. Für in App Käufe und Downloadsgelten unsere AGB: Wir arbeitenbereits mit Hochdruck an der nächsten Version.
Itaucard: Controle as Compras do Cartão de Crédito
Itaú Unibanco S. A.
O app do Itaucard é um jeito prático para acompanhar tudo o queacontece no seu cartão de crédito, a qualquer hora e lugar:consultar fatura, consultar saldo, gerar cartão virtual, acompanharseu programa de pontos e visualizar todas as suas compras em temporeal! Controle de compras Controle suas compras na sua linha dotempo. Um jeito inteligente de acompanhar a fatura do seu cartão decrédito pelo app. Veja quanto gastou no mês em seu Itaucard econtrole suas compras e seu saldo em tempo real. É possívelcontratar o Aviso SMS, que permite um controle prático das comprasrealizadas no seu cartão de crédito. Uma forma fácil de controlargastos sem ir ao banco. Consulta de fatura Aqui no app você faztudo digital: na linha do tempo ficam todos os seus gastos docartão de crédito em ordem cronológica e em tempo real. Você podeconsultar a fatura aberta ou fechada do seu cartão de crédito. Oapp permite a contratação do Parcelamento da Fatura. Com a faturadigital você recebe avisos de vencimento e fechamento. ProgramaSempre Presente Com o cartão de crédito Itaucard suas compras setransformam em pontos para trocar por diversas recompensas. A cadacompra você ganha pontos que acumula para trocar por descontos,recompensas e muito mais. Baixe o app e consulte facilmente o saldode pontos do seu cartão de crédito! Cartão virtual Compre onlinecom segurança! Gerar um Cartão Virtual pelo app é muito fácil.Basta chacoalhar o celular com o app aberto para gerar seu cartãode crédito. E, para sua segurança, o cartão virtual é válido apenaspara uma compra online e expira logo após o uso. Carteiras DigitaisAdicione os seus cartões de crédito no app Itaucard e nas suascarteiras digitais para começar a pagar com Samsung Pay, PayPal eetc. É seguro, prático e aceito onde você imaginar. Segurança Sejapara acessar sua fatura ou garantir a segurança das suas compras, oapp garante segurança através do iToken: o iToken no aplicativo é ocódigo de segurança gerado na tela inicial do app Itaú no celular,usado para validar as transações no app. Fique tranquilo, o iTokené prático e seguro! Perdeu o cartão? O app te ajuda a fazer obloqueio e desbloqueio temporário do seu cartão de crédito. Umasolução 100% digital para maior praticidade. Peça seu Itaucard deonde você estiver direto no app. Baixe o app, clique em "peça já oseu" e escolha a opção que mais combina com você! Quer um cartãosem anuidade? Com o Click Visa R$100/mês a anuidade é por nossaconta. Ou peça seu TudoAzul Itaucard 2.0 Platinum e gastando R$ 4mil/mês é zero anuidade! Com o LATAM PASS você pode juntar pontos etrocar por voos em diversos destinos. E não é só isso. Você podeganhar até 5% de desconto em combustível com o cartão Ipiranga,pagar o menor preço no Assaí com o cartão Passaí, ter descontos deaté 70% na Netshoes com os N Cards e muito mais. Baixe agora o app,comece a controlar gastos, consultar saldo, acompanhe a fatura docartão de crédito, gere seu cartão virtual e tenha segurança.Facilite ainda mais a sua vida! Baixe o app e faça parte desse novomovimento digital! App Itaucard, tudo do seu cartão, direto no seucelular. The Itaucard app is designed for you to track everythingthat happens on your credit card: check invoice, check balance,generate virtual card, track your points program and track spendingin just a few clicks. Simply and conveniently, you can query yourbalance, generate a virtual card, view your credit card billdetails, and view all your purchases in real time! Add your creditcards to the Itaucard app and your digital wallets to start payingwith Samsung Pay, PayPal, etc. It is safe, practical and acceptedwhere you imagine it. Check your balance and track your Multipluspoints! Track the expenditures of your TudoAzul Itaucard 2.0Platinum non-annuity card and all other Itaucard cards. TheItaucard app has arrived to make your life easier! Make invoice andbalance inquiries in one place, anytime of your day! To make youreveryday life even easier, add your card to your digital wallet! Itis possible to hire SMS Warning, which allows a practical controlof purchases made on your credit card. An easy way to check balancewithout going to the bank. Invoice Inquiry Here in the app you doeverything digital: on the timeline are all your credit cardspending in chronological order and in real time. You can refer tothe open or closed invoice of your credit card. The app allows thehiring of Installment Invoice. Download the app to easily checkbalance and points. Points Program It was easier to plan nextmonth's spending, right? You can check your points from the EverPresent, Itaú's points program. Your card purchases are convertedto points. These points can be earned and redeemed for discounts,rewards and more. A smart way to decrease and control spending. Itwas simple to check points balance! Get access to the best creditcard points program through the app! Virtual card It offerscomplete security for the user: with it, it is possible to generatea Virtual Card to use in your online purchases. Just shake yourphone with the open app to generate your credit card. And for yoursafety, the virtual card is only valid for an online purchase andexpires right after use. In addition to generating a virtual card,the app allows you to check balance, spend control, simulation andcontracting your Itaucard Personal Credit! Add your Itaucard toyour digital wallet and make your daily life easier. The appensures security through iToken: In-app iToken is the security codegenerated on the Itaú app's mobile home screen, used to validatein-app transactions. Rest assured, iToken is convenient and safe!The credit card app is perfect for checking balance and trackingthe invoice. Spoken in practicality, spoke in Itaucard: with just afew clicks, you can access and have balance control by checking thebalance and follow the points program straight from your mobile. Nomore bank queues! And you can even add your card to your digitalwallet. Lost the card? The app helps you make the lock andtemporary unlock. A 100% digital solution for convenience. Downloadthe app now, start tracking spending, check balance, track yourinvoice, manage your virtual card and be safe. Make your life eveneasier! Ask your Itaucard from wherever you are right in the app.Download the app, click "order yours now" and choose the optionthat suits you best! Want a card with no annual fee? With TudoAzulItaucard 2.0 Platinum spending $ 100 / month you don't pay theannuity! Looking to earn Multiplus points with your card? For aminimum income of $ 800, choose the Latam Itaucard 2.0 PlatinumVisa. Spend control and balance control of your credit card simply,quickly and securely! Download the app and be part of this newdigital movement! Itaucard app, all from your card, straight toyour mobile.
Currency converter
Introducing the premier currency converter andexchange rate tracking app. Application lets you view automaticallyupdated, live currency exchange rates for most worldcurrencies.More than just a currency converter, application also allows youto:- View the current rate, together with daily highs and lows- Track previous day trading information- Monitor frequently used currencies on an easily customizablefavorites list- Access technical trading data using daily, weekly, and biweeklycharts with line and candlestick displays- Quickly reference common exchanges using a built in conversiontable- Calculate currency exchanges, including the ability to adjusthypothetical exchanges to account for bank and ATM feesAdditional features include:- Tablet and phone support- Portrait and landscape modes support- Offline mode — access local cached data and perform manual rateupdates- WiFi mode for mobile data managementCurrency update frequency varies depending on the exchange pair.Rates are not updated on weekends. Daily charts are updated every20 minutes. Other charts are updated daily.
Mortgage Calculator by QL
Quicken Loans
Calculate Your Numbers with Today's Rates Calculate your mortgageoptions and get real-time mortgage rates with Mortgage Calculatorby Quicken Loans. Whether you're buying or refinancing a home, oryou're a real estate agent, you'll love all the features this appoffers. Four Ways to Calculate • Purchase Calculator – Determineyour monthly mortgage payment while you’re house hunting •Refinance Calculator – Figure out what your monthly payment wouldbe if you refinanced • Home Affordability Calculator – See how muchhome you can afford • Amortization Calculator – Calculate the totalcost of your loan and how much you could save by making extrapayments Mortgage Numbers Made Simple • Pick your calculator, thenpunch in your numbers to see your loan options. • Just tap to seethe details, such as private mortgage insurance (PMI), downpayments, savings by making extra payments and more. • See andcompare today's rates from Quicken Loans. Ready to find out howmuch home you can afford, see your monthly payment, learn if now'sa good time to refinance or view your mortgage payoff schedule?Download the Mortgage Calculator by Quicken Loans app today!***NMLS #3030. Equal housing lender. Licensed in all 50 states. Forour licensing and disclosure information, please visit***
בנק הפועלים - ניהול החשבון
ובנוסף, כל הכלים והשירותים שכבר יצא לך להכיר: - העברת כסף לכל מישרוצים, כולל העברות עתידיות - הפקדת צ׳קים בצילום - בקשת הלוואה (וגםפירעון) - הפקדה לפיקדון - מידע על כרטיסי אשראי - קביעת פגישהוהתכתבות עם בנקאי הרשאות נדרשות להתקנת האפליקציה: - מצלמה – לצילומיצ׳קים - גישה לנתוני מיקום – לאיתור בנקטים קרובים - קבלת התראות
ING-DiBa Banking + Brokerage
Ihre mobilste Bank - ING-DiBa Banking + Brokerage.Wie sieht meinKontostand aus? Wie entwickeln sich meine Wertpapiere? Wo ist hierder nächste Geldautomat? Noch schnell was überweisen... Mit derkostenlosen ING-DiBa Mobile Banking App geht das mit Tablet undSmartphone schnell und bequem - egal, wo Sie sich geradebefinden.Das bietet Ihnen die DiBa App:- Übersichtliche DarstellungIhrer Konten und Depots. Ob mal eben schnell den Kontostandchecken, eine Überweisung tätigen oder mit Wertpapieren handeln,mit der DiBa Banking App kein Problem.- Fotoüberweisung fürSmartphones Nie wieder lange IBANs eintippen. Fotografieren Sieganz bequem Ihre Rechnungen und Überweisungträger und die Appübernimmt die Daten automatisch. Sie müssen nur noch freigeben. Ameinfachsten in Kombination mit der DiBa App SmartSecure.-Dokumenten-Upload Sparen Sie sich das Suchen nach Briefmarken undden Weg zu Post. Senden Sie uns Ihre wichtigen Dokumente ganzeinfach digital und schnell per App.- Geldautomatensuche Sie suchenden kürzesten Weg zum nächsten Geldautomaten? Die mobileGeldautomatensuche navigiert Sie zu Ihrem Ziel.Weitere Funktionenund Features:- Notfallnummern und Service: Wenden Sie sich direktaus der App heraus an unseren Service bei Fragen oder im Notfall,um Karten sperren zu lassen.- Wertpapier-Watchlist: Legen Sie sichIhre persönliche Watchlist an, um verschiedene Situationen zusimulieren und den Markt zu beobachten.- Rund-Um-Info: InformierenSie sich über alle unsere Produkte und Services.WeitereInformationen finden Sie unter mobile banking - ING-DiBa Banking + brokerage.What is myaccount balance? How are my securities? Where's the nearest cashmachine here? A quick transfer what ...With the free ING-DiBaMobile Banking app that goes with tablet and smartphone quickly andeasily - no matter where you are.This offers you the DiBa app:-Clear presentation of your accounts andportfolios.  Whether just quickly check the accountbalance, make a payment or trade in securities, with the DiBabanking app no ​​problem.- Photo Transfer forsmartphones  No more long IBAN typing. Photograph easyaccess to your invoices and remittance slip and the app takes thedata automatically. You just have to share. The easiest combinedwith the DiBa App Smart Secure.- Document upload  Saveyourself searching for stamps and the way to post. Send us yourimportant documents easily and quickly via digital app.- ATMLocator  You are looking for the shortest way to thenearest ATM? The mobile ATM Locator will navigate you to yourdestination.Other functions and features:- Emergency numbers andservice: Contact our service department with questions or anemergency to get directly from the app block cards.- SecuritiesWatchlist: Lie on your personal watchlist to simulate differentsituations and to monitor the market.- All-round info: Find outabout all our products and services.For more information,
LIC agent software is made for LIFE INSURANCECORPORATION OF INDIA agents.Jeevan Labh 836 will be updated soonThis is Insurance premium calculator made for agents.All the latest plans 834 updatedThis App is very useful for professionalsThis app includes following features* LIC Premium calculator* Tiny Diary* Easy Connect* Recknor for all plan* Policy management* LIC Plan information* Utility Like BMI calculator,age calculator
Splitwise is the easiest way to share expenses with friends andfamily and stop stressing about “who owes who.” Millions of peoplearound the world use Splitwise to organize group bills forhouseholds, trips, and more. Our mission is to reduce the stressand awkwardness that money places on our most importantrelationships. Splitwise is great for: - Roommates splitting rentand apartment bills - Group trips around the world - Splitting avacation house for skiing or at the beach - Weddings andbachelor/bachelorette parties - Couples sharing relationship costs- Friends and co-workers who go out to lunch or dinner togetherfrequently - Loans and IOUs between friends - And so much moreSplitwise is simple to use: - Create groups or private friendshipsfor any splitting situation - Add expenses, IOUs, or informal debtsin any currency, with support for offline entry - Expenses arebacked up online so any everyone can log in, view their balances,and add expenses - Keep track of who should pay next, or settle upby recording cash payments or using our integrations Endorsements:“Makes it easy to split everything from your dinner bill to rent.”- NY Times "Fundamental for tracking finances. As good as WhatsAppfor containing awkwardness." – The Financial Times “I never fightwith roommates over bills because of this genius expense-splittingapp”- Business Insider “The Single Best App You Can Download forGroup Trips of Any Kind” - Thrillist Here are some of ourindustry-leading features: - Multi-platform support for Android,iOS, and web - Simplify debts into the easiest repayment plan -Expense categorization - Calculate group totals - Export to CSV -Comment directly on expenses - Split expenses equally or unequallyby percentages, shares, or exact amounts - Add informal debts andIOUs - Create bills that recur monthly, weekly, yearly, fortnightly- Add multiple payers on a single expense - See total balances witha person across multiple groups and private expenses - Custom useravatars - Cover photos for groups - Activity feed and pushnotifications help you stay on top of changes - View your edithistory for changes to an expense - Any deleted group or bill canbe restored easily - World-class customer support - Pay back usingour integrated payments: Venmo and PayPal (US only), Paytm (Indiaonly) - 100+ currencies and growing - 7+ supported languages GetSplitwise Pro for even more amazing features! - Convert expenses todifferent currencies using our Open Exchange Rates integration -Access to “spending by category” budgeting tools and other charts -OCR integration for scanning and itemizing receipts - Storehigh-resolution receipts in the cloud (10GB cloud storage) -Backups to JSON, downloadable from our website - Search fullexpense history - Save default splits
Recarga Celular, Pagar Contas e Boletos Sem Taxas
Maior aplicativo de pagamentos pelo celular do Brasil. +10 MILHÕESde clientes. BÔNUS AO BAIXAR O APLICATIVO R$ 10 GRÁTIS pra 1ªcompra com o CUPOM: RECARGAPAY DINHEIRO DE VOLTA SEMPRE 📲 até 5% devolta por Recarga de Celular 🚌 5% de volta por Cartão de Transporte🚘 5% de volta por Zona Azul 💳 1% de volta em todas as transaçõescom Cartão Pré-pago DINHEIRO DE VOLTA AO INDICAR AMIGOS Cada amigoindicado vira R$ 10 grátis pra usar como quiser. Indique e ganhe!🚀POR QUE USAR O RECARGAPAY? ◉ até 5% de desconto nas recargas decelular, depositando dinheiro ou cartão crédito ◉ Recargas decelular ilimitadas: Recarga Vivo, TIM, Claro, Oi, Nextel ◉Pagamento de contas de água, luz, internet, telefone e boletosbancários (Mais de 1000 serviços na palma da mão) ◉ Parcelamento ematé 12X ◉ Sem taxas adicionais ◉ 1% de volta sempre com CartãoPré-pago, para clientes Prime ◉ Pagamento com cartão de crédito,boleto, transferência ou depósito bancário ◉ Não é necessário terconta bancária ◉ Recargas de bilhete de transporte das cidades SãoPaulo, São José dos Campos, Diadema, Ribeirão Preto, Sorocaba,Taubaté, Recife, Curitiba e Pelotas ◉ Pagamento de cartões ZonaAzul SP ◉ Uma máquina de recargas para o seu negócio 📲 RECARGA DECELULAR DE TODAS AS OPERADORAS Uma máquina de recargas pra colocarcréditos a qualquer momento e em qualquer operadora, sem taxasextras e com total segurança! Recarga Vivo Recarga TIM RecargaClaro Recarga Oi Recarga Nextel Recarga Algar Telecom 🚌 CARTÕES DETRANSPORTE Recarregue seu cartão de transporte SEM TAXAS e comsaldo na hora (5% de volta). Bilhete Único SP Bilhete Único SãoJosé dos Campos Cartão SOU Diadema Cartão Nosso Ribeirão PretoCartão Com Você Sorocaba Cartão Rápido Taubaté Cartão VEM RecifeCartão PraTi Pelotas Cartão URBES Curitiba 🚘 CARTÕES ZONA AZUL SPEm segundos você adquire cartões zona azul pra estacionar comtranquilidade em São Paulo (5% de volta). 💡 PAGAMENTO DE CONTASPague contas de forma simples usando o leitor de código de barrasou inserindo manualmente. ◉ Pagamentos de contas de água, luz,telefone, gás, internet e outras ◉ Contas e boletos pagos emsegundos ◉ +1000 fornecedores de serviços em todo o Brasil ◉Parcelamento em até 12X 🎁 VALES-PRESENTE Google Play SpotifyBlizzard League of Legends (Riot Points) Level Up GamesCartão-Presente Xbox Xbox Live Gold Uber Pré-pago 👥 ENVIE E RECEBADINHEIRO NA HORA Precisa mandar dinheiro pra alguém e não tem contabancária? Com o RecargaPay você envia e recebe, e o valor écreditado na hora! 💳 CARTÃO PRÉ-PAGO INTERNACIONAL 1% em todas ascompras (para clientes Prime) Físico ou Virtual, permite fazercompras em +30M de lojas Saques em dinheiro, 24H em qualquerlotérica ou caixa eletrônico Não precisa de conta em banco 👨🏽‍💼LOJISTAS Transforme seu celular em uma Máquina de Recargas (Claro,TIM, OI e Vivo) e veja seus lucros dispararem! Ofereça nossosserviços para seus clientes e ganhe comissão, sem pagarmensalidade. 💳 MAQUININHA RECARGAPAY Ei, parceiro! Quer lucrarmais? Temos uma solução completa pra você ganhar sempre. Peça já noApp. 🔐GARANTIA DE SEGURANÇA EM PAGAMENTOS Certificação PCI, o maisalto padrão de proteção de dados em pagamentos. Transaçõesrealizadas com o protocolo SSL. Cartão de crédito, transferênciabancária, boleto, depósito em bancos credenciados (Bradesco, Itaú,Banco do Brasil, Caixa, Nubank, Santander e Citibank) e Apple Pay.Cartão de crédito (Visa, Mastercard, Elo, Hiper, Hipercard,American Express, Cartão Mais e Diners) ☎ UMA CENTRAL 24H, 7 DIASPOR SEMANA Se tiver alguma dúvida ou precisar de ajuda, acessenossa Central de Relacionamento:
Fast Budget - Expense & Money Manager
Keep your personal or family finances easily under control withFast Budget. You can check your daily expenses and improve yoursavings. Visualize the flow of your money at a glance with thefully customizable Overview page. In Fast Budget, you have manytools for managing your money better, like various types of chartsor a useful calendar. It is possible to synchronize up to fivedevices. Fast Budget - Expense Manager features: OVERVIEW Theapplication includes a customizable overview page to see all theimportant information at a glance. ACCOUNTS AND CREDIT CARDS Createand modify your accounts as you like. There are two account types:normal and hidden. The hidden accounts can be very useful fortracking small businesses or hobbies. Use the graphs of eachaccount to check the progress of capital on a daily, weekly ormonthly basis. In addition, there is an entire section for creditcards. Both accounts that credit cards can be used in more than 90different currencies. CATEGORIES Manage your daily expenses andincome as you wish. You can create as many categories as you want,edit existing ones or rearrange them, to have the most used on topof the list. TRANSACTIONS Insert your revenues and outgoings in aneasy and fast way. There are various tools within this budgetmanager to speed up the insertion of a transaction: • Scheduledearnings and expenditures. • Transaction templates. • Defaultaccount for your profits and costs. • Two widgets to accelerate thecreation of an operation. SCHEDULED TRANSACTIONS Schedule yourincome or expenses to recur over time. It is possible to set up areminder that notifies you when the transaction is due. BUDGETSCreate custom budgets to always know how much money you still haveavailable. Budgets are divided by category and you can choose theduration they run for. You can also select more than one categoryfor each budget. CHARTS Control your finances with differentgraphs: show and compare expenses and earnings to know where tosave money. CALENDAR Keep an eye on your profits and costs day byday, so you always know how much, when and where you’re spending.You can also see the payments scheduled for the following days.OTHER • Synchronize up to five devices. • Export your data in PDF,CSV and XLS (Excel) format. • Handle debts and credits. • Darkmode. • Automatic backup in Dropbox to avoid data loss. • Protectyour data with a passcode. • Reminder to not forget to insert yourdaily transactions. Some features are not available in the freeversion. Check your personal, family or business finances now withthis budget planner. Contact the developer of Fast Budget - ExpenseManagement via email for any problem or
Currency Converter - Centi
Centi is a simple and fast currency converter, providing up-to-dateexchange rate information for over 170+ currencies and countries.It has a beautiful interface for quick access to conversions youneed. Centi Currency Converter great for traveling abroad or forwatching foreign markets. FEATURES ■ Convert over 170+ currenciesand exchange rates ■ Widgets ■ Create a custom currency (price,name, country, flag, symbol and code) ■ Data download only when youuse the app ■ No background data download and no backgroundservices (optimal battery use) ■ Ready to work offline. Stores lastupdated exchange rates for offline use ■ Copy calculation results ■Historical Currency Charts ■ You can add as many currencies as youwant ■ Powered by Yahoo! Finance API PERSONALIZE YOUR SETTINGS ■Night Theme ■ Set Wi-Fi only data download ■ Set the frequency ofrate updates ■ Turn currency symbols on or off ■ Choose the numberof decimals to display SIMPLE INTERFACE Centi has a clean andsimple interface, saves time, and increases productivity. CHARTSYou can view historical currency conversion charts for any twocurrencies. Charts for most currencies are available for 1-day,5-days, 3-months, 1-year, 2-years and 5-years. EXCHANGE RATESUPDATES Our app updates Exchange Rates on demand, or automaticallyat pre-defined intervals ranging from 1 hour to 1 day. The exchangerates will be cached locally when you have the internet connection,so you can use this app with the cached rates when there is nointernet connection. EXCHANGE RATES LISTING The exchange rateslisting shows a base currency compared to all other currencies,similar to the electronic exchange rate boards. EXCHANGE RATESPROVIDER Centi Currency Converter uses official exchange ratespublished on Yahoo! Yahoo Finance rates are trusted by millions ofpeople. 170+ CURRENCIES United States Dollar (USD), British Pound(GBP), Swiss Franc (CHF), Japanese Yen (JPY), Euro (EUR), CanadianDollar (CAD), Australian Dollar (AUD), Chinese Yuan (CNY), RussianRuble (RUB), Ukraine Hryvnia (UAH), South Korean Won (KRW),Brazilian Real (BRL), Mexican Peso (MXN), Saudi Arabian Riyal(SAR), Czech Koruna (CZK), Polish Zloty (PLN), Turkish Lira (TRY),Swedish Krona (SEK) and other. PRECIOUS METALS Gold Ounces (XAU),Silver Ounces (XAG), Palladium Ounces (XPD), Platinum Ounces (XPT)
** FREE, Unlimited +/- transactions, no expire date. ** "EvoWallet"Free Edition, the easy to use personal finance and expense managerapplication for android touch phone designed to help for keep trackof the balances of all of your money accounts on the go. The app'suser interface is sleek, intuitive, and easy to use with built-inmini cash calculator and easy calendar picker. Allow you to take apicture for each transaction, you will never forget where/what yourmoney goes. The most intuitive UI with two transaction listsdesign, you can scroll and view both income and outcome moneytransactions separately and easily. Elegant, clean, fast and supereasy input screen without any unnecessary fields. The app allowsyou to enter an empty (zero amount) transaction of income orexpense, then you can enter/edit all the detail when you have atime. With the multiple accounts feature just like real money bookor cash book, you can apply to track lot of thing such as cash inwallet, expense management, bank accounts, money ledger,credit/debit cards, ahorro, daily cost, savings, diario financiero,etc... Key features: - Supports multiple accounts !!!. - Multiplecurrency. - Unlimited categories with lot of icons. - Instantbalance calculation. - Two styles for transactions viewer(Independent debit and credit transactions list / legacytransactions list) money journal. - Easy input for deposit,withdraw and transfer transactions. - Favorite transactions, markany frequent uses transactions and use it as template for newtransaction. - Instant weekly, monthly and yearly report withsimple graphs charts. - Pass code Lock, keep your personal financedata safe. - Build-in simple calculator in transaction inputscreen. - Data backup / restore, easy backup the export files viamemory card. - Option to send the backup file to e-mail right aftersuccessfully backup. - Export transactions to CSV file with optionto send via e-mail. - Clean UI and easy to understand and use. -You can take a picture of the transaction related thing, such asreceipt, goods, etc... - Optimized for android mobile phone. - Alsoavailable in iOS, so you can transfer the database to iPhone andcontinuous use when you have to change your phone to otherplatform. - No In-App purchases (No hidden cost/purchase). Don'tput your personal finance status into the complexity, but always besimplicity. Want to easily keep track of your money, do you? Let'EvoWallet' always be with your palm. Please check the "More fromdeveloper" section below, for the "Evo Wallet - Premium Edition".More info and screen shots : Click 'Visit Developer's Website'below.
6000万卡族的共同选择!信用卡人士必备的手机应用。【卡牛极速贷,让信用变成一笔财富】极速贷放款快,审核成功率高;选择多到账快,纯线上更方便;正规金融机构产品,放款用户超过20万;消费贷到购房买车,满足您各种贷款需求。【功能亮点】1、一键导入:邮箱、网银一键导入账单,体验飞一般的感觉;2、智能提醒:还款日、账单日一清二楚,避免逾期罚息;3、在线还款:支付宝、微信等多种还款方式,实时到账;4、资产管理:本月结余、本月消费、预算监控,财务健康;5、卡牛日历:今日刷卡优惠推荐、每日享免息期消费;6、查询征信: 定期查询个人征信,完美信用方便贷款;7、极速办卡:支持广发、平安、招行等主流银行免费办卡服务,周周送壕礼;8、极速贷款:选择多、审核快,10分钟申请,借款更容易;9、卡神社区:各路卡神教你玩转信用卡,提额、薅羊毛经验分享;10、快速注册: 只需输入手机号,快捷注册卡牛;11、账号体系:支持第三方账号登录,方便快捷;12、安全可靠:双重密码保护,一键隐藏首页卡片数据;13、个性设置:首页壁纸更换,私人专属还款提醒铃声。【重要声明】卡牛在线申请信用卡服务完全免费,卡牛不会向用户收取任何费用,谨防受骗。【联系我们】安卓卡牛用户群:490798066官方网站:http://www.cardniu.com卡牛信用卡社区:http://bbs.feidee.com微信公众号:cardniu新浪微博:@卡牛-信用卡管家60 million common choicecard family! Credit card people necessary mobileapplications.[Credit card cattle speed, so that credit into a fortune]Fast loans Fast loans, audit success rate;Select multiple fast arrival, pure online is more convenient;Product formal financial institutions, lending more than 200,000users;Consumer loans to purchase a car, a loan to meet your needs.[Feature Highlights]1, a key import: E-mail, online banking a key import bill, toexperience the feeling of flying;2, intelligent reminder: repayment date, billing date crystal clearto avoid late penalty;3, online payment: Payment treasure various repayment methods,micro-letters, real-time arrival;4. Asset Management: the balance of this month, the month ofconsumption, budget monitoring, financial health;5, the card cow calendar: credit card offers today recommendeddaily consumption enjoy interest-free period;6. Discover credit: regular access to personal credit, perfectcredit to facilitate loans;7, speed do card: GF mainstream support, peace, Merchants Bank andother bank card services free to do week in and week to send trenchceremony;8, Fast Loans: select multiple audit fast, 10 minutes to apply, theborrower is easier;9, God card community: Church of the brightest card you Fun creditcard, the amount raised, and gather wool sharing ofexperiences;10. Fast Registration: Simply enter the phone number, quick cowregistration card;11, account system: supports third-party account login, convenientand quick;12, safe and reliable: dual password protection, a key to hide Homecard data;13, personalized settings: Home wallpaper changer, exclusiveprivate repayment reminder tones.[Important Notice]Cattle card apply for credit cards online service is completelyfree, cow card will not be charged to the user, to guard againstbeing cheated.【contact us】An Zhuoka bovine user groups: 490 798 066Official website: http: //www.cardniu.comCard credit card cattle Community: http: //bbs.feidee.comMicro-channel public number: cardniuSina microblogging: @ cattle card - credit card butler
L'Appli Société Générale
Société Générale
L’Appli Société Générale : c’est ma banque sur monmobile ! Carte bancaire, paiement, virement, assurance,épargne : tout y est… en toute sécurité. Avec mon AppliSociété Générale, je peux :   - Visualiser l'état de moncompte favori grâce à la jauge et mon budget mensuel avecl’enveloppe de dépenses - Recevoir mes notifications en temps réelet les paramétrer (solde bas, versement important, envoi de moyensde paiement, etc.) - Gérer les plafonds de retrait et de paiementde ma carte - Payer directement avec mon mobile avec Paylib - Faireopposition sur ma carte - Catégoriser mes dépenses dans la gestionde budget - Effectuez des virements ponctuels ou permanents, desversements sur mon PEL et des virements vers l’international dansplus de 30 devises - Utiliser le service « Paylib entres amis »pour envoyer de l’argent à mes amis via leur numéro de téléphone -Ajouter de nouveaux comptes bénéficiaires   Dans l’Appli,vous avez aussi : ÉPARGNE, PRÊTS ET ASSURANCES Retrouvez votreépargne, vos prêts et vos contrats d’assurances dans des rubriquesdédiées et découvrez les offres que nous avons sélectionnées pourvous. Vous souhaitez ouvrir un compte épargne, souscrire un prêt ouune assurance ? Faites-vous rappeler gratuitement par un conseillerpour obtenir plus d’informations et souscrire en ligne ou prenezdirectement rendez-vous en agence depuis l’Appli ! DES TRANSACTIONSSÉCURISÉES La sécurité est notre priorité, c’est pourquoi nousavons développé le Pass Sécurité qui renforce la sécurité de vostransactions et simplifie la validation de certaines opérations,comme l’ajout d’un bénéficiaire ou les virementsinternationaux.  UNE ASSISTANCE EN TOUTES CIRCONSTANCES Noséquipes vous accompagnent par tous les moyens, quelle que soitvotre préférence (e-mail, téléphone ou en agence). La Messageriesécurisée vous permet d’échanger des e-mails avec votre Conseillerdirectement depuis l’Appli. Vous pouvez également prendrerendez-vous avec un conseiller en agence depuis l’Appli. Pourbénéficier d’une assistance technique, contactez-nous à l’adresse N’hésitez pas ànous faire part de vos suggestions et idées d’amélioration depuisla rubrique « Nous contacter » de l’Appli. The Societe Generaleapp: it's my bank on my mobile! Bank card, payment, transfer,insurance, savings: everything is there ... in complete safety.With my Societe Generale App, I can: - View the status of myfavorite account thanks to the gauge and my monthly budget with theexpense envelope         -Receive my notifications in real time and set them up (low balance,large payment, sending of payment methods, etc.)        - Manage the limitsof withdrawal and payment of my card        - Pay directly withmy mobile with Paylib        - Oppose on my card        - Categorize myexpenses in budget management        - Make one-time orpermanent transfers, payments on my ELP and international transfersin more than 30 currencies        - Use the "Paylibamong friends" service to send money to my friends via their phonenumber         - Add newbeneficiary accounts In the app, you also have: SAVINGS, LOANS ANDINSURANCE Find your savings, loans and insurance contracts indedicated sections and discover the offers we have selected foryou. Do you want to open a savings account, take out a loan orinsurance? Get a free call from a consultant to get moreinformation and subscribe online or make a direct appointment tothe agency from the App! SECURE TRANSACTIONS Security is ourpriority, which is why we have developed the Security Pass, whichenhances the security of your transactions and simplifies thevalidation of certain transactions, such as the addition of abeneficiary or international transfers. ASSISTANCE IN ALLCIRCUMSTANCES Our teams accompany you by all means, whatever yourpreference (e-mail, phone or agency). Secure Messaging allows youto exchange e-mails with your Advisor directly from the App. Youcan also make an appointment with an agency advisor from the App.To benefit from technical assistance, contact us Feel free tosend us your suggestions and ideas for improvement from the"Contact Us" section of the App.
Allitude Spa
With Inbank app you can manage your bank account and make paymentson the go directly and safely from your Phone. Fast and secureaccess You can either use your Inbank web username and password toaccess your account on the app or enjoy fast access with a rapidPIN number, without the need for the security tool. In addition,you can manage several Inbank accounts from the same Phone.Customise your home page Choose from the many widgets available toinstantly see, when you access, your account balance, the previousthree month trend, information about your dossier, your most recenttransactions and much, much more. Services on the go With a few,easy steps you can make wire transfers, payment slips, top-up yourmobile or reload your prepaid cards. Moreover, you can save yourmost frequently used services so you can quickly replicate themwhenever needed. Jiffy - As easy as texting a friend Today, simplemoney transactions between private individuals speaks a newlanguage, the one we use every day to get fast, instant services,available always and anywhere. It’s as easy as texting a friend: noneed to enter the IBAN; simply select the recipient from yourcontacts. Message centre Set up your preferred rules to getnotified when your balance is below your defined threshold, yoursalary has been deposited into your account, or your expendituresexceed a certain amount. Download and activate your Inbank app now!Need help? Please call us on our free phone number 800-837455(service available from Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to8:30 p.m.)
Barclays US
Barclays Bank
It is easier than ever to securely access your account regardlessof where you are with the Barclays App for Android™. Pay your bill,check your balance and transactions, see account activity, managealerts, and much more. FEATURES - Now access your complimentaryFICO® Credit Score any time - Set up your Username and Password login credentials so you can manage your account on the go - Gopaperless! Cut down on clutter and enroll in paperless statementseasily from the app - Use Peek for a quick-view of key accountinformation before you log in - With Purchase planner you canestimate your monthly payment and pay off date for a particularpurchase - Track recent and past transactions - Traveling? Be sureto let us know about your upcoming travel plans Provide us feedbackon your app experience through a survey FICO is a registeredtrademark of Fair Isaac Corporation in the United States and othercountries.