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Create a nice photo to celebrate your friend's birthday with yourphotos from your gallery and these birthday frames that we includedin the app. Once done you can send it to your friends or even postin your social networks. Or maybe print it and give it as a gift.When using the app, you can also take a picture in the moment withthe camera and change the frame on the spot. That makes it verycool. We have selected a variety of birthday photo frames that youcan use with your pictures for free: - Birthday cakes - Gifts,surprises - Candles - Party motives: balloons, clowns, ribbons,confetti -... Once you are done with your composition, you can thensend or share to anybody with the social networks, messaging, email... right from inside the app. Surprise your friend with thisbirthday postcard generator. Very easy to use and friendly.################################################################################How To use 1. Get inside the photo frame app. 2. First select aframe yo want to start with. You can change it later 3. Then chooseto select a picture from your gallery of pictures or from yourcamera. 4. After you have the photo, reposition and zoom it untilyour are okay 5. You can then save your new composition to sharewith a friend. 6. Have fun, thats it! Features: # Easy to use. Easyinterface, experience and flow # For free, use it as many times asyou want, with as many pictures as you want # Variety of frames(20-60) # Takes low space on your phone # With the app you can loadpictures or take them instantly with the app ### Finally, Do youmiss something? Just let us know and we'll update with the newframes. Any other request or comment? no problem, place a review orcontact us and we'll check it out asap. Have a great time with theapp

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    Birthday photo frames
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    August 16, 2018
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    Android 5.0 and up
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    Palmera Labs
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    Ateneo Musical 60 46400 Cullera (ES)
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Turn your pictures into fun wars with these laser swords stickers,just like in the movies. You will be the star of your own moviewith the app and the stickers, you can be a knight or a spaceguardian. The hero or the villain Here is how it works: We haveselected a collection of stickers to emulate space battles in thepictures with your friends. These stickers include: -LightSabers:red, green, blue, yellow -Laser beams also in different colors-Laser and energy balls -Laser rays and lightnings -Also you canadd text to the photogram with the font, color and text you desire.-... and of course more stickers to come Everything prepared tosimulate that battle with your friends as if you were in the stars.Take the pictures, turn it into a battle and send you friends offamily, for sure they will laugh #How to use 1. Download and enterthe app. 2. Select a picture that you already have on your galleryor take a photo at the moment 3. Check and explore availablestickers in the gallery of laser sabers 4. Select one you like andposition over the screen. You can magnify, zoom it and rotate untilit gets placed in the right spot 5. Select another sticker andrepeat the process. 6. You can also place text, edit it, selectfont size and color and zoom it or rotate it 7. When you are donesave it in your phone. You can also send it to friend right there.8. That's it, use it as many times as you want for free # Features:-Easy to use, we have improved the experience to make it easy-Multiple stickers and categories on halloween motives -Works onnewer devices like a charm -Easy to update. Once there's an update,if you have auto-update option, you'll receive the new version. Andthats it, we hope you like it and have fun with it. We already hadsome. ### Finally, Do you miss something? Just let us know andwe'll update with the new stickers. Any other request or comment?no problem, place a review or contact us and we'll check it outasap. Have a great time with the app
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¿Eres un adicto al WhatsApp, no puedes pararde utilizar sus emoticonos porque te parecen fantásticos?. ¡ Pruebael juego Acertijos WhatsApp !. Acertijos WhatsApp tiene lo mojerdel WhatsApp, sus emopticonos, y además te plantea retos mentales,jeroglíficos hecho con los emoticonos del WhatsApp.Debes adivinar el significado del jeroglífico formado poremoticonos, los cuales pueden hacer referencia a pelíclas yrefranes.Películas: Titanic, El Señor de los Anillos: El retorno del rey(2003), Piratas del Caribe: El cofre del hombre muerto, HarryPotter y la piedra filosofal, Señales, Madagascar, X2 (2003),Mission: Impossible III, Lo que el viento se llevó, Robin Hood:Príncipe de los ladrones, Superman Returns, Indiana Jones: En buscadel Arca Perdida, Grease, Happy Feet, La Bella y la Bestia, IceAge, Godzilla, Click, ¿En qué piensan las mujeres?. MatrixReloaded, Mi gran boda griega, Instinto Básico, El mundo no essuficiente, Batman Begins, GoldenEye, Ocean’s Twelve, Regreso alfuturo, Se7en, ¿Quién engaño a Rogger Rabbit?, Hannibal, DeepImpact, Dinosaurio, Pocahontas, El mañana nunca muere, Ratatouille,La Jungla de Cristal 4.0, Top Gun, Yo, Robot, La búsqueda, Atrápamesi puedes, American Beauty, Batman Forever, Apollo 13, IndianaJones y el templo maldito, Regreso al futuro II, The Rock, Losinvasores, Los 4 fantásticos, Hora punta 2, Crocodilo Dundee, Latormenta perfecta, El jorobado de Notre Dame, El diablo viste dePrada, La lista de Schindler, La máscara, etc.Refranes:"Quien mucho abarca, poco aprieta"Quien emprende muchas cosas a un tiempo, generalmente no desempeñaninguna bien."En casa de herrero, cuchillo de palo".A veces falta una cosa en el lugar donde nunca debiera hacerfalta."A mal tiempo, buena cara".Hay que saber sobrellevar los problemas de la vida."A pan duro, diente agudo".Para superar las dificultades, es necesario esforzarse."Cuando hay hambre, no hay pan duro".La necesidad obliga a valorar las cosas mínimas."A falta de pan, buenas son tortas".Cuando falta de algo, se valora lo que puede reemplazarlo."Unos nacen con estrella y otros nacen estrellados".Es diverso el destino de los hombres."Por la boca muere el pez".Es inconveniente hablar más de lo necesario."A palabras necias, oídos sordos".No hay que hacer caso del que habla sin razón."Nadie diga: de esta agua no he de beber".Ninguno está libre de que le suceda lo que a otro."No se debe escupir al cielo".No se debe ofender a Dios, ni desear a otros cosas nefastas."Más ven cuatro ojos que dos. (o Cuatro ojos ven más quedos)".Las cosas consultadas y revisadas entre varios, salen mejor."Ojos que no ven, corazón que no siente".No se sufre por lo que no se sabe."El ojo del amo engorda el ganado".Conviene que cada uno cuide y vigile su empresa o comercio."Quien tiene tienda, que la atienda (y si no que lavenda)".Cada uno debe vigilar bien sus negocios."Perro que ladra, no muerde".Los que hablan mucho, suelen hacer poco."A cada chancho (puerco) le llega su San Martín".No hay persona a quien no le llegue la hora de rendir suscuentas."A quien madruga, Dios lo ayuda".Muchas veces, el éxito depende de la rapidez."Al perro flaco no le faltan pulgas".Al abatido y caído se le juntan todos los males."A buen entendedor, pocas palabras bastan".La persona inteligente, comprende rápido lo que se quieredecir."A su tiempo maduran las brevas".Hay que tener paciencia para lograr algo."Genio y figura hasta la sepultura".No es fácil cambiar el carácter."En todas partes se cuecen habas".Las flaquezas humanas no son exclusivas de ningún lugar."Quien siembra vientos, recoge tempestades".Los malos ejemplos e ideas, tienen funestas consecuencias."A caballo regalado no se le miran los dientes".Si algo no cuesta, no se tienen pretensiones."Matar dos pájaros de un tiro".Resolver dos problemas con una misma acciónAre you addicted toWhatsApp, you can not stop because you use your emoticons lookfantastic ?. Try the game Puzzles WhatsApp!. Riddles WhatsAppWhatsApp has what Mojer of her emopticonos, and you also raisesmental challenges, puzzles made from WhatsApp emoticons.You have to guess the meaning of the hieroglyph consistingemoticons, which can refer to pelíclas and sayings.Movies: Titanic, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King(2003), Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, Harry Potterand the Sorcerer's Stone, Signs, Madagascar, X2 (2003), Mission:Impossible III, The the Wind, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves,Superman, Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark, Grease, HappyFeet, Beauty and the Beast, Ice Age, Godzilla, Click, What WomenWant ?. Matrix Reloaded, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Basic Instinct,The World Is Not Enough, Batman Begins, GoldenEye, Ocean's Twelve,Back to the Future, Se7en, Who Framed Roger Rabbit ?, Hannibal,Deep Impact, Dinosaur, Pocahontas, The Morning never dies,Ratatouille, Die Hard 4.0, Top Gun, I, Robot, Search, Catch Me IfYou Can, American Beauty, Batman Forever, Apollo 13, Indiana Jonesand the Temple of Doom, Back to the Future II, The Rock, Theinvaders, Fantastic 4, Rush Hour 2, Crocodile Dundee, The PerfectStorm, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Devil Wears Prada,Schindler's List, The Mask, etc.Proverbs:"Who much covers all trades"Whoever undertakes many things at a time, usually serves nogood."In-house shoemaker stick".Sometimes one thing missing in the place where it should never benecessary."A cloud has a face."We must learn to cope with the problems of life."A hard bread, sharp teeth."To overcome the difficulties, efforts are needed."When there is hunger, there is no hard bread."The need to evaluate the minimum forcing things."A lack of bread, cakes are good."When missing something, what is valued can replace it."Some are born with star and other star-born."Is the fate of different men."For the lips sink ships."It's inconvenient to talk more than necessary."A foolish words, deaf ears."Do not ignore the talking for no reason."No one says, of this water I do not drink."Neither is free from what you happen to another."Do not spit into the sky."Do not offend God, or desire other nefarious things."Four eyes see more than two. (Or Four eyes are better thantwo)."Consulted and reviewed among several, things go better."Out of sight, out of mind".Do not suffer for what is not known."The eye of the master fattens the livestock."Everyone should take care and watch your company or business."Whoever has a store that treats you (and if not theband)."Everyone should monitor their business well."Barking dogs do not bite."Those who talk a lot, often do little."Each pig (pork) she gets her San Martín".No person who does not comes time to pay your bills."The early bird, God will help."Often, success depends on the speed."At no shortage skinny dog ​​fleas."When downcast and fallen gather all evils."A good listener, few words are enough."The intelligent person understands quickly what you mean."At the time ripe figs."It takes patience to accomplish something."Genio to the grave."It is not easy to change the character."Everywhere are baked beans."Human failings are not unique to any place."He who sows the wind shall reap the whirlwind."The bad examples and ideas have dire consequences."A gift horse is looking teeth".If something costs, there are no pretensions."Kill two birds with one stone."Solve two problems with one action
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Find the countries is a geography game in which you'll have toguess where is the country, and learn those who you still dontknow, that easy!Could you point where is Brazil? That could beeasy.And Finland? Maybe not difficult.And Laos? Well, let'ssee!Find out how many countries you can find in the map, and learnthose who you dont know.This educative app is ideal for childrenwho have to learn where are the countries, and all that playing.The best educative apps are those who teach you playingThis gameasks you to point the countries in the map. If you dont know whereis it, try it and it will tell you which one you pointed so you canlearn and memorize and guess it next time.You can zoom with thefingers to find the smaller ones.The game ends when you haveguessed all the countries. When you are done you'll probably knowmore about geography.If you find yourself blocked, you can searchin google or any other search engine where is the country (thereare some really small).Very entertaining to spend a while andlearn.And if you have any comment or question, don't doubt tocontact me.Enjoy it!
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Christmas is just there, and occasion to meet with family a friendsa have a great time together. So get ready for it. Create awesomechristmas postcards to surprise your friends and family with theseapp. Make these holidays and the entrance to winter funniercreating a personalized postcard specially designed for them. Thestickers will do the magic and will create laughs. To do it justselect a picture you have on your photo galleries or make one inthe moment and start putting fun and fine christmas stickers onthem We have included the famous christmas stickers for you:-Christmas trees -Father Christmas -Christmas hats and socks-Motives -Reindeer Sled/Sledges -Ribbons -Gits -Snowmen -Stars-Lights & decoration -Snow / winter layers -And Merry Christmas/ happy wishes texts -Frames and photo frames Everything you needto make to create a christmas postcard specially designed forfriends and family So, surprise your friends and family with thisthug life maker really easy to use How To use 1. Get inside thestickers app. 2. Select a picture from your gallery or take apicture with your camera in the moment 3. Check available stickersin the stickers gallery 4. Select a sticker and position it in thescreen. You can magnify, zoom it and rotate until it gets placed inthe right spot 5. Select more stickers and repeat until you arethug enough 6. You can also write some text, edit it. Select alsofont size and color and zoom it or rotate it 7. When you are goodenough, save the picture in your phone. You can also send it tofriends right there. 8. And that's it, you are cool enough, use itas many times as you want for free Features: # Easy to use. Easyinterface and experience. # For free, use it as many times as youwant # Variety of stickers # Low space on your phone # Loadpictures or take them instantly with the app ### Finally, Do youmiss something? Just let us know and we'll update with the newstickers. Any other request or comment? no problem, place a reviewor contact us and we'll check it out asap. Have a great time withthe app
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Get an incredible back and chest with pull-ups training.This app isa guide to training to be able to do 25 pull ups in just over amonth of training, depending on your current level. With thistraining you'll probably get a back and a chest that will impressyour friends and dates.First we assess your current level with asmall test and then the app determines the training you need tofollow in order to reach the goal of 25 pull ups.Each day oftraining (ideally 3/4 days a week) you will be presented with aseries of dominated you will have to follow. Each day of trainingintensity will increase and it will be easier to reach a very goodshape.Do not forget to rest between pull-up sets for optimaltraining.IMPORTANT:This app is just a guide and by no meansreplaces the professional advice of personal trainers or coaches.Also we recommend that you don't do it more than once a day,If inany moment it hurts your back or any other part, you should stopthe training right away and get medical consultation just incase.We don't want you to get hurted, but instead to get healthy.So take it seriously and be mindful, your body and your mind areyour best assets.
Encuentra paises - Juego mapas 15.0 APK
Palmera Labs
Encuentra los paises en el mapa es un pequeño juego de geografíapara ver si sabes donde están los paises y de paso aprenderaquellos que no sabés donde están.¿Sabrías decir donde está Brasil?No muy difícil¿Y Suiza? Tampoco lo parece tanto¿Pero y Sri Lanka?Quizás este ya es más difícilComprueba cuanto sabes de los paises,y de paso entrena tu memoria.Está app educativa es además idealpara niños que tengan que aprender donde están los paises, y todoello jugando. El mejor tipo de de educación es el que entretiene yel que enseña jugando.El juego te va preguntando donde está un paispara que lo señales en el mapa. Si no lo sabes, inténtalo, te dirácual es el que has hecho click para que lo aprendras y memorizes, yasí acertarlo en la proxima ocasión.Puedes hacer zoom con los dedospara encontrar aquellos más pequeños.El juego termina cuando hayasacabado de encontrar donde están todos los paises. Cuando acabesprobablemente sabrás más acerca de geografía de lo que sabíasantes.Si te quedas muy atascado puedes buscar en google o encualquier buscador donde está el pais, (hay algunos que son muypequeños).Muy entretenido para pasar un rato y aprender.Y si tienescualquier pregunta o comentario, no dudes en contactarconmigo.Espero que lo disfrutes.Tags: mapas, paises, encontrarpais, geografía, europa, america, asia, africa, antartida, juego,educativa, niños, aprender, historia, diversión, edutainment,mundo, planeta, tierra, entretenimiento, pasatiempos, borde, svg,cartografía, dibujos,Find the countries on the map is a littlegeography game to see if you know where the country and in theprocess learn those you do not know where they are.Could you saywhere is Brazil? Not very difficultWhat about Switzerland? Neitherseems bothBut what about Sri Lanka? Perhaps this is moredifficultCheck how much you know of the countries, and in passingtrains your memory.It is educational app is also ideal for childrenwho have to learn where the countries, and all this playing. Thebest type of education is one that entertains and teachesplaying.The game will be wondering where is a country that signs iton the map. If you do not know, try it, will tell you what you'vedone here for aprendras and memorizes it, and so acertarlo on thenext occasion.You can zoom with your fingers to find smallerones.The game ends when you're done to find where all thecountries. When you're done will probably know more about geographythan you did before.If you get really stuck you can search ingoogle or any search engine where the country, (there are some thatare very small).Very fun to hang out and learn.And if you have anyquestions or comments feel free to contact me.Hope you enjoy.Tags:maps, countries, find country, geography, europe, america, asia,africa, antarctica, game, education, children, learn, story, fun,edutainment, world, planet, earth, entertainment, hobbies, edge,svg, cartography drawings,