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Bottle Flip Winter Flip bottles again, now in winter! afcc627168Useplatforms to reach next platform and set a new bottle fliprecord!

App Information Bottle Flip Winter

  • App Name
    Bottle Flip Winter
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  • Updated
    April 11, 2019
  • Datei
  • Erforderliche Android-Version
    Android 4.1 and up
  • Version
  • Hersteller
    Immanitas Entertainment
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    Customer Contact & Support: Immanitas Entertainment 10/97 6th Floor, The Trendy Building Sukhumvit Road Soi 13, Klongtoey-Nua, Wattana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand
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UPDATE : Thank you for all the reviews . We will soon update thegame in few weeks with new models and new dresses with nosunglasses . Shukran ✪ Beautiful Models to DressUp.✪ Flaunt apassion for hijab fashion with this elegant muslimah dress-upgame.✪ Select from Different stylish apparel including gorgeousgowns, headscarves, handbags, and more!Showcase a stunning wardrobefull of individual flair with Muslim DressUp : Hijab Fashion app.Fashion lovers everywhere will adore the endless variety of outfitsthat can be mixed and matched. This game is overflowing withclothing and accessories for glamorous girls who live for Fashionand believe in Islam Modest Dressing.As fashion lovers love totravel, outfits can be styled on three models and paired againstbeautiful scenery in backgrounds.****** Game Features ******★ Freeto play.★ Choose between 3 beautiful models .★ Accessorize gorgeousoutfits with many headscarves, handbags, jewelry, shoes, and more!★Designed especially for teenagers ★ Easy-to-use navigation.ThisMusimah DressUp Game is free to play game with many items to choosefrom .Entertaining and exciting, Enjoy hours of hijab fashion fun!✪ If you have any messages ,suggestions or advice regarding thegame please contact us . We will reply with adequate information.*Note : The Game Icon has been designed using Anisora Graphic .The Developer has taken permission from Anisora to use his graphics.
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Shadow Combat - exciting, arcade-style game featuring a young herothat run and escape from the rival of the shadow fighter. Take yourswords and start the journey. To survive till the end, fight andavoid all the danger obstacles along the way.Collect all the coinsto earn scores. Beat your friends and be the king of the shadowfighter. There are total of 3 game modes with over 100 fightmission levels.Shadow Combat game features:★★★★★ 100% Free to play.Full version.★★★★★ Simple one-touch controls.★★★★★ Amazingplatformer game. Totally new gaming experience.★★★★★ Stunning musicand sound effects.★★★★★ Intense and exciting game rhythm.★★★★★Realistic game fight environment.★★★★★ A good stress release casualgame.Shadow Combat, let's start the fight battle!What are youwaiting for? Download „Shadow Combat“ now for free!We welcome allof your comments and suggestions at info(at)immanitas.comFollow usonTwitter: http://www.twitter.com/ImmanitasEntFacebook:http://www.facebook.com/immanitasPlease leave a review if you likeour app. Many thanks!
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Prepare yourself as the Soviet army is marching towards the capitalof Germany, the Battle of Berlin has begun! Red Alert is imminent,the aggressors are already here, defend against the Russian menaceas vigorously as you can in this superb tower defense game situatedin World War 2 era. As a commanding officer of the German forcesyour task is to use blitzkrieg military and strike back to theinvading Russian army. Run your military campaign for the defenseof Germany, from Siberia to the deserted city of Berlin and strivefor victory!✪✪✪World War 2: Battle of Berlin ✪✪✪Intense TD towerdefense with superb military units and characters✪ Stunning andintense battles with two opposing forces, the Soviets against theinventors of the blitzkrieg warfare, the Germans.✪ Various andremarkable militant power ups to command from air strikes to ioncannons.✪ Strategic Tower Defense gameplay where you have to fightvigorously in the deserted city to strike back and defeat the redalert.✪ 18 battle military campaign to defend your German troopsagainst the Russian menace.✪ 6 superb upgradable TD towers tobuild, each with its unique features will help you win the Battleof Berlin. Wreak havoc with the flame, laser and stunning teslatowers among the Russian soldiers/✪ The Soviets have their militarystrengths in their numbers so prepare for a lot of enemy troops tofight against.✪ Apart from their stunning numbers they haveremarkable options of enemy types to wage war with from mechainfantry to aviation units ✪ Upgrade your towers in the laboratoryif you want to stand a chance against the militant forces of theRussian aggressorsCommand the German army and strike backvigorously to the Soviet militant troops while building your towerdefense for the defense of Berlin.