1.0 / March 30, 2014
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Bears are love fishes. This Chubby bear is very hungry. But, eatingthem is not so easy. There are very much obstacles in the cave.This fun game is very interesting and exciting. Obstacles are easyfor you? Are you ready to try? You can make. Have fun.

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Lozen - The Warrior Woman 1.2 APK
Just Enjoy with this new action pack shooting game. It is time tokill all enemies. Aim and Shoot! Destroy the bad guys at your cityby playing this shooting game and accomplish missions to become aMaster.The city streets are packed with bad guys. Who will savethis? Who will be the rescuer? Yes, It's the Lozen. She'llstraighten them out with her shotgun. Dare you accept thechallenge? Join our assault team immediately and began to fight!Take the challenge to complete the 30 levels challenging modes bykilling all the enemies and complete the missions to finish thegame? Don't forget to collect hidden goodies,There are variousachievement you will find while playing Lozen shooting game andoften check that out so that you know how well you playing the gameand doing all the tasks.Take a look shop items below which you canbuy from the market as per your owed cash and coins which you canget by completing each level. This is your credits. Jet pack - Agame without jetpack is barely a gameUnlimited Weapon AMMO - Amust-have for every trigger happy hitman! Fire Away!UnlimitedGrenade AMMO - Taking down vehicles and building was never thiseasy! Stand Clear!Godmode - You can’t die. Like God. It's a bitlike cheating.Vehicle Generator - Check this out too.Parking - Newarmy vehicles have been added at a special parking spot marked onyour minimap.Loot Detector - Your minimap now displays the locationof safes! It's like taking candy from a baby!Cash Multiplier - Wedouble every buck you make! Helps you save cash quicker for all theother stuff!Rabbitsfoot - Good old lucky charm. It still smellsfresh. You know you want it.Cold one Locator - Pinpoints allbeverages and displays them on the minimap.Golden Gun - Replaceyour regular gun. Everyone knows a golden gun shoots harder!Shotgun - Own it at the start of each mission.Machine gun - Own it atthe start of each missionRPG - Own it at the start of each missionPlaying Guidelines: Left side of screen - MoveRight side screen -AimTap up button - Jump Tap blue button - FireTap red button -Throw grenadeHold timer button - Lozen Time! Tap cycle button -Cycle weaponTap enter button - Enter VehicleTap pause button -Pause gameEtmGames brings the Lozen to mobile devices withhigh-resolution graphics, updated controls and a host of newfeatures including:* Beautifully updated graphics, character modelsand lighting effects.* Destroyable buildings, traffic lights andmore.* 30 amazing levels.* Earn more cash from free rewardedvideos.* Controllable Vehicles such as Apache Helicopter, Jet, SWATCars, Taxis, Bus, Tankers, Tank * Very easy to play. NoJoysticks.For More Games: http://www.etmgames.com
Guby 1.5 APK
Help Guby to pick up coins as this will help her to cross road.There are obstacles as well as helpful coin chests as well; youcould find 5 coins in every coin chest. So hurry up and help her.Be careful while crossing the road as dark clouds are followingyou. Easy to play, just swipe left; right, up, down to move her.Feel like a boss or winner when you complete each level. Have Funfor this new action game.
Brave Wolf Hunter 1.7 APK
Wolves have invaded the town. Need someone brave enough to destroythem. People are so anxious. Wolves are very pushy. Dangerous toapproach. Not easy to destroy. Need to be careful. The town needs ahero. It could be you. Are you quick? Are you brave? Could you usea gun? The answer is "Yes", then you're ready. Come on, what areyou waiting? Destroy them all. Be a hero. You can do it. Good luck.We're with you.We will develop Deer Hunter, Dinosaur Hunter, TigerHunter, Lion Hunter in future.Easy to play FPS game. Animalshooting game. Animal hunting game.
Container Truck 1.12 APK
Container Truck is a truck and crane operator game where you needto show your driving skills and reach your destination within theallotted time. As a truck driver, you need to ensure that thecontainers will reach its destination. If possible, there should beno containers left behind, but it will depend how well you drivethe truck. First, collect the containers fast with crane and loadthem properly. Wait until it’s loaded fully and placed properly,then you need to drive your truck to parking area. Be quick asthere is a time limit. While driving just keep a close eye to thecontainers as they must stay on trailer, if fall, level failed andyour mission will be incomplete and you have to start over again.You can drive fast and furious as long the containers survive! Playthe same level over and over again until you are satisfied with theresults or you can complete one level to enter the next one andface a new challenge.
Cool Hunter 1.5 APK
Bear hunting requires advanced skills and safety awareness. Thehunt is intense, and the predatory bears are dangerous. Huntingthem requires a special permit in most regions, and specificregulations apply to the permit. Bears can be hunted with bait orcalls, running with hounds, or from a tree stand using a rifle,muzzle-loader or bow and arrow. Bears hunting weapons includemuzzle-loaders, rifles and bow and arrows. Rifles are the mostcommon choice because a high velocity bullet to the bear's vitalorgans kills quicker than arrows and black powder balls.Place theshot immediately behind the front shoulder of the bear. Have fun.Good luck.
Heli Skill 1.5 APK
Go for the fun with this helicopter game and try to score better orcomplete levels to mark a place. Try out some exciting in the skyand enjoy being in air by playing this Heli skill game. Join thelevel one and stuck to the basic skills to move your helicopterfrom one zone to another zone carefully. The time frame is 30seconds but if you want to delay your aircraft then go to 1stscreen where you can buy aircraft delay so that it makes yourjourney little smoother. When you move your helicopter with up,down, right and left arrows then keep away your Heli from war craftzone so that rockets doesn't destroy it and you able to reach yourdestination. By the way for safety purpose you can buy Helicoptershield for protection from rockets and mines too. Begin the journeywith your skills and complete one level to enter the next one andthus way complete all 12 levels in this Heli skill game. The twistsand turns get more and more difficult until they become nearlyimpossible as you unlock each level. So just become a realhelicopter pilot and test your flying and balancing skills to themax! Prepare for takeoff as you power up and fly your helicopter asfar as you can without hitting anything.The motto of the Heli skillgame is to send the helicopter to one helipad to another helipad.Use technical skills to departure the helicopter. Feel the thrilland fun of flying beginners and expert helicopter mission. Thisflight game offers an interesting campaign, with a challenging flowof levels if you are looking for a helicopter game that willentertain you all.Etmgames is going to continue to develop uniqueandroid and IOS games.
Gunship Carrier Helicopter 3D 1.3 APK
Would you like to treat own as a professional pilot by playing thishelicopter game? Can you be the hero for the people who needs yourhelp and support? Join this fabulous [GUNSHIP CARRIER HELICOPTER]3D graphics game with flight control simulation and show yourskills and technique to complete all the tasks sincerely. Guideyour helicopter through the sky and complete your mission on eachlevel to enter the next one. It's an 8 level game where you need tocarry first aid boxes and injured soldiers from one to anotherIreland. You could find more adventure in the night time as therewill be snow rain. This is a very addictive and simple game; itfeatures easy operation and simply user interface. All you need todo just managing all the things smartly so that injured soldiersfeel relax and they all reach the place in safely. Gunship CarrierHelicopter is a rescue game not FPS Shooting game like GUNSHIPBATTLE where you have to use skills while playing it on your phoneor tablet device. If you like games helicopter and rescue aircraft,do not hesitate, in this game you will find hours of fun. First ofall you need to collect the things and soldiers and start theengine and fix an altitude so that helicopter runs safely. Thereafter you have to guide it as per your requirement; sometimestraight or left or right half of the screen adjusting with yourdevices. Make sure you reached your destination without anytrouble. It’s easy to control and 3D realistic aircraft will assurehours of fun for free. If you get complete all the missions you canconsider yourself an expert rescuer. Good luck and all the best!
My little angel 2.5 APK
Would you like to play this my little angel baby care game whereyou need to apply your babysitting skills and technique to completeyour job. Give the baby a proper bath and then feed her well andwhen these two session over just dress up her as per your liking tocomplete her pretty look. Enjoy!