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Zombie warfare has made a comeback! Imagine your last day on planetearth and unleash your fantastical imagination with zombie survivewaves in this post apocalypse game. Be the heroic zombie defensecity survival shooter in the hour of rush where the world is inliteral “grave” danger surrounded by walking dead men and too manyzombies. world war zombie free game - Zombie survival is no pieceof cake, imagine the horrors of monster zombies war roaming aroundon the loose, ready to attack you any given moment. Survive zombiewaves and Be a zombie shooter survival hero and kill too manyzombies in the zombie war, to the city rescue in this do or diesituational strategy game. Experience battle simulator in a totallynew way in this world war zombie free game, as the zombie strikewar begins. Survive zombie waves in the world war zombie free game,Fight for the earth survival against the unkilled zombie clan oftoo many zombies, as a sniper shooter survival hero of zombiewarfare in this best of zombie frontier apocalypse games. The BlackDeath Recurrence And Unkilled Zombie Resurgence: The plaguepandemic has reoccurred, and there has been a second black death.In this post apocalypse game, the pandemic victims are back asmonster zombies and creatures who are walking dead. The zombiebreakout has created a chaos and u have to strive for earthsurvival like it’s the last day. Zombie Shooter Survival StrategyGame Scheme: This post apocalypse game is a perfect hybrid ofbattle simulator and tower defense games. Experience zombiesurvival action at its best and figure out a fool proof strategygame to play against the army of walking dead men. Recruits AgainstThe Zombie Strike Clan: Recruit the perfect city survival shooterarmy of your choice for earth survival - to fight against unkilledzombie frontier army. Experience best of city apocalypse games withthe best of zombie escape survival army. Deadly weapons to use forzombie escape survival: You need high end gears and weapons forzombie defense. You can install brilliant weapons on differentpoints to end the walking dead zombie life. Features Of CitySurvival Shooter – Zombie Defense: • 20 Thrilling Levels In BestPost Apocalypse Game Of 2017.• High End Gears And Advance ControlsTo End The Zombie Life.• Recruits Of Your Choice Unlike OtherGunship Zombies In Other Games.• Zombies Survival Challenges ToFight Against Plague Pandemic Monster Zombies.• 3D Sound EffectsAnd Challenging Environment In Different City ApocalypseDestinations.

App Information City Survival Shooter – Zombie Defense

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    City Survival Shooter – Zombie Defense
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    July 19, 2018
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Awesome Gamez
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    New Garden Town, Lahore
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