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**NEW GAME ALERT**!!. Clash Vikings has landed in stores. This newclash game is the royale version and will blow your mind. This is agame like no there in the store. This Clash Vikings game is filledwith fun excitement. Endless running Clash Vikings game is what youwould like to call it. The world of the vikings in in clash by theclans. They need your help to become their leader in order to claimtheir clans back. Be the leader of the vikings and take back theland from the clash through royale agreement. This game might causea certain addicting royale feeling to this clash game as it willclash your royale life.Clash Vikings features : - HD Graphics ofClash Vikings that makes the game more interesting to play.-User-friendly as it is easy to control and play.- Fun and easy toclash with the royale people but hard when it comes to the clans.-Clash Vikings is free and will remain free and it will never clashforever.- Clash Vikings will make you not play any other game inyour life and you will never clash with another clans or royalegame.Download this Clash Vikings game and rate it 5 stars to showsupport for your clans.Share this Clash Vikings game with yourroyale friends as it will make them clash with this royalegame.This game is made for those who loves clash and vikingstheme.Clash Vikings Gameplay :- In this clash game you will need tocontrol the viking to get your clans back by the royale monsterarmy.- Tap the screen to clash the royale monsters.- Collect coinsto get up to the clash level and become royale##DOWNLOAD THIS CLASHVIKINGS GAME NOW AND START BATTLING##

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    Clash Vikings
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    September 7, 2016
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    PowerUp Tango Games
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# Amazing and challenging with fun and crushingday!
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# Flap up and down throughout thisBattle Dragons War game and win the warrior challenge.
# Unlockline power-ups collect gold crush coins and points in the run up ofthe warrior dragon treasure in this game saga..
Battle Dragons Waris completely free to play and no levels requires anypayment.
Battle Dragons War is to be played and enjoyed by all.It’s a simple and fun game to release the pressure of working andfor you to enjoy it.
Battle Dragons War is very addictive, even ifyou’ve never played this kind of game before. 
Battle Dragons Waris so fun and enjoyable that you must download and play itnow.
Download the game for free, join us and rate us 5 stars toencourage us improve the game continuously.
Battle Dragons War canbe played by everybody who loves dragons and challenging things inthe making. 
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Bubble Blossom Mania is the world wherethebubble blossom mania is in mayhem searching for their catcookies.Find your way to get out if this crazy Bubble Blossom Maniamaze asyou go through many spring flowers encounter. Collect asmanypoints so that you will win the blossom mania back in thisstory.Spring Flowers of all over the world of blasty saga is tryingtocomplete this task, and they are waiting for you to lead thembycrushing the cats cookie in this Bubble Blossom Mania!Bubble Blossom Mania features:
# Match three or more bubble mania to complete the blastspringmania maze in this crushing saga!
# Levels will be updatedandchallenges for endless FUN!
# Match and collect as many points as you can so that you areableto climb up to the cookie blitz game in the crush cooking withsagain hand!
#Easy to play with the bakery story in lead but challenge theenemyto crush through the game saga!
# Delicious and edible cats waiting be to crushed!
# Unlock different line and powerful hunt items and boosters tohelpyou get a run of HIGH SCORE!
# Regular updates will bring more challenging levels, boostersandmore soon!The world is downloading Bubble Blossom Mania; latestbubble,crushing mania saga game which is just so awesome andexhilaratingfor all users. The main bubble player will needsuccessfully gothrough all the levels. Swipe Up, Down,Left andRight as Fast asyou Can! The more tricks you land the more powerfulyou become!Bubble Blossom Mania game play:
# Switch and match more blossom bubbles crush across the sodagamemania saga.
# Unlock line power-ups collect candy gold crush coins and pointsinthe run up of the important soda in this game saga..
Bubble Blossom Mania is completely free to play and nolevelsrequires any payment.
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EVERYBODY LOVES CASCADE ADDICT. It is a brand new match-threenumbers like addict game. This game is newly released for thosegamers addict. Cascade is in trouble and it is up to you to save itbefore the water runs out. You have to play this game like anaddict to save cascade. The cascade will die if it is notpreserved. Cascade need some action from a number of cascade addictto save it.Cascade Addict Features :- Match three or more cascadejewels to get points- Collect as many cascade points as you can-This game might become an addict to a number of people- Fun andmany interactive jewels in this Cascade Adict gameDownload thisCascade Addict now and rate it 5 stars.Share this Cascade Addictgame with your friends and make a number of them become an addictto this game.Cascade Addict is a game for those who loves cascadeand being an addict to a game.Cascade Addict Gameplay : - Matchthree similar Cascade Addict jewels shape to get points- Collect asmany points before the number of an addict time runs out- CascadeAddict WILL be an addict game.##DOWNLOAD NOW AND START THEADVENTURE###
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The Basketball Cut Star is the newest basketball game that willmake you play with full of excitement and get the adrenalinerushing through your veins. Play as you own basketball star in thisThe Basketball Cut Star Star game and cut through the enemies whichis a bomb.The Basketball Cut Star lets you become a real BasketballStar player! Featuring many different types of balls that’ll makeyou become the ultimate The Basketball Cut Star champion. Playanywhere and everywhere in this game and level up in basketballstar as you go!. You get to be the star in this The Basketball CutStar game and no one can stop you from becoming the basketballstarThe Basketball Cut Star is the basketball simulator game. Showyour skills, moves and sliding ability to get through thisbasketball star game! The Basketball Cut Star key features:
-Insanefeeling of powerful blades will slice through the basketball and isgoing for destruction
- Playing on high level basketball starcourt
- Live basketball crowd and replays
The Basketball Cut Stargame play:
- Original basketballs gear simulator engine sound forevery star game
- Simulated environment sound and will blow yourmind!
- Accelerometer (gyroscope) or touch steering mode;
- UnlockNew levels
_ - Earn star coins
The Basketball Cut Star is so funand enjoyable that you must download and play it now.
Download thegame for free, join us and rate us 5 stars to encourage us improvethe game continuously.The Basketball Cut Star can be played byeverybody who loves adrenaline and action pack adventures in themaking.We will update and improve this The Basketball Cut Star gameconstantly.Please rate and give your feedback for furtherimprovement of the The Basketball Cut Star. 
Download now TheBasketball Cut Star and be the first group of players to enjoy thisgame