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If you need a bit of help setting up your EE broadband or just wantsome reassurance that it’s all looking as it should be, thendownload our new augmented reality app. Just point your phone atthe router, we’ll be able to tell which one you have and then wecan guide you step by step through the whole process and show youwhat needs to be plugged in where. Then we’ll check the connectionand ensure everything’s working. It’s like having your own EEengineer to-hand!

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    June 21, 2019
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    Android 5.0 and up
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My EE 4.35.0 APK
My EE's the quickest way for you to control your EE pay monthly,pay as you go and WiFi devices. Check your data, bills, packs andmore, and keep an eye on your spending. And if you've got more thanone number on your account, you can manage them all easily. We'recontinuously improving My EE to make it easier than ever to manageyour devices. So if there’s anything you can’t do in the app rightnow, watch this space for lots more functionality and updatescoming soon. On pay monthly? See what's new Check your data See andswap your benefits Share your data allowance View your bills andsee itemised billing Stay on top of extra charges Check yourallowances and add-ons See all your numbers in one place Getadd-ons, including data add-ons Use Fingerprint ID to keep all yourpersonal info safe and secure Set up a PIN when you first log inand you’re ready to go On pay as you go? See what's new Check yourdata in a whizz View your pack in a blink Track your Free BoostsCheck your balance on the go User Fingerprint ID to keep all yourpersonal info safe and secure Set up a PIN when you first log inand you’re ready to go If you do have any questions or need help,please go to https://community.ee.co.uk/ Make life easier and getdownloading. Make life easier and download My EE today.
EE TV 2.0.79 APK
The EE TV app gives you full control of EE TV. Watch and recordtelevision on a tablet or phone wherever you are around your home.Plan your viewing and watch live or recorded programmes – even ifother people are watching other things. And, if you’re in the sameroom as your TV, you can Flick whatever you’re watching on thesmall screen to the television screen with a simple sweep of yourfingers.
EE Tap Wallet - Cash on Tap 2.1.7 APK
If you’re a 4GEE PAYM customer, Cash on Tap(via EE Tap Wallet) lets you buy things securely and travel inLondon with a simple tap of your phone. Once installed andregistered you can add any UK debit or credit card to top up youraccount within the application to begin making contactlesspurchases.Cash on Tap is a contactless payment service for yoursmartphone. Just touch your phone against a contactless card readerto pay for anything under £20. Coffees, lunch, taxis, London buses,just a single tap and you’re done. And from the 16th Sept 2014, youcan use it to pay for your travel on the London Underground.It’s totally secureCash on Tap is brought to you by EE and MasterCard®. It’s just likeusing a contactless bank card – and just as safe – in over 300,000locations in the UK.Top up anywhereIt’s easy to add more cash to your Cash on Tap account. You caneither load your account manually when you need to or use theAutoload functionality to make sure your account is always toppedup and ready to spend. Top up using any UK debit or credit card,anytime and anywhere you want.How to get Cash on Tap• You will need a compatible device• Check for N on your SIM card if not go toee.co.uk/cashontap• Download the EE Tap Wallet from Google Play• Install & Register for the Cash on Tap service• Add any UK debit or credit card to top up your account• Start tapping to play for things straight awayWatch our Cash on Tap video above to find out more.It’s worth checking on older devices you have the latest Androidsoftware updates.Some older devices, for example Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE phonespurchased before May 2013, might need a new SIM and a softwareupdate. The EE Tap Wallet checks your current SIM and software andwill let you know if you need any updates.MasterCard Issuer StatementMasterCard Issuer Statement Cash on Tap is issued by PrePayTechnologies Limited pursuant to license by MasterCard®International Incorporated. Cash on Tap is an electronic moneyproduct. PrePay Technologies Limited is authorised and regulated bythe Financial Conduct Authority for the issuance of electronicmoney (FRN 900010). MasterCard and the MasterCard Brand Mark areregistered trademarks of MasterCard International Incorporated.EE Tap WalletCopyright (c) 2013 Orange SA - All rights reserved
Clone Phone APK
The Clone Phone appThis app is only available to 4GEE, Orange and T-Mobile pay monthlycustomers based in the UK.Customers on 4GEE plans can download the app straight away, butif you’re on an Orange or T-Mobile plan, please call customerservices on 150 to subscribe to one of our Clone Phone plansbefore you start using the app.The Clone Phone app keeps a copy of your phone's content so youcan quickly and simply get all your contacts, calendar, photos,music and videos back onto a replacement handset or your homecomputer.App Features• The Clone Phone app clones your content, so you have a snapshotof your contacts, calendar, photos, music and videos stored totallysecurely online.• You can also use the Clone Phone website to view and downloadyour content onto your home computer.• With Clone Phone Loaded and Fully Loaded you can also locate yourlost phone using Find-My-Phone on the Clone Phone website. And ifyou need to, lock and wipe it remotely so all your content doesn’tfall into the wrong hands.Please note: Data charges apply when you download theapp.Thank you for providing feedback – this update delivers variousimprovements. We'll keep listening so please stay in touch.Clone Phone InsuranceIf you want complete peace of mind you can sign up to ClonePhone Fully Loaded which combines the app with phone insurance.This means you can Get 24 hour replacement if your claim isaccepted before 7.30pm or same day replacement if your claim isaccepted by 11am*To purchase Clone Phone Fully Loaded, with insurance, or findout about all Clone Phone pricing, please call us on 150. Seeee.co.uk/clone-phone for more information.*Geographical restrictions apply, excludes bank holidays andexceptional circumstances. Other terms apply, seewww.ee.co.uk/terms for full details.
My EE for Orange and T-Mobile 1.1.2 APK
If you’ve got an Orange or T-Mobile phone ormobile broadband plan this app is for you, whether you’re on paymonthly or pay as you go. It gives you everything you need tomanage your account quickly and easily, including all the mostimportant info at a glance and much more detail when you need it.PACKED FULL OF FEATURES

The My EE app for Orange and T-Mobile is the fastest, easiestway to access your accounts quickly and easily while on the go. Useit while connected to the EE network, or over WiFi and you’llalways have the important info you want at your fingertips.• Keep on top of your billing date and amounts• See your remaining allowances, including how much data you haveleft at a glance

• Get detailed info so you can start to really understand yourusage and the many benefits of being with EE• If you’re a pay as you go customer, you can check your credit andtop up 

• Buy data and photo messaging add-ons so you can save evenmore

• Search our Help section to get all your questions answered abouteverything from roaming to billing, even when you are offline andhave limited or no coverage

• Enjoy little extras such as linking the app to your phone’scontacts. This lets you see yourcontacts’ names instead of their phone numbers on your usage andbilling info. Handy. 
GETTING STARTEDSelect the plan that you are on and then log in using theUsername and Password you currently use for logging into youraccount online. There’s no need to sign up again. If you’veforgotten your password, don’t worry just follow the steps in theapp and you can reset it from there. Once you’ve closed the app, itwill then update with the right info for your plan the next timeyou open it and log in.
4GEE Action Cam 1.0.56 APK
The app for both your 4GEE Action cam 4GEE Capture cam.Our 4GEECameras are the world’s 1st 4G enabled cameras – letting you sharelife’s epic & special moments as they happen.This 4GEE ActionCam app syncs with your 4GEE Action & Capture Cam and lets youcontrol your camera straight from your phone or tablet. Thatincludes seeing through the viewfinder in real time. It’s ideal ifyour camera’s strapped to your bike, head or selfie stick! •Control all the camera’s functions in real time• Review shots andplayback your content• Share videos and photos on email or socialmedia• Set up your account and sync your camera to live stream•Manage and check your data use
uk.co.ee.Glastonbury2013 6.3 APK
Stay connected to the Festival   A festival must-haveregardless of which network you’re on; theofficial app developed by EE has everything you need toenhance your Glastonbury experience both on-site or at home. Checkthe latest news, locate your tent, plan your line-up, live streamBBC coverage and win tickets to the sold-out event.   Keyfeatures:   Personalised Festival Line-up - View all theartists performing at the Festival. Personalise your own Festivalline-up, share with friends on social, see any timing clashes, andeven set reminders.   Live Interactive Map - Live mapwith up-to-date site coverage, location finding, ‘now and next’info and customisable pin drops to help you locate your friends,car and tents.   Latest News & Announcements- All the latest news and real-time updates direct from theFestival.   Low Power Mode - Maximise your battery lifeduring the Festival by switching to low power mode.   BBCiPlayer & Apple Music -  Watch the latestperformances from the Festival via BBC iPlayer, and preview musicfrom artists with Apple Music.
Wembley. Connected by EE.As an EE VIP we like to take extra care ofyou and make your experience that little bit better.So, we’vecreated this app to show you what you can expect on the day of yourevent.The app will guide you to some of the best seats in thehouse, let you know what food and drink will be served, and whoelse you'll be mingling with.You can also use our handy travelplanner to navigate your best way to the stadium.Continued use ofGPS running in the background can dramatically decrease batterylife.