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Roast and prepared your own sweet andtastybutter snacks and cookies with Cookie Maker, an enjoyableandwonderful cooking game for every kids of all ages! It's easy tobea cookie or snack chef with original cooking game. All you needisa taste for homemade sweet desserts and a little time.Thechocolate, butter and flour practically mix and bake themselvesandyou can decorate your cookie or snack.

Kids are you ready for Christmas and the holidays, knockintotheir original, crazy chefs and bake a lot of amazingGingerbreadcookies. Gather your ingredients: eggs, flour, sugar,butter &ginger. Crack an egg and mix it up with a spoon. TheGingerbreadCrazy Chef lets kids play baker and roll out their doughwith arolling pin, stretch it and make and bake the perfectcookiedough.

At the end of this great cooking game you can add some toysandstart the fun! Eat your delicious cookie, play with yourfavoritetoy and have fun with a slide puzzle or Cookie crush minigame. Inaddition, you can take a snapshot of your masterpiece.

- Be a cookie chef with just a few Minutes.
- Create and decorate the cookie from scratch in your home.
- Mix butter, chocolate, flour, topping and otheringredients.
- Add toppings and designs to your sweet snacks and cookies.
- Cooking game for every kids of all ages.

App Information Cookie Maker - Kids Party Time

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    Cookie Maker - Kids Party Time
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  • Updated
    November 10, 2016
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  • Erforderliche Android-Version
    Android 2.3 and up
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    Vinegar Games
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    10 - 50
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    Email vinegargames@gmail.com
    Al Barsha, Dubai UAE
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