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Rabbits are mammals and grazing animals or plants. It generally haswhite feathers. He is a funny animal and many who maintain it.Characteristics of the Rabbit1. Includes mammals.2. Includes animalherbivores (grass or plant eaters).3. Have a long and sensitive earpair.4. Have a fine hair.5. Have a rather short pair of front legs,and a pair of hind legs that are a bit long and big.6. The hindlegs have strong muscles, as a rabbit's protection in order toescape the threat.7. Have a pair of eyes on the side of the head.8.Has a short tail, like a ball-shaped fuzz.9. Have 2 front teeththat are a little long.10. Can give birth to 2-3 children.In thisapp contains:the rabbit isbizarre rabbitrabbit anggorarabbitanimationbig rabbitbeautiful rabbitbeautiful and cute bunnyrabbitcartoonrabbit character traitsrabbit comelcute bunnyrabbit in acagerabbits on screenrabbit imagefat bunnyrabbit gifornamentalrabbitcartoon rabbitmarried rabbitssea ​​rabbitsfunny rabbitrabbitgiving birthPersian rabbitrabbit rex

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Weasel is an animal with the Latin name Paradoxurus hermaphroditus.This scientific name comes from the fact that Luwak has some kindof odor coming from a gland near its anus. Vaguely this smellresembles the fragrant pandan leaves, but can also become dense andcloying. this animal in the English of animals the size of a cat iscalled Common Palm Civet, Mentawai Palm Civet, Common Weasel, HouseWeasel or Toddy Cat.Civet Civet is an arboreal mammal (living intrees) although often also down on the ground. Weasel Luwak is alsoa nocturnal animal that activity at night. Weasel Luwak is anomnivore animal. The main food is soft fruits such as mango,papaya, rambutan and coffee fruit, and karna it creates a deliciouscoffee that is civet coffee. But Luwak also eats eggs, insects,birds and small mammals.Digestive Luwak is so simple that the grainit eats will be removed intact with its feces. This simpledigestion makes it an important ecological role as a good seeddispenser which can then grow into the seeds of new trees in theforest.Luwak civet is widespread from Bangladesh, Bhutan, BruneiDarussalam, China, Philippines, India, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos,Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand andVietnam.in this app contains:civet uniqueweasel is funnyalbinoweaselcivet is beautifulblack civetwhite civetweasel spotted
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Bearded Dragon is a native animal from Australia, now it is widelyfarmed in various countries. Bearded dragon (BD) lives in dry,rocky, semi-desert, and open (bushy) forests. Actually BD is a whizguy, like hanging out on twigs and bushes, even sometimes alsofound in the house fence, if the residential area is close to theirhabitat. In addition to the above places, BD also like to bask inthe stones and small in the morning and afternoon (need vitaminD).Bearded Dragon is classified as an animal who likes tosocialize, so try to be invited to play or play more than one inone cage with a conducive cage environment.The reproductive periodbegins at one or two years of age. During the mating season, theadult male BD beard will turn black. Determine BD sex usually afterthe age of 10 months, by looking at his cloaca. Females can lay upto 16 eggs in early summer (in their natural habitat). Usually theparent will bury the eggs in the sand digging ramps. Baby BD willbe born with 2.1 grams weight, usually striped, and there is anorange circle around the eyes, this motif will fade over time.inthis app contains:photo of Bearded DragonBearded DragonimageBearded Dragon typeBearded Dragon is beautiful
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Sugar gliders have Latin names Petaurus Breviceps, People who arebercc these countrymen, bats, squirrels (flying squirrels) or otherrodents, because glider sugar is small and has a bag of squirreleco. That assumption is one of the marsupials of the mammalianfamily.Sugar gliders include animals that have easy maintenance.You must regularly check the cage and invite him to play. This isto train the sugar glider more familiar with the owner. This animalalso needs time to adapt to the environment when the first kai ismaintained. Learn the characteristics of the sugar glider beforepreserving it, because not many try to keep it but die because theycan not carein this app contains:a sugar glider animala sugarglider babya sugar glider barka sugar glider barkinga sugar glidercrabbinga sugar glider flyinga sugar glider for salea sugar gliderpricea sugar glider squirrela sugar gliders dietsugar glideracademysugar glider isalbino sugar glidersugar glideranimationsugar glider meanssugar glider originsugar gliderbabysugar glider barkingsugar glider smellbig sugar gliderfemalesugar glidersugar glider black beautysugar glider bondingsugarglider how to caresugar glider way cattlesugar glider farmsugarglider fatsugar glider fbsugar glider flyingsugar glider photosugarglider funsugar glider pricessugar glider joeysugar glider givesbirthcheap sugar glidersugar glider sleep continuessugar gliders
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Chopper modifications are generally recognizable in the form of asteering angle that is somewhat stretched forward, minimalist fueltank design, rear wheel use larger than front wheel, rigid rearsuspension, single seater themed seats, up to rear frame design isdocked. In addition, engine performance is also improved, thefootrest is placed in the very front, and the use of largeheadlights.As for the color, most chopper lovers use unusual colorsand rarely used by manufacturers, such as flat black, metallicshiny, metal flake, glamours glitter. Lately, chrome color is alsoan option for some parts of the motor. because it makes the motorlook more elegant.In addition to the United States, chopperoutbreaks also spread throughout the world. In Europe, the flow ofScandinavian Chopper, which not only focus on modifications HarleyDavidson motor output, but other motor manufacturers such as BSAfrom the UK and BWM from Germany. Adherents of this flow has itsown characteristic that is a rear frame model that has a swing armwith a typical springer model output motor manufacturers ofScandinavian countries.Other Europeans, others are also Japanese.In the country of the Rising Sun, appeared Jap's Chopper flow thatin addition to modify the Harley Davidson, also remodel theJapanese output motor. This flowing motor has a unique feature ofrear frame design that applies swing arm and has a short angle rakedocked, like Japanese cruiser motors.this applicationcontains:chopper modificationmotor chopperphoto collection ofchopper motors