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Tide Charts - Free 2.13
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Finally a beautiful and simple way to view tides on your mobiledevice! In addition to worldwide tidal estimates, you can see thelunar data, weather forecast, and current radar making your nextoutdoor adventure as easy to plan as possible. By default, theapplication will pick the closest station to you, but picking adifferent station is as easy as viewing a map of your currentlocation. You can also setup and quickly switch between many storedfavorite stations if you need to. No internet access whileoutdoors? No problem. This app has been designed to give you tidaland lunar predictions without internet access! The first time youlaunch this application may take up to 3 minutes to start while itgenerates textures. Tides Charts- Tide Charts, Weather, Radar NearMe
Calculator 1.0
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Calculator is an easy to use, beautifully packaged calculator thatincludes both a standard and scientific calculator Our versatilecalculator app allows you to: • Choose between a basic calculatoror scientific calculator with more than 30 scientific operations •View and edit a history of your calculations on the History Tab •View an equation of your current calculations • Calculate withaccuracy to more than 75 significant digits • Use parenthesis andnested parenthesis in your calculations We wrote Calculator to bethe perfect calculator for budding math students and professionalsalike.