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Aura: Mindfulness & Happiness 1.0.2
Aura Health
Aura: The Most Popular & Personalized Wellness &Mindfulness App, just released on Android. Aura is the bestsolution to reducing stress and increasing positivity through3-minute meditations, personalized by AI. Do you wish to controlyour stress and thoughts better? Are you seeking more positivity?Have you tried other mindfulness meditation apps but couldn't forma habit around them? Aura is the best, AI-driven mindfulnessmeditation app for anyone interested in reducing stress &anxiety; Aura provides short and sweet, science-backed, andpersonalized mindfulness meditation exercises every day to make youhappier. It enhances the meditation experience and it's fun. -Relieve stress & anxiety with a 3-minute guided meditationsession every day. - Choose how you're feeling and receive the bestmeditation for you - Rate your experience, and Aura will learnabout you to provide a better session every time. - Listen tomeditations specifically created for your feelings, whenever youneed - Track your mood, learn about your mood patterns, andvisually see yourself improve - Take a mindful break whenever youneed - Receive daily reminders for mindful breathers andmeditations - Express gratitude as a habit through dailyreflections - Integrated with Apple Health - Various relaxationsounds and music for unguided meditations before sleep - Perfectfor beginners who want to learn how to meditate - Receive dailymeditations just for you today Start your day with energy andpurpose. Decrease stress and increase positivity. Experience ahappier you with daily meditations. Aura is a new kind ofmindfulness app that learns about you and simplifies your learningthrough guided meditations. Download now--the best meditation appin the market, Aura.