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Endless Sniper 1.20
Baby Squid Studios
This sniper game has you use yoursniperskillsto blast through endless waves of enemies before theytakeyou out!Endless Sniper is a new take on the endless shootergenre,providingfast paced endless pixel shooter action."Light gun shooter aficionados and those looking for agreatpickup and play arcade shoot em up with replay value will haveablastwith Endless Sniper." - Super Game DroidFEATURES- Awesome colourful retro graphics to keep your eyeballshappy- Endless shooting action- Customise your weapon with over 100 possible combinations- Challenge your friends and enemies by getting thehighestscorepossible- Procedurally generated maps so no two games will everbethesame- Awesome chip tune music by Adhesive Wombat- A new and unique take on sniper gamesThis addictive sniper game is easy to play:HOW TO PLAY1. Move your sniper scope with your accelerometer2. Tap to shoot3. Head shots = more points
Astro Quest *Premium Edition* 1.0
FEATURES:- 8 buyable weapons (and counting)- Colorful retro graphics- 10 unique enemies (and counting)- 5 unique worlds- 20 handcrafted levels (and counting)- Secret areas- 4 intense boss fights- Mountable vehicles- NO IAP or ADS---------------------------------------------------------------------STORY:Astro Quest is a retro styled action platformer where you buyguns, jump, dodge, shoot, and explore your way to victory.Our hero's planet has been invaded by aliens and they've stolen hisdog, Astro! It's up to him to stop the alien invasion and save boththe world, and Astro.---------------------------------------------------------------------CONTROLS:- Fully customizable- Designed specifically for mobile devices- A to shoot- B to jump---------------------------------------------------------------------CONTACT- Please let me know of any bugs, glitches, or crashes so that Ican fix them ASAP- Also, please include your phone make and ORbaby.squid.studios@gmail.comKeywords: arcade, original, atari, nes, snes, gnes, mario,metroid, megaman, mega man, emulator,retro, shooter, game, Super
Ninja Spikes 1.1
Baby Squid Studios
Simple gameplay - Tap to bounce, avoid the spikes, be an awesomeninja ball. Rules - Don't touch those nasty spikes. Controls - Tapthe screen to bounce. Ninjas - Are awesome.