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UC Remote 1.0
Bayram Üçler
You can remotely control your PC's mouse andkeyboard with UC Remote.You can connect your phone to PC\Laptop with Wi-Fi, then you canuse your phone's screen as a touchpad and like this as a keyboard.How to use it?*You need to install UC Remote Server on your PC at:* Please make sure disabled Windows firewall and Antivirusfirewall.(like Eset)* You need to enter Ip Adress and Port same with the UC RemoteServer and then press "Connect" button.*Make sure that your mobile phone is connected to your Wi-Finetwork. Your pc needs to be in the same network.*If you have any issue with mouse clicking or mouse move sensivity,you can change these in the "Settings" from your Phone.If you still have a problem, please contact me : bayramucler@gmail.comIt works on all Windows platform in which Java is installed.(Yet untested other platforms like Linux, MAC OS)
Ucler Remote Presentation 1.1
Bayram Üçler
You can remotely control yourpresentationswith Ucler Remote Presentation. You can connect yourphone toPC\Laptop with Wi-Fi (Bluetooth is soon) then you cancontrol SlideShow.(like PowerPoint)You have to install Server on your PC at:It works on all Windows platform in which Java is installed.(Yetuntested other platform like Linux, MAC OS)SERVER DOWNLOAD