Bebelove Apps

Paw Helicopter War Patrol 1.1
Discover our amazing paw helicoptershootergame full of action! Fly in the sky with your paw favouritepatrolhelicopter fighting for your survival against enemyairplanes!You are a pilot of the paw Army patrolling from the sky.Rydercommander reported unidentified air planes.You just saw some air crafts approaching to your air plane butyouneed visual confirmation… Return immediately to your baseandreport it to your commander! Get out of here now! Do not startthebattle alone, there are too may of them!Features :– Straightforward, but challenging gameplay– Dozens of Paw Patrol weapons and aircraft upgrades– Intense and exciting Boss fights– Game changing power-ups– Stunning levels and awesome artworkDownload and play the amazing game paw helicopterwarpatrol..!!
Super Slugs Jet Fire 1.4
Use your favorite Super Slugs Jet Fire,snazzyoutfit and stock up on items then get out there for a quickSuperSlugs Jet Fire!Slug Jet Fire can give you hours of fun and frustration!How to play– Tap the right button to fire the bullet– Collect super bullet while you are flying– Collect health pack to go furtherFeatures :– 8 colorful main character– 3 different background, generate random– Great sound and graphics– 20 type of enemies : flying, running– 7 items : health pack and super bullets– Shop manager to buy more Slugterra character