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Hill Climb Racing 2D 1.1
Berk Ozveren
Physics based car racing game is coming! Control your car to climbhills with realistic control to face the challenges of uniqueuphill & downhill environments. Be careful with customisablecontrols and responsive physics. Make highest score! Good Luck!
Traffic Racer Truck 1.1
Berk Ozveren
Be careful in traffic! You mustn't losecontrol of the car. Show how driving truck with motion sensor! Goto the longest distance without hitting other cars. Don't forgetspeed adjustment! Let's Go!
Hill Climb Racing Motor 1.1
Berk Ozveren
Physics based motor driver game is coming!Control your motor to climb hills with realistic control to facethe challenges of unique uphill & downhill environments. Becareful with customisable controls and responsive physics. Makehighest score! Good Luck!
Traffic Racer 1.1
Berk Ozveren
You have 4 special cars. Choose your car andstart! Show how driving car with motion sensor. Go to the longestdistance without hitting other vehicles. Be careful! Don't forgetspeed adjustment! Let's Go!
Craft for Minecraft 1.0
Berk Ozveren
This app is a guide to every crafting recipeinthe game and more vital lists of information about Minecraft.-------NOTE: We are not affiliated with Mojang. And it is notanofficial Mojang app.The Minecraft Name, the Minecraft Brand and the Minecraft Assetsareall property of Mojang AB or their respectful owner.
Pro Multicraft Build Game 1.2
Berk Ozveren
Pro Multicraft Build is a game for you makingthings. You can make building, castle, mine center or whatever youimagine! This is a not guide; a Game! Pro Multicraft Build havehigh quality screen. Collect mine you want and make stock.------------ IMPORTANT WARNING! ------------* There is no interest in other games with the same name.* This is not an official app for other famous company or apps.Berkozveren is not associated or connected with other company andapps. It does not cite any texture and objects used in the game,with the high resolution option by Berkozveren.