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Equalizer Sound Booster - EQ 1.0
Equalizer Sound Booster - EQ is theultimatefree volume booster app that lets you boost all of yourcell phonevolume to maximum loudness for things like alarmringtones,notifications, music, multimedia, and other phone sounds.EqualizerSound Booster - EQ is the ultimate music sound boosterthat givesyou easier volume control to increase volume with asingle tap.Features:- Audio booster knob - Easily increase volume from low to highwithsimple controls- Volume EQ - 3 volume control modes to choose from (silent,normal,and max)- Volume enhancer sound booster - increase volume up tomaximumloudness- Music volume booster- Headphone volume booster- Speaker phone amplifier- Earphone sound boosterEqualizer Sound Booster - EQ is a sound enhancer volumeboosterapp that works best for amplifying music volume and acts asanall-in-one audio enhancer. Equalizer Sound Booster - EQ ismuchbetter than other volume booster apps for headphones andspeakerbooster apps. Download Equalizer Sound Booster - EQ todayand bumpup the volume on your phone to maximum loudness!
Battery Power Saver Booster 1.0
Battery Power Saver Booster optimizespowerconsumption for longer battery life by checking battery statusandbattery level for your android phone. The smart batteryindicatorshows battery info for temperature, voltage, health andtechnology.Battery monitor helps to save battery life by acting asa batterymanager and also helps you to stop charging so much (fastcharger).Features:- Save battery power with the battery monitor (displaysbatterystatus and show battery percentage)- App optimization (checks battery usage to show how much batterydoi have left)- Drainage testing (test for battery drain issues so you canchargephone faster)- Boost battery power charging by monitoring battery andreducingbattery drain- Efficient battery charging for phone with best battery lifeBattery Power Saver Booster is a free battery saver appwithbattery percentage display and shows how to save battery.Bychecking the battery monitor, you'll reduce drainage andhavelonger battery life. Want to know how to charge your phonefaster?Fix your drainage issues with the drainage testing tool andyourphone will charge faster.
Antivirus Security & Cleaner 1.1.0
Antivirus Security & Cleaner is thetopfree antivirus app for android that protects you from Trojansandviruses while also helping you to clear out junk files.Downloadthis free antivirus solution for your mobile device andkeep itclean from infected apps and malware!Features:- Quick scan checks your apps and files for hidden virusesorTrojans.- Removes harmful files and secures your devicefrominfections.- Clean out unused junk files and boost your phone speed.Antivirus Security & Cleaner is an all in oneantivirussolution for android with built in junk file cleanercapabilities.Download Antivirus Security & Cleaner and keepyour device anddata safe from malware or viruses!
Ram Booster - Clean My Phone 1.0.02
Ram Booster - Clean My Phone is the topramcleaner for android!Ram Booster - Clean My Phone is the smartest lightweightramoptimization app that can help boost performance speed forlaggysmartphone devices. Ram Booster - Clean My Phone is a ramboostertool, junk file cleaner, CPU cooler, and task managerall-in-one.Ram Booster - Clean My Phone is the ultimate ram speedclean appthat really helps with memory clean up and speeds upyourphone!Do you normally encounter any of the followingphoneissues?1. Does your phone freeze while playing games?2. Does your device overheats in the middle of the day?3. Does your phone is lag all the time?4. Does your battery drain too quickly?Features- Ram Booster speed up your phone with one-tap boost button. Itwillboost your memory and optimize ram to speed up androidphone!- Junk File Cleaner scans for cached files and clear ram to freeupmore storage space for your device!- Task Manager stops power consuming processes running inthebackground that can make your phone slow and laggy!- CPU Cooler optimizes all the processes running in thebackgroundto cool down phone and helps to stop your phonefromoverheating!- Memory Booster- Battery Booster- Game Booster- Smart BoosterHow can Ram Booster - Clean My Phone optimize yourphonespeed?1. This ram cleaner app can help to optimiser your phone byclosingbackground running tasks or apps that you forgot tomanuallyclose.2. It will clean temporary cached files, junk files, and cacheddatato optimise your phone memory performance.3. It will make your device faster with the android boosterthatoptimizes all running processes on your phone.4. It will optimize your phone speed by making it coolerwhenoptimizing any background processes.Ram Booster - Clean My Phone is a ram booster app thatprovidesyou with a speed boost, junk file cleaning, task manager,and CPUcooler to keep your phone cooler. Easy ram booster will helpclearram with one tap to make your phone faster. It will free upmemorywith a thorough memory clean and clean up unnecessary junkfilesthat could slow down your phone! Ram Booster - Clean My Phoneisthe best clean ram booster app solution that you will needwhensearching for ram cleaner, ram optimizer, ram cleaner forandroid,memory clean, or ram booster speed up. Look no further anddownloadRam Booster - Clean My Phone to experience a better andfasterphone!
Freescan - Antivirus Security 1.1.0
Freescan - Antivirus Security is themostsecure free antivirus 2016 tool that you can install on yourphoneto remove viruses. Freescan - Antivirus Security scans filesandapplications in real time to protect you from viruses,trojanhorses, malware, and dangerous spyware. Keep yourpersonalinformation and data secure with Freescan - AntivirusSecurity, themost trusted mobile security protection and viruskiller onandroid!Features- Quick scan searches through files and applications usingourunique algorithm to rapidly detect harmful viruses,trojans,spyware, and malware.- Anti-virus and anti-malware protection engine quicklyremovesrisks or threats that would potentially steal yourpersonalinformation or data. The ultimate phone virus remover andfastestapp cleaner will lock onto detected viruses and remove thembeforethey have a chance to spread all over your androiddevice.- Cache cleaner is an app cache cleaner and clear cached datatospeed up phone. Cache cleaner will scan for files that canslowdown your device and remove them, which can provide a speedboostto your android phone.Have a slow phone? Need to do a phone virus scan? Or simplyneedto remove virus from phone? Freescan - Antivirus Security istheultimate phone virus cleaner for android phones and antivirusfortablet. Download Freescan - Antivirus Security and find out whatitfeels like to have the best mobile security protection.
Flash Alerts on Call & SMS LED 1.0
Flash Alerts on Call & SMS LED is aLEDnotification app that sends you a flash alert whenever youreceivea call, SMS, or app notification! Flash Alerts on Call &SMSLED uses your phone flashlight and it will blink when there isaflash notification. Flash Alerts app is fully configurable forSMSalert, Call Reminders, App Notification alerts and more! Thisappwill help you to not miss any incoming calls or SMS messages.Features:- Flash on SMS - Blink bright LED flash sms alert when you getsmsnotifications.- Flash on Call - Blink bright LED flashlight call reminder whenaperson is calling you.- Flash on App Notification - Blink bright LEDnotificationlightning when there is an app notification.- Configure flash notification for contacts (enable/disableflashalerts)- Configure flash notification for apps(enable/disableflashalerts)- Configure flash notification for ringing mode(enable/disableflash blinking)- Configure flash notification for time (enable/disableflashalert)- Configure flash notification for battery saving(enable/disableflashlight led)- Adjust notification flash frequency (change alertflashfrequency)- Blink LED light on alertFlash Alerts on Call & SMS LED is the all-on-oneflashnotification app that sends you a flash led alert for call,SMS, orapp notifications so you'll never miss another importantcall orSMS (day or night and even on silent or vibrate). FlashAlerts onCall & SMS LED is the most powerful flashlightnotification appfor when you're at work and waiting on a call. Youcan set yourphone on silent and wait for the flashing lightnotificationinstead of worrying about noisy ringtones orvibrations. Downloadthis app today and experience the true power offlash light alerton flashlight call!
Turbo Ram Booster & Cleaner
Turbo Ram Booster & Cleaner is one ofthebest ram optimizer apps that works to clean ram, cache, andalsoworks as a ram booster.- Ram BoosterEasy ram booster tech that speeds up your device byintelligentlyoptimizing your running processes and apps!- Android Clean CacheClean memory and junk files for more effective speeds. Clean rambyremoving unnecessary junk apps and files that normally slowdownyour device!- System OptimizerManage and uninstall apps from a single screen. Easiest waytomanage apps that simply take up space and act as junk files.Turbo Ram Booster & Cleaner is the clear winner as thebestram cleaner for android. It's a junk file remover and also easyrambooster that helps to free up ram. Speed up your phone withthiseasy clean ram boost tech and see what it feels like to haveafaster device!
Volume Booster and Amplifier 6.0
Volume Booster and Amplifier is avolumebooster app that can turn up the volume for your mobile phoneortablet. Turn volume up on your music volume by up to 20-30%withone easy tap. Volume Booster and Amplifier not only amplifiesthevolume on your phone, but it also enhances audio quality.(Perfectfor when you're making video calls on Kaokao Talk, Skype,Facebook,LINE chat, Whats App, or Zalo)Main App Features- Simple one tap boost is easier than any other musicequalizervolume or bass booster apps- Increase volume for notification sounds and speakerphone- Boost volume levels for alarm and ringtone- Boosts multimedia sound volume (perfect for mp3 streaming oranyother audio streaming)- Make music louder and enhances music volume eq (amp)- Increase earpiece volume (includes bass boost)- Speaker volume booster and audio enhancer- Bluetooth volume booster and sound enhancer- Headphone volume booster and audio booster (hear high volumeandlouder music volume)- Equalizer sound booster (sound enhancer)- Supports most models with headphones (boosts sound qualityandlevels so that users can hear louder music volume)Volume Booster and Amplifier is a free volume booster appthatwill increase volume for android devices. This app is perfectforusers who want to make speakers on the phone louder or whentheywant to listen to louder music enhanced by volume boost andbassboost. Download Volume Booster and Amplifier today and turnyourmusic volume up!
Volume Booster EQ & Amplifier 6.0
Volume Booster EQ & Amplifier is aneasyvolume booster app that can boost phone volume, music volume,soundvolume, ringtone sounds, and notifications by up to 20-40%.Your phone volume is not just amplified, but becomes louderandbetter sound quality (sound enhancer). Looking for a one tapsoundboost solution for amplifying music volume or phone sounds?Look nofurther as Volume Booster EQ & Amplifier will make yourphonevolume loud and crisp like an equalizer sound booster.Maximise thevolume on your phone and tune it to the max like asound musicvolume eq app.Features- One tap boost (volume boost) to amplify all phone volume,alarmsounds, ringtone sounds, notifications, and musicvolume.- Bass booster amplify the eq volume for your rap, hip hop,trance,edm, techno, and electro music so you can maximize thebass.- Music sound booster amplifies the volume and eq of yourmultimediasounds and music volume.- Earphones booster provides volume boosting for wireless andwiredearphones, which can increase volume and maximizesoundquality.- Music amplifier increase volume for volume eq, volumelevels,speaker booster, bass, and maximum loudness.- Speakerphone booster increase volume louder for those whohavetrouble hearing.- Audio booster amplifies phone volume and increases soundqualityfor phone sounds.Warning! Your phone volume may become too loud that you'llneedearplugs. Use this app with caution!Volume Booster EQ & Amplifier is the top free volumebooster,increase volume, volume booster for headphones, equalizersoundbooster, and audio enhancer app for android! Boost yourvolume andsound eq when listening to music, watching movies, ortalking onvideo chat! Download Volume Booster EQ & Amplifiertoday andturn your phone volume up to maximum!Volume Booster EQ & Amplifier
Super Memory Booster & Cleaner 2.0
Super Memory Booster & Cleaner isthesmartest speed booster tool that speeds up your phone, helpstosave battery life, and cleans up junk files that slow downyourdevice! Super Memory Booster & Cleaner is one of thefastestpower tools that can speed up your phone by more than 20%!SuperMemory Booster & Cleaner gives your phone a much neededboostby optimizing memory usage and reducing drainage on yourbatterylife.Features- Super fast speed booster can boost your phone speed by up to20%by killing power consuming background tasks, apps, andprocesses.One tap boost feature makes it so easy for you to speedup yourphone and save battery with a single tap!- Battery booster helps to save battery by optimizingandreducing power usage from background apps. After initialspeedboost, your phone will stop using so much battery and savemorebattery.- Ram booster improves memory optimization in your phonebyturning off any useless or unnecessary apps on your phone.Thisfrees up more RAM for your device to use and speeds up yourphoneperformance, which also helps to keep your CPU cooler withlessmemory & power usage.- Cache cleaner is a simple power tool that can clear outcacheon your device so your phone runs faster. It will scan,detect, andclean trash, cache junk files, memory cache, and anyother junk onyour phone that can be cleared out for morememory!Super Memory Booster & Cleaner is easily one of the bestwaysto boost your device memory and speed up your phone. Downloadittoday and optimize your device so you can experience fasterspeedsand longer battery life!
Cache Cleaner Pro (Fast Clean) 1.0
Cache Cleaner Pro (Fast Clean) is theeasiestone-click boost cache cleaner that optimizes android memoryusageby performing a quick memory clean and clear cached data.CacheCleaner Pro (Fast Clean) is the quick clean phone cleaner appthatcleans useless cache files to speed up your phone and saveyourstorage space.What are application cache files and how do you clear cache?Cached files are temporary files that are created on yourdevicethat you don't need after an app is closed. Its usually agood ideato clear your cache as it keeps your memory cleaner, freeup yourdisk space, makes your phone run faster, and optimize yourappmemory usage.You can easily clear your cache data with Cache Cleaner Pro(FastClean) one tap boost. Just tap the boost button and letCacheCleaner Pro do all the cleaning for you! It will help you todojunk pickup, temp file cleaner, app cache cleaner, andjunkcleaner. It will also take care of junk disposal, trashcleaner,junk file clean, and clean up app.Features- Clear cache - Quick clean your device and remove alluselesscached data to speed up your phone- Kill tasks - Optimize your device memory usage by clean memoryandstopping any background tasks that would slow down yourphone- CPU monitor - View memory usage info and optimize yourphonespeed- Memory Booster- Battery Optimizer- Game booster- Phone booster- Supports all types of android devices and phone cleanerfortabletCache Cleaner Pro (Fast Clean) is a cleaner apps that willhelpyou to improve your phone speed through clean memory andbetterbackground task management. Download Cache Cleaner Pro todayandexperience a cleaner faster phone.
Fast Cleaner and Ram Booster 1.0
Fast Cleaner and Ram Booster is the bestonetap boost phone cleaner app that helps to speed up your phonewithmemory optimization and memory cleaner features. Fast CleanerandRam Booster is a free phone cleaner app that clean memory,gamebooster, clear cache, and appmanager monitoring tool that isthefastest memory master.Features:- Ram Booster optimization clean junk files processes to speedupphone- 1 tap boost for memory clean and memory booster phonecleanup- Cache cleaner and junk removal tool- Clean phone tasks (battery optimizer & appoptimization)- Cleared cached data for faster speeds- Phone speed booster- Easy clean booster- Support all phone types and clean master for tablets (all)foreasy boost speedIf you're looking for clean my phone or clean up my phonecacheclearing app, then look no further as you'll find this cacheclearmaster to be the best device cleaner available.Fast Cleaner and Ram Booster is the fastest cached datacleaner,junk file cleaner, and phone cleaner app that gives yourandroiddevice a much needed speed up phone boost. Download FastCleanerand Ram Booster today to do junk file cleaning and clearedcacheddata for better battery optimization.