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Lander Missions: planet depths 1.7.8
🚀 Lander Missions is a game for brave pilots, ready to conquerouterspace! Discover new planets, complete missions and triumphover allplanetary anomalies that you meet on your way! 🚀 LanderMissions:planet depths is a game inspired by cosmic arcade LunarLander.Controls are based on the laws of physics. Controlled blastoffs andfalls are key features of the gameplay. In Lander Missionsanadventure between differents planets with labyrinths of levelsinevery one of them awaits you. Demonstrate your piloting skillinzones of planetary anomalies such as changing gravity,cavings,hurricane winds, volcanoes and many more! Lander MissionsFEATURES:- low poly style - realistic physics - abundance ofmissions -levels of varied difficulty - doesn't require internetconnectionMORE Lander Missions FEATURES: - unique unexploredplanets -unlimited consumption margin for level exploration -Lander alsocan activate drones, put out flames, move rocks inzero-gravity anda whole lot more! - BONUS: you will also developmanoeuveringskill! Lander Missions STORY: In a distant futuregrowth of humaninfluence in outer space surpassed boldest modernexpectations.Rare resource extraction bases were set on manyplanets.International space stations were combined with factoriesthatproduce unmanned spaceships, designed for scouting andcompletionof missions on resourceful planets. With time the needfor rareresources grew. And so big corporations again took aninterest toexploring and developing of old mining planets, thatwere conserveddue to the lack of financing. Our cosmic organisationpossessneeded equipment and experience and was chosen for thismission.Goal - scout old mines with rare resources, restartmachineries andresume work. We look for pilots ready to work withour dispatchers,complete missions and control lander withindifferent planetaryanomalies. CAPTAIN'S TASKS: - control lander(manned spaceship) -explore new areas, opened by seismic activity -complete missionsneeded for restoration of work on the planets -land on researchplatform - study gravitational anomalies andplanetary phenomena -and a lot more! 🚀Good landing, Captain andwelcome to the cosmicexpedition! Lander is ready for take-off!🚀
Random Dice 3D - dice roller for board games 3.09
🎲 Random Dice 3D - convenient, pretty and simple app forrandomnumber generation. Big variety of types of dices always inyourpocket (you won't lose those ones!). 👍Playing dices will comehandyin every board game! As a result of your throw you will seeminimaland maximal number, and also the sum of all numbers yougot.🌈Customize the look of the app to your liking! Choose music,soundsand color pallet. 🏆Put together your dice presets fromdifferentforms and colors! 🔮Choose effects that are cut for you orturn themoff! ⚡Adjust speed that you are comfortable with! 🎲 RandomDice 3Dfeatures: - Full stack of playing dices (d3, d4, d6, d8,d10, d12,d20) - Dices of different types and colors in one preset -Simpleand comprehensible interface - Fast mode - Background anddicecolors customisation - Nice and smooth animation - Varietyofeffects - Statistics with detailed results of your throw -Pleasantbackground music - Realistic physics - Fit for table-topand RPGgames