ComAp Apps

Handy App for accessing yourComApWebSupervisor account from your Android device.Visit details. Or see the YouTube video presentation below.ComAp Websupervisor allows you to simply connect yourequipmentfitted with ComAp controllers to a cloud based system,giving youinstant access and monitoring from anywhere.Simply download the app and use your normal WebSupervisorloginand password to enjoy access to your equipment from yourAndroiddevice for FREE!
ComAp Design Studio 1.4.5
ComAp Design Studio With ComAp Design Studio, you canpreparetechnical Single Line Diagrams (both AC and HYBRIDtypes).Automatically assign right ComAp products and try variousscenariosand generate professional 2D and 3D drawings.
ComAp SmartHint
ComAp’s SmartHint recognizes standard alarms and error codes forthenew InteliLite product family, and provides an explanationwithout apaper or PDF manual. Simply open the application and aimthe phone’scamera at the InteliLite LCD display. The applicationrecognises theerror code on the LCD screen and provides you withthe relevantinformation about the error code. In the case of poorlightconditions, users can input the error code manually, andstillreceive the error code explanation. Please note thatthisapplication supports: - New generation of InteliLitecontrollersonly - Standard alarms in English and ECU fault codes -StandardComAp error codes - recognition of customer defined alarmsor errorcodes are not supported.
WebSupervisor 2.7.0
With WebSupervisor, monitor and manage your devices fromanywhere.WebSupervisor is cloud based monitoring and controlapplication notonly for ComAp controllers. With using acommunication gateway, itis possible to also monitor 3rd partydevices communicating viaModbus. Key features of mobileapplication: - Units overview withunit status sorting and filteringoption - Unit and sites locationon the map - Dashboard (WSV Proaccount needed) - Single unitcontrol - Geotracking (WSV Pro accountneeded) - Geofencing -Alarmlist with possibility to reset alarms -Branding (WSV Proaccount needed) - Possibility to modify a screenview via unitdetail template created in WSV web application - Loginvia ComApcloud identity secured by Multifactor authentication (MFA)- Pushnotifications - Easy access to web application withadditionalfeatures Simply download the app and use your credentialsfromWebSupervisor web application to remote enjoy access toyourdevices. Visit for more detailsaboutWebSupervisor