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Rotation Control 1.0
You can control screen orientation from notification areaeasily.You also can prevent the other application from changingscreen orientation.The following rotation modes are available.-Guard: this application prevents the other application fromchanging screen orientation.- Auto Rotation: screen orientation isdetermined by a physical orientation sensor.- Portrait: the screenis in a portrait orientation.- Portrait (Reverse): the screen is ina portrait orientation; the opposite direction from normalportrait.- Portrait (Sensor): the screen is in a portraitorientation, but the sensor is used to change direction.-Landscape: the screen is in a landscape orientation.- Landscape(Reverse): the screen is in a landscape orientation; the oppositedirection from normal landscape.- Landscape (Sensor): the screen isin a landscape orientation, but the sensor is used to changedirection.* Depending on the device, you may not be able to useseveral modes.* If "Guard" mode is active, you cannot click"install" button when you want to install an application. When youwant to install an application, you should inactivate "Guard" modeor this application.