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Xperia ICX CM10 CM9 AOKP Theme 5
Is now free b/c life is busy and I can't support this app often.Thank you to those who paid and had it exclusively first.For CM9CM10 CM10.1, AOKP, PA or any rom with a theme chooser.Keeping thelook and feel of Android versions (4.0+) a.k.a JellyBean and IceCream Sandwich, I have added the twist of the Xperia lineup.If itsays "Theme error: Sorry this theme is missing assets for yourdevice's screen size" just click apply anywayWhat'sThemed?Framework Status bar The pop-up menu is the xperia greytint.Settings app -> completely black with holo blueIcons:settings camera, browser calculator clock, email, gallery,messaging, contacts/people, phone, play music are all Xperia icons.More to come!I am very open to suggestions, e-mail me!.This willapp be updated continuously since it's my only app.Have a greatday!*Created for HDPI and up devices, using lower is at your ownrisk. (Most devices are HDPI)