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Six Barrel Bill 2.6
Flaming Titan tales
A wanderer by the name of Bill stumbles across a sheriff in needofhelp and a town in need of a hero. But it wasn't just any herothatcould save this town, it would take the fastest gun slingerfromeither side of the Mississippi. The town of Buffalo ridge hasbeenoverrun by bandits, a group of good-for-nothing thieves, thugsandmurderers. The townspeople are helpless and the sheriffisclueless, so it is up to Bill to save them. Collect the bountyonthe heads of these men to afford the ransom to releaseBill'sstolen wife. Take control of Bill as he tests his skillsagainstthe wanted men, fighting in saloons, mines, farmland andcactusforests to name a few. Earn sheriff badges by taking outthebandits, compete against your friends for the top place ontheleaderboards. So what are you waiting for? Grab your guns, headonout west and take care of those pests. Make them remember thename:6 Barrel Bill. Coming soon: New level bosses to test your witandspeed. Connect to Facebook and share your achievements withyourfriends.