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Picross Luna - A forgotten tale 2.2
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Why don’t you travel to a sentimental and beautiful story hidden inthe puzzle? This is a story that has come down since long ago. Itis said a cursed moon keeper was keeping the flower and tree alonethat bloomed in a blue crescent moon that emerged in the night skyfrom time to time. As if he was looking forward to somethingeagerly for a very long time…. The fact there was a beautifulcastle called ‘Nobilrunia’ here longer ago has now become aforgotten story only the moon keeper remembers. Then one day, theflowers in the moon began withering. Please help the moon keeper.Please find the abundant figure that used to be. Game function--------------------------------------------- - puzzle save - Usethe touch pad at the same time - Small map Large map available(both free) - Hinting offer - Incorrect checking options available- X offers a complete line of display options - Undo / Redofunction provided - Large puzzles can be solved easier through adrag button
Picross Luna II - Six Pieces Of Tears 1.3
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Travel with emotional and beautiful stories hidden in it withPiccross. After the first story, a second richer story will come toyou. Please join us for the adventure of the moon for Princess!After Nobilunia had fallen, The Moon keeper has finally met thePrincess after the long long time. The Princess was lovely asalways and The Moon keeper finally regained his old form. Theydecided to honor the people from Nobilunia. They built a littlecabin and stayed there hoping peace. But the tragedy wasn't over,nightmare took their destiny away into darkness. The destiny wastwisted, and the lone journey to bring that back has just began.Game function --------------------------------------------- -puzzle save - Use the touch pad at the same time - Small map Largemap available (both free) - Hinting offer - Incorrect checkingoptions available - X offers a complete line of display options -Undo / Redo function provided - Large puzzles can be solved easierthrough a drag button
Coloring Luna - Coloring Book 1.0.9
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The tears of the moon keeper woke the princess from her eternalsleep. And the tears of the princess cast off the eternal cursefrom the moon keeper changing him from a monster, back to his humanform. Their infinite and everlasting love for each other created amiracle across time After the endless waiting, that even shroudedthe memory of its beginning all their loathsome curses were castoff and the lovers were reunited. Enjoy the story and paint it. -Automatic mode for painting the author's color - Custom mode formaking your own color combinations - Easy to operate, don’t needany drawing skills best way for relaxing!