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Stealth Fitness 7.1
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Stealth is the most heart-thumping, blood-racing, sweat-drippingway to sneak in a FAST, FUN, high-intensity workout in just 3minutes per day from the comfort of your home by playingaction-packed games on your phone. Pair any of the groundbreaking,exhilarating games on the Stealth Fitness App with one of ourinnovative Stealth Core Trainer fitness products for the ultimateworkout experience. Twist, tilt and glide your way to a LEANER andSTRONGER core no matter how busy your schedule is. Stealthseamlessly transforms boring plank exercises into dynamic workoutsby using your body as the game controller. It’s the fastest andfunnest way to slip in EPIC workouts in short bursts by targeting29 different muscles for a full-body, challenging workout.Transform your living room into immersive arcade worlds. Explodeplanets in outer space by spinning and tilting your way to galacticdomination in Galaxy Adventure, our original smash hit! Collectcoins and swallow powerups to gobble enemy robots in Fit Man!Swivel and rotate your way to the beat in challenging dancecompetitions in Beat Box! And so much more! But you can't do itwithout the app. Download the Stealth Fitness app today and startgaming your way to a leaner, healthier core in just 3 minutes perday. *Only compatible with Stealth Core Trainer products. 4 REASONSTO GAME YOUR CORE WITH STEALTH: - Fast Workouts — Work out in aslittle as 60 seconds from the comfort of your home by playing FUNvideo games on your phone! No more guilt if you don’t have time forthe gym. - Full Body + High-Intensity Workout — Precision targetingof 29 different muscles, giving you a high intensity, full-bodyworkout in just minutes per day! - Challenges Built-In — Create orjoin daily, weekly and monthly challenges, going head-to-head withfriends, family members and even other Stealth users around theworld! - Real-Time Tracking — Track your workouts daily and seereal-time progress. Live tracking gives you up-to-the-momenthistorical scoring across all your games! GO PREMIUM Fourhighly-addictive games provided free of charge when you downloadthe Stealth Fitness App. Or, supercharge your Stealth Core Trainerwhen you subscribe to Stealth Premium Gaming. Stealth PremiumGaming includes red-carpet membership to new game releases everysingle month. Plus, insider access to the latest and greatestgaming features as soon as they’re released! The Stealth FitnessApp is iPhone compatible. For specific requirements, OS: Android 6 and above Hardware: Samsung Note4 and better (accelerometer & gyroscope required)