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GI Image Maker - photo editor 1.3
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GI Image Maker is a powerful free image editing,photoeffect,photography editor,photo editor app which helps to createhigh resolution image with various uncommon effects.Beside Allcommon features are there likeedit,crop,rotate,scale,mirror,brightness,contrast etc there aresome uncommon features which makes it more special and unique.Butbeside that some other tools like color temperature control,textureassigning,special effects,gradient blooming,vintage effects makesthat photo editing or image editing apps more perfect andpowerful.You can able to control high resolution photo easily usingthis photo editor.Even on one touch you can easily check some realtime effects which can be saved in your sd card.Sketch in variousway with lot of color effects like water color, pastel color,oilpainting,pencil sketch make that photo effects and photography appmore interesting.GI Image Maker is more than a photo editor.Now thetime for just place an image or take a photo or selfie and theneasily you can add some effects and upload directly from that photoediting apps.You can also set any image which you like most as abackground of your mobile phone by just one click.That app issimply different from others for its real time effects.With sometouch you can easily make the image more different from theoriginal image.User can check the effect more clearly on big screenmobile or tab.Also slide the slider control to get maximumeffects/different effects.More over size of that photo editor orimage editor app,GI Image Maker is too less only 5 mb by which italso effective for those smart phone which has low internalmemory.Even you can change any photo's background very easily byusing some clicks. GI Image Maker is a photo editing andphotography app Features of the app 1) User can set that customizedimage as wallpaper. 2) User can share graphics via Face book,Bluetooth, Message, Whats app, We chat, etc. 3) User can also savegraphics in gallery/external memory card/phone memory. 4) All editcontrol along with high definition, mirror photo editor, rotate,skew 5) Pencil sketch and other sketch color help you to createCartoon Photo,photo sketch etc. 6) Real time effect like blur andothers by some touch 7) Set texture to make image more effective 8)various kind of vintage effects which gives you vintage outlook andcolor splash effects type. 9) special effects gives a look and feelof photo mixture and photo blending effects 10) This photo mixturehelps you to gradient mixing with photo to enhance the image betterway 11) Can able to set photo frame from various realistic photoframe collection 12) All common effects like negative,oilpaint,pastel color, grey, snow, tint, reflection, saturation, hue,engrave, blur, motion blur, neon, sharpen, flea, sepia, old,Gotham, water color and many more total 40 effects. 13)You can addtext and use other all related effects of text. 14) Colortemperature control for each image and different effects indifferent color. 15) Make selection area as blur.Blur backgroundphoto editing type. Find list of games developed by us and keepyour eyes for some more future games and apps plus some interestingconcepts give a like and attached with us for upcoming games and apps * That app still in betatesting mode.we will update time to time to make it more better andtry to add some more features **it can work in 2.3 version and moreof android
Flappy negdot Pro 1.5.0
Flappy Negdots are very interesting but quite easier game,anyonecan play and get highly engaged with that game. Game consist of lotof dots which are need to control to over come the consistentlyincrement of the negdot. A funny,interesting,strategic andinteresting game.Please read the help and understand the matterbetter. Flappy Negdots are very interesting but most easier game.Any one can play Flappy Negdots and enjoy the every movement. Thegame is engaged to all user. Before launching the game we try to doa survey / test that with different age group.Form every where theoutput is same they are enjoying. For hardcore gamers who alwayslove to play high graphic based 3d games they not like the gamefirst time. As they started playing 2-3 times they also becomeaddicted. Game rules and power of dots are provided in the gamehelp. Only way you have to do is drag and place it in the negdot.For left handed people can change its side from settings.At Anytime you can pause the game by click the icon placed in top left.Need some basic strategy to resolve that as that is kind of runningpuzzle game so user need to very much alert in each levels and haveto use their common sense. If no activities then game will be over.Flappy Dots paid version includes total 12 set of dots with variousshape and concept Total 12 set of neg dots with various shape andconcept 9 attractive background More than 1000 levels Run on anyandroid device Options to change the game mode easy,difficult andHard .Hard game mode is really challenging. Option for left handedand right handed.Or any time user can change the side. Attractivelook and feel and decent graphics with nice animations Simply newconcepts. As level increased the game will be harder and comes withmore interesting features. No ads and no in Interrupt. Its also akind of learning game for teens as color have the most importantroles here. Enjoy Flappy Negots !!! Please give a like and attachedwith us for upcoming games
Balloon Carnival - balloon shooter game Pop free free v 1.1.6
Gravity Infosoft
Balloon carnival is an arcade and action pop free game where youcan take the fun of a carnival.Kids can also play.It can beaccepted as bubble or balloon shooter game.After completion of eachlevel new levels will introduced with different type of structureand look and feel.All level are different in that balloon hitgame.You have to complete the all levels in time otherwise thatballoon hit game will be over.At time time of playing you canchange movement of the gun.For now in balloon hit there is only twotype of movement one is tilt and another is touch. Balloon carnivalis the most chaotic, fun, arcade action game you'll find on anyplatform.In that game player have to hit the balloons and move onto the new levels.All levels are not too easy.You have to toocareful and have to use brain to boom,smash and burst theballoons.In some cases you have to save lights.In some cases wheelwill move automatically and player have to hit the balloons. Thatballoon shooting,Balloon smashing,balloon hit game designed fortablet,various sizes of phones and in note tablet. Its a balloonshooter or bubble shooter game with lot of interesting levels andpop balloon options for kids. We will update the game time to timeand add more levels.Currently have 20 levels with differenttarget.At least play till level 3 and enjoy it. Find list of gamesdeveloped by us and keep your eyes for some more future games andinteresting concepts give a like and attached with us for upcoming games
under water : scuba diving pro v1.0.5
Under water is a game where you can get the full concept of scubadriving beside its fun of playing. That game is for all age of gameplayer who are interested to play adventure game. In under watergame a option for guide which will help to choose the guide andeach moment of journey player can get a idea what is near bylocation. A idea about all water living fish will be provided bythe guide. Exp(experience in the term of game elements) isimportant to get some useful features like morelife,guide,shield,choose character,choose sea scope option. Byusing the area of sale player can sell the products what thenfinally get. Beside that there are lot of more features andsurprise is waiting for you. Though we are testing that time totime yet If you found any error please mail us we will rectify thaton next update. The strategy or selling ,purchase time,uses of yourfunds make it more interesting and create a perfect combinationwith adventure,fun with strategy.So that's a strategy game also ifyou are think at the strategical point of view.We will added morefeatures time to time. underwater is a scuba diving guide andadventure time game.In that game player have to save themselvesfrom cops and robber,collect gems gold coin from blue sea.Its asurvival game from various shark,fish,tortoise,seahorse,whale,dolphins etc.Its a complete scuba diving plannersurvival games under the sea water.Request you to please play atleast 20 levels and then give reviews.As more level comes you willintroduced with new type of sea living animals and fish.If you arefan of scuba diving then that game is best fit for you.At theplaying time be careful some are poisonous and damaged your suitand others of your gaming character. Hope you enjoy that game. Findlist of games developed by us and keep your eyes for some morefuture games and interesting concepts orto get auto updates for our new games Please give a like andattached with us for upcoming games
Road cross risky - free games 1.2
Gravity Infosoft
In road cross need to cross the roads carefully and have toavoidthe traffic in road.Assume that if there is no optionforpedestrians to cross road or no subway exist on that road.It'safree game.That's why that crossy road type game make itdifficultto play if that is enough risky if you not careful andlead togameover.In that game player have to do some work to getsomemoney(dummy money obviously). Different people are givingdifferentwork.In road cross game You have to choose which one youlike to dobased on the offer they are giving.Also have to becareful withtraffic as that game target to traffic crossing insafe.If any timethe work not complete or damaged happens for theproduct at thetime of movement due to car crash then player have topayfine(again dummy money obviously). From store anytime theycanpurchase products which will help to increase efficiency bywhichthey can walk faster and cover the distance more faster.Kidscanalso enjoy the game in same way as parents.Faster, withaccuracyand more conveniently then have to cross the road.You willgetyourself in a road crossing arcade game with full of dangersanddifficulties.Tap and swipe your way to use the joysticks tomovethe player.collect and purchase the food to earn specialpower-ups.Its just the game.We never suggest anyone to cross roadthatway.That's a risky. Please Keep eyes on the game time to timewewill bring more feature in future. Features: * Unique game play*Different Atmosphere * Lot of cars * Need to check the top viewstounderstand the position * realistic graphics * Different Workhaveto done. * From store can purchase products for boost * Topviewand side view * Colorful graphics * Free game to play *Simple,pure, innovative free games play * Easy control Enjoy andplay thegame with lot of fun. In that 3D simulator kind of rushingsagastar mobile game,players or hero have to run and cross thestreetin the city by avoiding lot of vehicles and auto.Charcter orheronot required to climb the hill and cross any subway in thatfreegame.Also not required too much of knowledge for playingthegame.Only need to keep the eyes in the road top view to crossthatbusy and risky road. if you have low space in your phonethenanytime u can move that road cross app to your sd card usingaoption in the settings(move to sdcard).Opensettings->applications->applicationmanager->roadcross->moveto sd cardorsettings->applications->applicationmanager->roadcross->storage->change->sdcard
Secret Plus Weapon pro v1.1.3
Gravity Infosoft
Secret plus weapon is a game of action.A secret weapon willcomeeach time and it will deactivate after a certain time offlows.Atthat time player have to rescue from that room.Though thein handtime for the rescue will be less and certainly the weaponwill beactivated.For more details about game please check help.Itsa gameof a strategical with action. Graphics is good enough to playintab and slate.At the time of development we take care about thealldevices.So it can be played in all version of android (2.2 andup)with any size of devices(best played with 5 inch or more thoughcanbe played with 3.5 /4.5/4.0/3.0 devices also). Secret plusweaponis a room escape game where weapon are always activate sosave fromweapon and then try to escape the room by opening thedoorotherwise player will die and game will over. The person inascientific research lab where door is locked and weaponareactivated from that situation person have to defense the laserbydoing some game controls keys and escape from the lab byescapingfrom each connecting room. Though the Game passed in betatestingyet if any run time error coming please mail us.We willresolvethose. Right now game is with 10 levels only.We will addmorelevels and more exiting features time to time.Some uniqueconceptmake the game more interesting.Play and enjoy.Secret weaponhasmore unique features which will surprised you.Play and Enjoy..Find list of games developed by us and keep your eyes for somemorefuture games and interestingconcepts get auto updates for our new games Please give a likeandattached with us for upcominggames