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Scare Away - With Motion Detection 1.0.2
Half an Hour Dev
Amusing application which uses magical sensors and scary soundstoscare your friends, neighbours and even your household pets.Whenusing this app your cat will think twice if the couch is reallyascomfortable as it looks since she'll be chased away at thefirstlanding. This app uses your android phones gyroscope todetectnearby movement, once detected it triggers a sound youselected totry and scare the target. You can use this to scarepeople or tojust have an alarm when someone tries to pick up yourphone whenyou are not around. Right now, there are 5 preset scarysounds tochoose from, but I will be adding more in the future. Ifyou do notlike the current sounds come around later and there willbe abigger and better selection. I’m always open for requestsandimprovements, so if you wish me to add something to makescaringyour friends and pets event better let me know and letsbuild anapplication that will terrify anyone or just make sure yourphoneis safe!