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Hello Topik-TOPIK測驗,考古題練習
Hello Topik - TOPIK 韓國語能力測驗專業輔助學習工具,讓您的韓語學習如虎添翼。 【測驗介紹】為母語非韓國語之韓語學習者、韓國僑民、外國人提供學習方向;並祈達到普及韓語之效。 測試和評量韓國語使用能力,並以此為留學韓國或就業的依據。 【應用特點】 聽力測驗 - 變速音訊,韓語聽力循序漸進。聽力原文、中文翻譯,讓您的聽力理解不再困難。閱讀測驗 - 中文參考、答案解析,幫您的閱讀深化理解。 寫作測驗 - 專業例文、中文譯文,讓您的寫作技巧攀升。 單字小貼士 -抽取常用韓文單字,註明詞性與翻譯,為您的學習夯實基礎。 學習統計 - 精細入微的學習統計,成長曲線一目了然。如果您有任何意見或建議,可發送郵件至 hatasei@hotmail.com 。
Easy Japanese - Let's Learn Japanese with Anna!
『Easy Japanese』App is an third party client of NHK WORLDRADIOJAPAN. Japanese language lessons are provided by NHK WORLD.You canlearn basic grammar and useful expressions through lessonsdesignedin audio-drama style. 【Introduction of the story】 Theheroine ofthe story is Anna, a 20-year-old Thai student who lovesJapanesemanga. She has come to Japan to learn the Japanese languagefor oneyear at a university in Tokyo. She will learn practicalJapanesethrough various experiences, such as classes at theuniversity,daily life at a dormitory, shopping, and traveling. ​ 【Awidevariety of lessons starting with the basics! Easy for kids tolearntoo】 We have lessons at various levels, so don't worry even ifyouare a complete beginner. People who have just startedlearningJapanese can start with the basics and improve their skillsfromthere. The programs are also perfect for those who want tobrush upon their listening and speaking skills. 【Learn properlywith audiofiles of native Japanese speakers】 When you are not inJapan, it'sdifficult to find a language school with native Japaneseteachers.At first when learning how to speak a new language, it'simportantto listen to the pronunciation of a native speaker andpractice byimitating the way they speak. Imagine that you are inJapan onvacation and you want to ask someone where the trainstation is.You know how to say it, but once you try asking someonethey can'tunderstand you. Even if you know the phrases, you can'tuse them ina real situation. To avoid this, you're better offlearning thepronunciation, intonation and rhythm from a nativeJapanese. Easy,useful, 100% free. If you have any questions orsuggestions, pleasesend an email to hatasei@hotmail.com.