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Age of warriors: dragon battle & auto chess - RPG 1.3.8
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Looking for an RPG game that the weak is able to overcome thestrongby reasonable strategy? With diverse races, professions,richelements, powerful visual equipment, and various coolbattlespirits, you’re going to experience a perfect strategy RPGgame.Play now, and lead your heroes towards newadventures!***Customized formation and position Do you always putwarriors inthe front during battles? Are you tired of traditionalheroposition? Now, it’s time to change! Here in this game, youwillhave a totally different battle experience by customizingheroformation. By enhancing hero stats, the damage they dealindifferent position could be lethal. ***Equipment + Skills+Heroes=Customized hero strategy In Storm wind, we havewell-trainedhuman warriors and human mages. You’ll see wild andpowerful bearwarriors and bear mages with force of nature in theNorthMountains. What’s more, swift archers and mysterious elfarcherscan be found on the vast grassland. In the game thatadvocatesdiversity and personality, each hero has its unique skillsand canlearn different skills to make it even more unique. Besides,everypiece of equipment that players obtained will be timelyequippedand displayed on the hero, and you will win stunning andcoolfashions in free events. ***Elements + Battle spirits=themostcharacteristic RPG features There are hundreds of elements inthegame, players need to choose it wisely on the basis ofdifferentheroes and different battles. With right and powerfulelements,heroes’ stats can be greatly increased. And dozens ofbattlespirits like Dragon, Lion King and Predator are ready tofightalongside you. By upgrading battle spirits, you’re going tounlockmore skills and stats and enjoy more distinct appearances.You maytriumph over superior forces with proper battlespirits!***Cross-server League + Lottery=Glory and luck The Leagueis openfor all servers which means players are able to competewithplayers from different country and different servers, withthecommon goal-the champion. The champion wins both glory andrarerewards that are not for sale. Luck is a part of thestrength.During the League, there is a prize pool for players tobet and wingems. This will be your best chance to get richovernight!***Detailed game guides + Background story=the bestofflineexperience A full list of tips are available on Facebookpage andDiscord to help players grow faster and develop theirheroes. Morebackground stories will be updated as well to give youa betterpicture of Elantra world! 【Contact Us】 Your suggestionsarevaluable to us! Join usnow!Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/ageofwarriorsDiscord:https://discord.gg/2H2gkFk
Alliance at War: Dragon Empire - Strategy MMO 1.1.0
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Build your kingdom, summon epic heroes, train powerful troops,andfight cross-server wars with over 2 million players all overtheworld in real-time, right in the hottest new strategy game of2020![Alliance at war] combines both Real-time wars andround-basedbattles! As you move forward, legendary heroes will joinyour teamto help you lead troops to conquer the demon cave, lookfortreasures, and kill enemies, thereby becoming an army thatmakesthe enemy tremble with fear! Right here, you can also worktogetherwith your allies to attack territory, seize ancientartifacts,occupy Stronghold and Royal city, and make a name foryourself inthe cross-server war that starts twice a month! GameFeatures:⚔️Unique Hero System The hero plays a significant role inthe game.Unique heroes will join you as the game progresses,including theCommander who is good at counterattacks, the Sorceresswho is ableto melt enemy armor with flames, the Paladin whoenhances troopmorale and brings blessings, and the Oracle who helpsyou improveluck in battle. However, the speed with which yourecruit and trainthem greatly affects your troops' combatperformance and strategyabilities! ⚔️Diversified Unit StrategiesVarious types of units areavailable for recruitment here, includingInfantry, Mage, Catapult,Cavalry, Ballista, and Archer. Withdifferent stats, they’re ableto counter each other. Besides, you’refree to boost your might byupgrading your troops with enhancedequipment. ⚔️Rare AncientArtifact The reappearance of the lostartifact provoked a fiercebattle in the kingdom. The player whocompletes the server questfirst will get the artifact with uniqueskills and buffs. But becareful, the enemies stand ready to take itaway from you!⚔️Cross-Server War You’re free to sign up for thiswar every twoweeks to compete with alliances from different serversaround theworld. In this event, you can invade your opponents’Stronghold onother servers to conquer them and plunder spoils, thusranking topin the event and winning handsome rewards! ⚔️TheStrongholdFighting Day Players can participate in the Strongholdevent everyweek. With the occupation of the rare Stronghold, thealliance notonly wins glory, but also enjoys the privileges itbrings,including resource protection, units upgrade, combatprotection,and other special features. Also, the strong alliancebuff and richweekly spoil rewards will help your alliance gain anadvantage!⚔️War of Throne It is an event where you need to occupythe BloodPalace and activate the Dark Tower to attack the RoyalCity withyour allies! The alliance leader who wins the war willbecome theKing, enjoying privileges and wielding supreme power!⚔️VariousAlliance Events Varieties of alliance events are waitingto beexplored, such as Arena, Cave team-up, Pappas’ Treasure,Spirit OrbCollection, Hunting event, etc. These events require bothstrengthand collaboration, and you’ll get great rewards to help yougrowfaster! ⚔️Update and Support We will continue to breathe newlifeinto the game while making further progress. In Alliance atwar,you can reach out to our support team for real-time helpwheneveryou have problems and share your ideas to improve the game!We lookforward to meeting you in this magical world and workingwith youto create an increasingly better game!Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/AllianceAtWar/Discord:https://discord.gg/NpNWcbw QQ group: 826894601Email:aaw@hourgames.com
Alliance at War Ⅱ 1.1.8
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Hi, welcome to this magnificent 3D magical land – Ahzeriah. Withthe new 3D graphics and real-time lighting, you will have a betterexperience of this classic round-based strategy game that has beenwell-honed for 5 years. Over the past five years, we've been tryingto figure out what makes a strategy game stand out over time. Hereare some of the most well-regarded features of Alliance at War,which will be further upgraded in the 3D remake. (1) TroopProtection In AAW, if you don’t want to engage in the war, you’refree to switch your defense mode to avoid it at any time. And withthat, you don't have to waste your peace shields or worry aboutbeing woken up late at night by various notifications, thus makingit easier for you to pace your strategy. (2) Low Battle Losses andVarious Recovery Systems In addition to the larger hospitalcapacity and lower system battle damage, the game is also designedto reduce battle losses accordingly for different events. At thesame time, AAW has a wide variety of large-scale and zero-lossevents that will be available on a regular basis, including aRogue-like exploration feature, Cross-server War, and Crusadeagainst Demons. Moreover, support systems such as Angel ofSalvation and Gate of Rebirth are always available to reduce yourdamage, helping you enjoy the game more. (3) Diverse HeroCombinations and Skills Few strategy games put as much emphasis onbattle strategy and graphics as AAW. We’re well aware that in agame with a rich combination of heroes and skill strategies, asingle battle report will not give players a thorough understandingof the battle system. Therefore, in the 3D remake, we have furtherimproved the battle screen performance to be cooler and moregorgeous, and to facilitate the sharing and discussion amongplayers. Each hero is unique and plays a crucial role in the game,such as the Sorceress who focuses on explosive attacks, the DwarfKing who is good at control with a dizzy hammer in his left handand a petrified ax in his right, and the Oracle who turns timebackwards to revive soldiers endlessly and defeat the rivals in warof attrition. In addition, there are six ancient guardians,including the Giant Ape, Pegasus, Cerberus, Cursed Spirit, Phoenix,and Fire Dragon. With the right combinations and formations, a widerange of strategic gameplay comes into being. (4) RegularCross-server Wars and Various Events A great variety of highlyrewarding and zero-damage events are designed, allowing you to havefun while also gaining extra rewards to help you grow. Included arethe rally attack against Boss, Stronghold occupation, andCross-server events. (5) Critically Acclaimed Features Also, thereare many well-received special features that have beenwell-designed and are still being upgraded, examples of which areas follows. ##The Uncharted Glade Adventure: You have the chance todo a Rogue-like exploration once a day, testing the overallstrength of your troops and your strategic ability to use items.##The Stronghold Fighting Day: It is basically a weekly carnivalday for alliances, where you can occupy control towers to gainpoints in ways that help you defeat your opponents and gain controlof rare Strongholds. ##Ancient Artifacts: You can get sevenpowerful ancient artifacts by completing server quests orplundering other players. ## Alliance Fights against Demons:Reinforce and help your allies, and work together to defend againstdemons' attacks and win massive rewards. ##Team-up CaveExploration: Team up with your allies to challenge demons in themysterious caves. Remember, the right strategy will bring youhigher ratings and better rewards. Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/AllianceAtWar/ QQ group: 826894601 Email:aaw@hourgames.com
Over Hazed 1.0.0
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Ringing... “You don't need to know who I am, just take a goodlookat how this ugly world looks now. Then perhaps you should thankmefor kidnapping your daughter at this moment" As soon as I pickedupthe phone, I witnessed a mushroom cloud rising in thedistance,leaving the civilized world a wasteland in an instant. Ayearlater, I found my daughter's necklace by chance in the banditcamp,which gave the long-depressed me a reason to survive inthiswasteland. Along with the help of other survivors, we set upamilitary shelter. I was eager and desperate to work out whowasbehind it and save my daughter. However, when I actually foundher,I came to realize that things were nowhere near as simple asIthought... Over Hazed is a massively global multiplayeronlinestrategy game that introduces distinctive RPG elements tothetraditional sandbox strategy game. Playing the role of ahelplessfather who lost his daughter in this wasteland, you willneed torecruit various unique survivors and lead them to defendagainstterrorist groups, bandits, and mutant creatures, and invadethebase of the culprit to save your daughter. However, agreaterchallenge has loomed. The knock-on effects of the nuclearexplosionhave swept the globe, with a highly concentrated gascarryingradioactive material shrouding the atmosphere - the Haze.With alimited view, exploring and accessing resources in the Hazeisdangerous and mysterious. But the Haze also offers you a safehavenwhere enemies can't spot your location without a view. Also,youcan send out camping vehicles and build watchtowers to expandyourfield of vision. In short, the view is the key to winningbattles.Now, the shelter calls for your leadership andconstruction. As thepopulation grows, you'll need to build morefacilities. Inaddition, with new challenges and dangers coming yourway, you'llhave to train your army, upgrade your technology, andcontinue toboost your strength. The elite wasteland survivors areready tojoin you in taking on challenges and defeating enemies withtheirbattle-hardened experience and unique skills. At the sametime, youcan not only unite with global players to form a powerfulallianceto fight the enemy together, but also leverage yourstrongleadership and strategy to conquer everything and become theKingof this wasteland! [Game Features] -No VIP: NO PAY TO WIN.Survivein the wasteland and you're a VIP! -Haze System: Amysterious anddangerous system that contributes to diversifiedgameplay and makesthe decision-making of players more challenging.-Camping Vehicles:Much like Howl's Moving Castle and Scout Regimentin Attack OnTitan, it is movable and capable of scouting. Itfeatures thefast-paced Roguelike gameplay. -Ruin Gathering: ExploreRuins inthe Haze and collect various items to transform or upgradeyourcamping vehicles. -Immersive Plot: A story of rescue andbetrayaland of paternal love and friendship. -Free Training: Defineskillsand equipment for heroes of different personalities to buildyourbest elite team. -All-round Army: Train a multi-units army andmakeflexible use of troop standings and counter stats to winsmartly.-Cooperation and Confrontation: You can either joinforeignalliances to support each other or rally your compatriots tofightin unison. -Fortress Occupation: Occupy important Fortressesfromthe terrorists before the enemy does and grow thealliance.-Exquisite Graphics: High-precision modeling ofcharacters, scenes,and buildings delivers a realistic view of thewasteland. It'simportant for us to have your suggestions and we arehappy to helpyou with any questions you may have. Please contact usvia: Email:overhazed@hourgames.com