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PvPets: Tank Battle Royale
IUGO Games
Smash into action-packed Multiplayer Tank Battle Royale! 🔥🔥🔥 A lotof Intense online io PvP games with stars from all over the world.Ready for a wild ride? Pick your favorite pet, strap them into acustomized tank and watch the brawl unfold in real time online ioPvP. ⭐️ Hunt with up to 20 players in quick 3-minute PvP games. ⭐️Unlock and upgrade a lot of tanks with powerful special skills. ⭐️Smash the ranks of the leaderboards to become the star of thePvPets world. FEATURES: 🐹 It’s survival of the fittest with largemultiplayer online io PvP games of 20 players. 🐨 Thrill of thehunt, fast-paced easy to learn action brings the best of io freegames. 🐔 Gun down a lot of opponents with shooter controls in acolorful pixel multiplayer tanks world. 🐭 Stalk your prey like asniper or smash into close combat with a lot of differentplaystyles for each tank. 🐱 Cute but deadly, customize your petsand their tanks for varied looks and performance. 🐻 Devour yourenemies and increase your tank’s size and gun power. 🙈 Take aimwith unique shooter skills for every tank including snipers,rockets, flamethrowers and a lot more! 🦁 Lions and tigers and bearsoh my! Explore our io stars multiplayer world filled with a lot ofcrazy pets! 🐷 A lot of treats! Earn a lot of epic loot just byplaying. 🐶 Who's a good boy? Complete online missions to earn a lotof rewards. 🐸 Be the star of the show with a lot of competitiveonline multiplayer battle leaderboards. 🐌 Smash the ranks andbecome a tank io star to unlock a lot of new tanks and skins. 🦊Upgrade your tanks and pets to get a lot of new powerful guns andarmor. 🐰 A living multiplayer world with special events and updateson a constant basis. DOWNLOAD NOW and survive in Pvp Cats: PVPMultiplayer Tank Battle Royale Game! Pvp Cats: PVP Multiplayer TankBattle Royale Game is a free io game, but you can use in-apppurchases to progress a bit faster and you may want to keep thegame away from your kids, so they won’t spend from your credit cardor smash your high score!
Zombie Killing Strike Force
IUGO Games
The world after a zombie invasion has changed. Everyday lifebecamea battle against zombies who want to kill any living thing.Theonly way to survive in this new dark and dangerous world istobecome a hero. Can you stay alive? Customize your character andbethe best-equipped hero in the zombie apocalypse. Choose aweaponand upgrade guns to face hordes of blood-thirsty zombies. Usethebest weapon for every type of enemy and don’t hesitate to pullthetrigger. Nowhere is safe. Waves of zombies are waiting for youinnew locations. Dare to go and stay alive in Chinatown,docs,industrial area, downtown, and the lab. Dreadful zombiesarealready there to kill you. This is a real war against hordesofzombies. The game has tons of new campaigns and epic storylinestotry. Play with friends and protect each other in epic combat.Trydifferent strategies together to shut down unique monstersandbosses. Slay zombies and robots of all types and show somecouragein battles against bosses like a real killing machine. It’snotjust a classic PVE-game. Figure out with your friends who is arealhero, collaborate and shoot these monsters together or competeinone of our PVP-modes. ✅ Seek & destroy your enemies ✅Collectall the supplies you need to survive ✅ Use all that you canfindagainst waves of zombies ✅ Find and destroy computer terminals✅Kill the boss Can you figure out the key to survival inzombiegames? Game features: 🧟‍♂️ Kill unpredictable enemies -zombies,powerful monsters, and robots 🤼‍♂️ Try new PVE-game modesor takeit all from the PVP-mode 🗡 Choose a perfect weapon to facetheupcoming zombie waves 👨‍🎤 Customize your hero - kill zombiesandlook damn good doing it 🕹 Enjoy intense storylines andcolorfulgraphics 🗺 Challenge your survival skills in the newcampaigns 🤺Invite friends and get ready for the battle Time tosurvive thezombie apocalypse! Let the war begin 😈