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Word Search Puzzles 2.0.3
Get ready for WORD SEARCH PUZZLES - the top FREE word search gamefrom IceMochi!Increase your vocabulary and have fun doing it withthis addictive word search game.★ Different themes and categoriesfor your different moods!

★ Stretch your vocabulary with a "VocabChallenge" puzzle or two!★ Infinite, unlimited play with randompuzzles! 
★ Replay categories to beat your own high-score!★ TabletsupportForget the pen and paper - You'll never run out of puzzleswith WORD SEARCH PUZZLES!WARNING: Playing this game may challengeyour brain and improve your brain power ☺
Speed Racing™ 1.2
Street racing just got a whole lot zanier!Forget the traditional endless runners that have you weave inand out of lanes to avoid obstacles. In Speed Racing, you can ZOOMpast the competition with sweet rides, use your tricked outsuspensions to JUMP over cars, and DESTROY those slow vehicles withweapons of mass destruction!ROAD RAGE? MORE LIKE ROAD RUSH!- Select your perfect car from the Speed Racing garage of monstermachines.- Each automobile comes equipped with special stats and uniqueweapons!- Use rockets, bombs, and machine guns to mow down anything thatstands in your way!HAVE A NEED FOR MORE SPEED?- Win tons of coins at the end of each race- Upgrade your cars with the coins you collect to improve theirspeed, handling, and durability.- Unlock secret SUPER WEAPONS by maxing out your cars’modifications!The only question that remains now far can you go in this ridiculous street race?
Pet Puzzle Match
Pets everywhere have some tough puzzlestosolve, and they’re waiting for YOU to help them! Solve hundredsofmatch-3 puzzles on your journey aiding all of the pets.From the jarring jungle to the beastly bayou, explore thisnewFREE match-3 puzzle game!- 100+ puzzles of match-3 gameplay means there are plenty ofpetsto rescue!- Make friends with dogs, cats, turtles, penguins, and manymore!They can’t wait to meet you!- Wake up napping animals or help them dig for tasty treatsinunique puzzle modes!- Look out for that nasty Gophers! They’ll steal puzzlepiecesunless you stop them!- Challenge your friends in the game to beat your top puzzlescoreson the Leaderboards!- Offline mode means you can play puzzles at any time!- FREE TO PLAY with FREE updates!Please note that Pet Puzzle Match is free to play, but youcanpurchase in-app items with real money. To disable this feature,goto the Google Play app on your device, tap the Menu button,selectSettings > Use password to restrict purchases. Then followthedirections to complete setup.