Innovation Drive Studios Apps

Military Train Sniper Missions 1.0
Join the action packed battle on railroad with Military Trainsniper Missions. Fight against the terrorists trying to captureyour cargo train. Become the legendary and brutal assassin atmilitary disposal. You are best in sniper rifle missions and youare asked to do what you are meant to do i.e. KILL FIRST, ASKQUESTIONS LATER.Enemies have captured the freight train carrying your militaryweapons and artillery. You are the army sniper shooter assignedwith task of taking this cargo bullet train back by shooting downthe terrorists. The Journey of an expert snipers rifle officer, asurvivor is rewritten in this trains shooting extravaganza.Terrorists have killed the train driver and are trying to takecontrol of this military express. As the sole surviving armysoldier, you accepted a covert ops in this time of war and combat.This frontline mission must be a win and you must use all of yoursniper shooting skills to survive enemy forces and avenge yourfallen comrades. Jump in the heat of battle, take killer headshotsand show off your elite sniper skills on these railway tracks.Be the hero soldier in this time of need and defend your countryhonor by taking back this freight train. Fight off increasinglydifficult waves of enemies over a variety of military warfaremissions.Features:*Military sniper tale re-imagined* One man army against troops of rivals* Visualize and feel the action with stunning 3D graphics* 10 deadly missions of snipers combat
Police Sniper Combat Mission 1.0.1
Enter the battlefield with Police Sniper Combat Mission. Shoot downall the terrorists that are planning an attack on your country. Bethe best police sniper and do your duty by protecting yourterritory.Sergeant! you are chosen as the police sniper shooter to fightthis combat mission from the frontline. Prove your shooting skillsand bring destruction upon your enemies. Terrorists have laid downan army base camp and planning to launch an aggressive attack onyour country. Use your assault rifles to take down the terroristsand do what no conventional police soldier can do. Your goal is totarget as many enemies as possible with your bullets. Take killerheadshots and show off your marksman skills.Get ready to eliminate this invasion threat to your nation withyour special assassin skills. These are no plain city criminals buttrained terrorists with elite sniper skills. We need a specialpolice force officer to fight them. Are you up for this shootingmission and to take on these dangerous enemies in this one-on-onecombat? Go behind enemy lines and eliminate the rivals with yoursniper shooting.Features:* Multiple sniper shooter missions* Lethal assault rifles and unlimited ammo*Realistic military base camp environment*High quality 3D graphics
Harvest Tractor Simulator 3d 1.0
Learn the lay of the land, tend to your crops,and trade goods in farmers market. Welcome to the special placewhere every season is the harvest season in this brand new farmtractor simulator. Farming in the village with basics includesplowing, harvesting, seeding, watering and transporting crops.This Harvest season learn the ways of farming on your ownfarmland with real 3d village terrain and drive tractor throughfarmhouse to fields. Grow corn, wheat and canola on your farmlandand trade secrets with neighbors and farmers. . If you lovemachines then your will like plowing and farming on countrysidevillage. Sit behind steering wheel of aggregate tractor drivingthrough plantation.Drive careful and maneuver this big farmer vehicle parallel orin reverse according to the need. Use gas pedal and brake pedal forprecise driving with smooth controls onboard. Good luck for drivingthreshers and silage wagon on your farmland which is not an easytask.Farming is the oldest profession and here is your chance to enjoyand simulate farming on your beautiful farmhouse where you are freeto grow corn, wheat and canola with latest tractor transporter.This is not an ordinary simulation game you need precisemaneuvering and steering to complete the objective sin this HarvestSeason Tractor Simulator.HARVEST SEASON TRACTOR SIMULATOR 2016 GAME FEATURES:Multiple challenging farm driving missions with ultimateobjectivesState of the art modern TractorReal farm life experience with addicting gameplaySmooth steering control with hydraulic brake and accelerationpaddleRealistic 3D environment with stunning graphics
Wild Animals Safari Hunter 3D 1.0.0
Enter the wilderness with Wild Animals Safari Hunter 3D. Huntthemost exotic wild animals in the latest hunting simulator.Proveyour sniper skills and be the excellent marksman to hunttheseanimals in a forest environment.The hunt is on! Be a part of the animal shooting feverthishunting season. Go on a wild safari in this newest huntergame.Take your rifle and get ready to shoot down the wild animals.Thereis a range of fierce predators that you can hunt in thisanimalhunting simulator. Stunning 3D creatures and realisticsavannahenvironment will make your hunting experience come alive.This is atest of your survival skills and sniper shooting. You canselectthe wildlife animal that you wish to hunt and rely on yourmarksmantechnique to take them down .The jungle is full of exotic beasts like Wolf, Bear ,TigerandPuma. Challenge yourself to shoot down any one of the animalswithyour assault rifle. Aim and get ready to fire the shot withintime.Stay vigilant and be the best safari hunter by taking outthesepredators before you turn into their prey.Features:* 10 challenging levels of wild animal hunting* Select from a range of animals like bear, tiger, wolf* Chance for you to show off sniper shooter skills* Stunning 3D forest environment* Easy and efficient gun controls
Real Snow Plow Truck Simulator 1.0
Take control of a heavy snow plow and clear the city roads in thistruck simulator. Winter season is here and it brings snow storm andsnow fall. Soon it will be piling up on the roads which will causeblockage and traffic jam. Help the city people by taking up therole of a snow plow truck driver.Everyone loves the winter season and snowfall. But the icegathering on the roads causes a major problem for the car drivers.Asphalt roads turn slippery which results in car accidents . Thisis a chance for you to drive a heavy snow loader and plow throughthe frozen roads. Your duty as a part of the rescue team is todrive your loader truck and clear the frozen roads after thesnowstorm. This truck simulator is one of a kind where your job isto drive the snow plow machine and moving it to the roadside. Drivethe heavy machinery and show your truck driver skills. This willclear the path for the city traffic and reduce the chances of roadaccidents.You have driven farm trucks , now try driving this real snowplow machine. This is a real truck driver challenge for the loversof driving games. Easy controls and stunning visuals will engrossyour senses and give a realistic experience of snow blower drivingthrough the city roads.Features:* Multiple snow blower driving challenges* Real truck driving experience* Realistic snowy city environment* Stunning 3D graphics* Easy controls and dynamic gameplay
Hill Climb Driver Tow Truck 3D 1.0
Love playing truck driving games adspeciallytrucks with equipment like tow machine, forklift crane,and roadsweepers. Enjoy this Hill Climb Driver Tow Truck 3DSimulation gameon your mobile devices, you will need skills andpanache toaccomplish tasks.911 rescue department has appointed you to help people drivinginhills of central city. There are many collision between cars,buses,trucks and even many vehicles broke down on these dangerousmountainterrain. Your task is to drive your ultimate tow truck andcarrythese damaged cars to your garage for repair. But remembertime isthe key to enjoy multiple levels of full truck simulationfest.Drive tow trucker in speed to transport breakdown damagedcars,buses to repair shops. You have to work without crane andlifter asthey are difficult to drive on sharp turns of thesehills. Thereforebringing the damaged cars and vehicles into theworkshop will bechallenging.Coolest Hill Climb Driver Tow Truck 3D Games Features:• Multiple extreme challenging car rescue missions• Drive with precision and accuracy by anticipating thedangerousturns• Realistic mountain locations with beautifullydesignedenvironment• Latest Physics controls for easy driving and parking• Amazing high quality 3D graphics and superb background soundsGameplay:1. Check out the mini map on top right Red Arrow is yourtruck,Green Squares are the broken down cars and yellow isthegarage.2. Find the broken car by the help of the map and hit it withyourtruck to load the car on to your truck.3. Bring the loaded cars to the garage your truck will unloadthebroken car or cars automatically once it’s in the garage.4. To complete the level, all broken cars should be collectedwithIn the give timeDownload Hill Climb Driver Tow Truck 3D Games and enjoythisnewest 3D simulation game with challenges and adventure. Notethatthis game has ads which are as per the GoogleAdvertisingPolicy.
Fast Food Kitchen Burger 1.0.4
Hey little chef! Ever dreamed of owning arestaurant or bakery? Get ready to make tasteful meal for customerscoming to your resort in town. Enjoy Fast Food Kitchen Burgernewest cooking game for boys and girls.Fulfill duty as cooking chef with infinitely possibilities fortasteful recipes. Prepare dinner and breakfast in this cooking gamesimulation. Papa and mama bring kids for joyful meal; get ready forpreparing classic and classy cuisine. Prepare plate with roastpatties get nutritious topping and sausage from pantry. Add butterand cheese slice to cherish papa with classic burger. Get allplates prepared correctly as customer demanding. Make fast foodyummy burgers with sauce and extra ketchup. Kids can enjoy thisamazing game with hot oven burgers and bakery dessert like icecreams and fruit shakes. Fever getting high in this new Burgerkitchen. Are you up for a super fast time management and cookinggame? We bring you kitchen madness get chance to run best fast foodcafe in town.Get chef hat and serve hot burgers to your customers in thiscooking madness game. Get frantic and crazy in this burger maniacafe. Stop avoiding time deliver burgers orders to perfectionwithin the given time. The newest burger restaurant has opened upand you are the chef. Customers are lining up to try the hottestflavors and combinations and orders are flying in. Get this burgerkitchen scramble mania going on! Don't make a mistake while makingthe order. Check all the ingredients and build the burgers toperfection. Play two different modes calendar and kids mode. Unlocka variety of ingredients as you go along. Build sky high burgerswith as many ingredients as you want in kid’s mode.It's a super burger dash to run this fast food restaurant makevarious kind grill hamburger, chicken sandwich with barbecue sauceand more. Shine as the superstar chef in this kitchen scramblegame. Bring on your A game and get set Burger!Features:* Super fast burger cooking game* Hundreds of challenging levels* Unlock a variety of ingredients* Calendar mode and kids mode available* Build super burgers in kids mode and serve* Highly addictive game play with amazing graphics
Farming Tractor Simulator 2016 1.0.0
Make the dream of managing your own farmlandtrue with Farming Tractor Simulator 2016. Run your ownrealisticfarm like a professional farmer growing various crops.Drive heavytractor machinery around your land and start cultivatingthe farmof your dreams.Go through all the steps of realistic farming in thistractordriving simulator. Take on the role of an extraordinaryfarmer andstart cultivating your ranch. Plant and sow seeds, thenploughthrough your fields. Harvest crops once ready as theharvestertractor driver. You get to plow and harvest various cropslikewheat and canola. Water your crops to keep the cultivationhealthy.Experience tractor farming at its best in a beautifulcountrysideenvironment. Avail this chance to raise a successfulfarmland usingmassive agriculture machinery. Maximize the yieldemploying variousfarming techniques.This harvesting season , manage wheat and canola crops inthisfarming simulator. Realistic tractor driving awaits you!Differentattachments to perform multiple farming jobs likeharvester blade,plough machine are there to assist you on this farmadventure.Features:* Realistic farming experience from ploughing to sowing*10 challenging levels to test your farmer skills*Multiple crops to cultivate and grow*Various machine attachments like a harvester, plough
Pizza Shop- Fast Food Kitchen 1.0.1
Pizza Shop- Fast Food Kitchen is the latesttime management game to put your cooking skills to test. A newpizza place is opened and you are the chef! Cook cheesy, meltypizzas and serve your customers delicious fast food in your pizzarestaurant. Be the best pizza maker and run your pizzeria as thepizza cooking tycoon.Take up this job of a Pizza maker chef of the best Pizzeriarestaurant in town. Prove your cooking talent in this pizza shop bymaking the best pizzas, burgers and sandwiches. Roll up yoursleeves for a busy day cooking fast food in your pizza kitchen.This Pizzeria has a huge menu with a variety of pizzas toppings andcombinations. You also get to serve burgers and sandwiches to yourhungry customers in this pizzas shop. Use a variety of ingredientsas the pizza maker and satisfy their appetite. Don't make yourcustomers and diners wait as they are hungry and may get angry andleave. Increase your earnings by finishing each challenge andupgrade to better kitchen equipment, appliances and start the homedelivery service soon. Be the master chef and make your restaurantthe best pizza shop in town.Fast food fever is rising in this pizza kitchen. Bake yourpizzas to perfection in your diner kitchen. You need to be quick onyour feet as this is a fast food shop. Finish the orders in timeand make your customers happy and satisfied with the restaurantservice.Features:* Master the art of Pizzas making* Best time management and cooking game*Unlock delicious toppings and combinations*Upgrade to better and faster kitchen appliances* Unlock the Pizzas delivery service in higher levels
Bubble Burst Shooter Mania 1.1
It’s time to discover classic arcade andpuzzle adventures by playing Bubble Burst Shooter Mania. Shootcolorful bubbles as this bubble shooting game is going to be yourone of the best bubble shooter matching game. Train your brain,enjoy the puzzle adventure as well as action. Enjoy new Bubbleshooter 2016 balloon burst game and get amazed with its offlinefeatures.Aim to shoot the bubbles and make bubbles burst as shooting bubblesis the best way to play fun games. Discover the adventure of bubbleshooting game through exciting and addictive levels. Get even morechallenged and excited by playing one of the best bubble shootergame. Perfect free brain training games – Solve the fun puzzles!Burst bubbles to advance to the next level of puzzle games! Trainyour brain and test your skills while playing video games!Addictive & Exciting Game PlayThe Classic Bubble Shooter GameDrag your fingers to move TargetAim and Shoot!Get amazed with beautiful MermaidSo get ready,On your aims,Shoot bubbles!!
Cupcake Cooking Story 1.2
Have you ever thought to be a cupcake chef?Well, now you can be! With Cupcake Maker Story you make deliciouscupcakes and show your dessert making and baking skills with thiskitchen cooking game for kids. Get amazed with all the excitementthat goes making special cupcakes and cakes. Enjoy the experienceof kitchen baking to decorating with this different cupcake makergame. Bake the delighted cupcakes and decorate them for the specialoccasions like birthday, wedding parties or other events. It’s thebest place if you love icing and frost and you have a craze ofbuttercream and cupcake maker games. Excitement will be doubledwith kitchen cooking and cupcake maker games craze. Make your owncupcakes and create your beautiful cupcake story.You can’t bake happiness but you can make cupcakes to make youloved ones smile. Let’s make cupcakes of your own style withdifferent flavors of your choice. Here’s the most creative andunique way to show your kitchen cooking creativity with cupcakecooking story. Everything is going to be real with this cupcakemaker cooking game including fun and learning to cook. Follow thetasty cooking recipes and learn how to make delicious cupcakes.Choose yummy flavors, amaze everyone with your delightedmouthwatering cupcakes and don’t forget to decorate them withmultiple toppings and sprinkles. Learn to make cupcakes and getready to be a master of cupcakes cooking game!◆◆◆ MAKING CUPCAKES ◆◆◆Feel the real experience of making cupcakes in this maker game forkids. Just choose your favorite flavor first, drag the ingredientsaccording to the recipe and don’t forget to mix them. Select thecup you love and fill it with the batter. Put your cupcakes intothe oven for baking and be careful don’t let them burn. Experiencethe real environment of Kitchen to be a real Chef of cooking andbaking maker games for kids. Let’s decorate your delicious cupcakeswith the plenty of decoration items, such as candies, sprinklesbiscuits.Enjoy the yummy Cupcakes!◆◆◆ Top Features ◆◆◆► Get Educated with Cooking & Baking of cupcakes► Real time Experience of Playing a Cooking Game► Realistic environment of Kitchen Cooking► Variety of Amazing Decoration Items► Adventure of Designing Cupcakes► Interactive Cooking Class for Girls► Easy to Play with delicious recipes
Kids Hospital Cashier Game 1.0
Kids Hospital Cashier is a fun game forkidsand adults alike. It's a great game where you get to manageahospital, a front desk, pharmacy and a cash register.Receive patients at the counter, check-in new patients,understandthe problems of the patients, schedule appointments withthe rightdoctors and guide patients at the hospital to therightdoctors.Manage a pharmacy in your hospital, help your hospital patientswiththe right medicine, band-aids and other surgical and medicalitems.Bill the customers as a cashier for the medicine and theitems theypurchase form the hospital pharmacy.Check-out your patients and manage a cash register. Yourpatientshave to pay for the treatment, the medicine, theappointment andother facilities they took at your hospital. Afterall, this isyour job as a hospital cashier.The game has exciting levels with fun filled activitiesandchallenges. You have to become a pro hospital cashier andmanageyour cash register without any errors. There's so much to dointhis game. It's an interesting hospital cashier game for kidswhereyou act as a hospital cash register manager and have funwhilehelping your patients.Kids of all ages and adults can enjoy this game alike.
Santa Cashier Christmas Shop 1.0
The Christmas is almost here and everyoneisbusy preparing for the Christmas holidays. Everyone isexcitedabout Christmas shopping and everyone is going tosupermarkets andgrocery stores to buy stuff for themselves. Thisseason, that ischanged. How about you run the store and let Santado the shopping?Sounds good? Yay! The game, Santa Cashier ChristmasShop is goingto help you run the best supermarket this Christmasseason. You getto run your own supermarket store where yourcustomer is not otherthan the Santa himself. Ho Ho Ho! :)This Christmas, the shopping is made fun with SantaCashierChristmas Shop. Run your superstore, manage its cashregister andserve your customers which include the Santa himself.Yes, Santa isthe customer and he has to buy clothes, shoes, drumsand a lotother things to distribute to the kids these holidays.Santa Christmas Dress-Up:The game starts with the Santa in the bed. Santa has just gottenupand he is late and he wants everything fast. Make sure Santaisdressed up properly. Santa can’t be in his sleeping clothessosuggest him a better hat, a robe and pants to wear. You canevenchange Santa’s beard, hair and mustache. The game comeswithdifferent clothes, shoes and styles of Santa. You are free todressup Santa the way you want.Christmas Supermarket Shopping Store:Once the Santa is ready to go to work, he needs supplies andgifts.Help him through the supermarket store and let him buy alltheitems he wants to finish the level. Manage the cash registerforthe supermarket and bill Santa for each item sold. Once theitemsare sold, get the payment from Santa and create a bill. Returnanychange if required. And that’s it. Your Santa is ready to takeoffto distribute those gifts.The supermarket store also has a lot of exciting Christmasgifts,goodies and decoration items. You’ll love these gifts andwouldlove to help Santa distribute these to the kids aroundtheworld.The game Santa Cashier Christmas Shop is an addictivetimemanagement supermarket cashier game for kids and adults alike.Youcan’t miss the fun to enjoy the great experience of managingasupermarket cashier store and serve Santa at different levels.Thisgame is fun, as well as an education of currency. Kids learntounderstand the currency, manage the debit & credit andprovidechange as a balance amount.Download this game and enjoy your Christmas supermarket cashiergamewith Santa Cashier Christmas Shop.
Little Big Santa - Dress Up 1.0
Christmas time is here and this year youhaveto make sure the little Santa is ready for the Christmas. Santaisa little lazy and it is your duty to make sure he get ready intimefor the Christmas celebration. Are you up for this job forSantaand Christmas? We think you are the best choice the LittleSantahas right now. So let's get started.First of all, make sure all the Little Santa(s) are up early.Theirfaces are somehow dirtier than ever. They must be playing inthemud. You can clean them up and tidy them up for their sake. Useaduster and clean their faces. Once the face is done, make sureyoubrush their teeth. Their teeth house like all kinds of germs.Noone wants to see a Santa with dirty teeth. Brush their teeth togetthem cleaned up orally.The next thing you have to do is wash their face with a soap.Santaneeds to look perfect for this Christmas part in theneighborhood.These little Santa are kind of sensitive and they feelbad whenthey are not taken care of properly. To that edge, makesure theface is washed properly, rinsed and cleaned up with atowel.Once everything is done, now is the time for the dress-up. Tomakesure the dress is awesome, browse through the inventory andcheckall the freely available dresses. You can also chosepremiumdresses for free in the selection. Make sure you chose thebestglasses for the Little Santa. The dresses are all awesome.Choosingthe right dress for these little Santa is an important job.Don'tlet these Santa(s) down.Finally, the little Santa is ready for a Hairstyle. Choose onestylefrom different Santa hairstyles and make your Little Santaawesome.When the Little Santa is ready, you can feel accomplishedon howwell have you dressed up the Little Santa. Take a snapshotor turnthe snow on to enjoy your moment. And if you want to repeatthiswith another Little Santa, start again.Enjoy dressing up your Little Santa.
Crazy Kitchen Chef Restaurant- Ultimate Cooking 3.2
Have you ever experienced crazy cooking food in NewRestaurantKitchen Food Cooking Game? If No then play Crazy KitchenChefRestaurant- Ultimate Cooking games to fulfil all youroutdoorrestaurant cooking desires in this super restaurant chefkitchencooking games for free 2020. Super Cook! Grab theamazingopportunity to gain top Kitchen chef’s fine cookingexperience inNYC Food Chef Restaurant Kitchen Games. Crazy KitchenChef! WearRestaurant Chef’s Apron, gather all your equipment inCrazy KitchenChef Restaurant- Ultimate Cooking games to have ChefRestaurantCooking Fun & to impress Top restaurant foodcustomers with topchef’s fine kitchen skills. Kids Food Chef of topcooking games!Start crazy Cooking Journey and become No.1 superchef in town byutilizing chef cooking simulation game, cookingrestaurantmanagement games & time management games experience.Super FoodChef! Give yourself Chef Kitchen cooking challenge inCrazy KitchenChef Restaurant- Ultimate Cooking games & entercrazy cookingrestaurant. In restaurant serving games, take foodorders fromcustomers and quickly cook serve delicious foodutilizing chefcooking simulation game & chef kitchen restaurantgamesexperience. Let’s cook yummy Seafood, sizzling prawns, tunafish,chocolate donuts, apple pie, strawberry smoothie, sausages,Frenchfries, fresh orange juice & healthy smoothies to satisfytoprestaurant hungry customers. Restaurant Manager! Number ofhungrycustomers will increase gradually arousing kitchen fever&kitchen adventure making Restaurant Cooking kitchen chefsurpasshis crazy cooking skills in this fun restaurant top kitchengames2020. Cooking Kitchen Restaurant Chef! Remind all thelessonslearned by your virtual mommy & utilize them in cookingfoodgames in Top restaurant in NYC by serving best food intown.Finally the time has arrived & top chef hard work inkitchenrestaurant is paid off. Restaurant food Chef has beennominated asbest restaurant chef. So write your real cooking storyof funcooking journey of restaurant kitchen cooking in outdoorrestaurantcooking games for girls. Super Chef! Play Restaurantcooking chefgames & demonstrate how to calm down chef’s kitchencraze &food fever by cooking crazy in Chef Restaurant games& kidscooking kitchen games 2020. Best cooking game Restaurantsimulator!Show the world how talented you are a crazy cooking chef& cookfood to perfection in Crazy Kitchen Chef Restaurant-UltimateCooking games Features: • Best Food serving &Restaurantserving games 2020! • Best Kitchen chef RestaurantCookingSimulation Games! • Best time management games &kidseducational App! • Best Kitchen craze, kitchen fever &FoodFever games! • Superb graphics & HD animations of NewCookingGames
AntiStress ASMR Game: Stress & Mind Relaxing Toys 1.2
Are you feeling bored? Play new mind relaxing game AntiStressASMRGame: Stress & Mind Relaxing Toys. Play various mini gamesforstress relief and give yourself challenges. Best series ofendlessgames which will give you peace of mind in new antistressrelaxingtoys games. Make your mind calm in satisfying games withasmrsounds and number of mini games. Play with relaxation toyswhichwill be a good time pass for mind relaxing. Get rid of dailystressby downloading AntiStress ASMR Game: Stress & MindRelaxingToys. Various Fun games are ready to play in newantistressrelaxing games of 2021. You can click on switches, swipeto cutballs, pop bubble wrap, play tricky maze ball games and more.Thesegames will vanish away your stress in few minutes. Relieveyourstress immediately in AntiStress ASMR Game: Stress &MindRelaxing Toys. Play Mini Games for your stress relief inanxietygames. Enjoy fidget games and have some fun in new free fungames.Time to make your mind calm with ASMR sounds and meditationmusiceffects for sleep games 2021. Unlimited fun of relaxing gamesandstress free mind is here where you can pass your time and havefunof mind relaxing games Features of AntiStress ASMR Game:Stress& Mind Relaxing Toys 1. Various Mini games to play 2.AntiAnxiety and anger management games 3. Eliminates your stress infewminutes 4. Endless Game with quick to play
Cooking Delight Cafe Chef Restaurant Cooking Games 2.3
Hey crazy cooking chef! Time to build your kitchen in newcrazedream restaurant game. Create your food cafe around the cornerandstart selling street food by cooking in your own delight cafeinnew Cooking delight Cafe- Tasty Chef restaurant games Cookvariousmeals & cuisines and serve hungry customers by in yourcrazykitchen chef restaurant. Fulfill your dream of becoming thebestchef in town by doing crazy street cooking in Cooking delightCafe-Tasty Chef restaurant games Hungry customers are gathering upinyour cafe. Handle the rush and amaze them with best cookingskillsby serving them best food on time in this new Cooking delightCafe-Tasty Chef restaurant games. This game is filled with madnessofamazing cooking items. Create your own international food menuinnew fast pace new cooking games. TAP fast to cook variousfood,serve dishes to customers in new café restaurant kitchen gameandcomplete your food diary Become the top chef by preparingdeliciousworldwide famous cuisines. Spread the craze of cookingwith youryummy dishes and food and cook everything you findinsiderestaurant in this awesome new cooking game. Cook multipledisheslike Pizza, Burgers, pancakes, cupcakes, hot dogs, ice creamanddrinks with Cooking delight Cafe- Tasty Chef restaurantgames.Enjoy the fever of new style of time management cookinggame.Master your cooking skills and become a pro kitchen expert.Grabthe amazing opportunity of be a crazy chef in best chefrestaurantof 2020. The real thrill is to handle rushingcustomers, allwaiting for their orders to be fulfilled by theirfavorite streetfood chef. They are hungry and you need to cook fastto serve theorders in this fast paced time management chef cookinggame forkids and girls. Food items that you can cook and serve inCookingdelight Cafe- Tasty Chef restaurant games • Sausages • Egg nBread• Bacon • Steaks • Burgers • Pancakes • Cupcakes • Ice Cream•Various Drinks Become a top chef master and do it all in acookingfever, travel across the world and spread the Street FoodTruckcooking craze. Fulfil your dreams own a new restaurant incookingworld and traveling around the world with this new CookingdelightCafe- Tasty Chef restaurant games Upgrade your cafeappliances toserve the hungry customers in less time. Customers arehungry andwaiting for the orders. Serve them quickly in your newdashrestaurant and fulfill joy for chef. Take your cooking to thenextlevel and enjoy multiple dishes. Cook, serve and meet yourtargetsin Cooking delight Cafe- Tasty Chef restaurant games. SuperFoodChef! Give yourself chef kitchen cooking challenge inrestaurantchef cooking madness game & enter crazy cookingrestaurant. Inrestaurant serving games, take food orders fromcustomers andquickly cook serve delicious food utilizing chefcooking skills& chef kitchen restaurant games experience. Starchef yourpopularity will increase in NYC city by opening a newrestaurant ofcrazy cooking. Amaze whole city with your new style ofcookingskills. Create your own dream restaurant in new free cookinggames.Download and enjoy free Cooking delight Cafe- Tasty Chefrestaurantgames of 2020. Features of Cooking delight Cafe- TastyChefrestaurant games • Amazing graphics and sound effects • Buildyourown café restaurant • Many delicious dishes and drinks•Challenging & Addictive Levels • Best Time ManagementCookingGame
Laundry Shop Clothes Washing Game 1.23
Time to take responsibility of your new Laundry service shop intownby playing Laundry Service Dirty Clothes Washing Game. Let’smanageand prove that your laundry day shop service is on top inthe city.Wash dirty laundry of customers carefully and showeveryone yourbest abilities in new adventure cleaning game. InLaundry ServiceDirty Clothes Washing Game you might see from thebeginning isactually a laundry challenge and a cleaning one aswell. Open yourlaundry shop on time and start entertaining thecustomers by pickingdirty clothes. It is a challenging timemanagement games for girlsso keep an eye on time don’t let anycustomer get angry in LaundryService Dirty Clothes Washing Game.Hey boys & girls new laundrygame of IDS is here on google playby name of Laundry Service DirtyClothes Washing Game. Hurry up andstart doing laundry by washingclothes on your mobile phone byplaying this laundry service gamesfor girls. Run your famouslaundry day business by giving bestwashing and cleaning games forgirls. Enjoy the exciting experienceof your own laundry shop toclean up messy clothes. For the limitedtime you should checklaundry bags of your customers and move yourworker to complete allprocess as your customers requires in LaundryService Dirty ClothesWashing Game. Do you feel lazy in performingcleaning game tasks?You can tap on coffee machine to chargeyourself so that you canserve customers as early as possible and dolaundry in short timein adventure cleaning game. Laundry ServiceDirty Clothes WashingGame Gameplay • Collect Dirty laundry fromcustomers • You canperform tasks like Washing, Drying & ironingthe clothes • Tapon coffee machine to speed up your work • Performyour task on timeto get maximum coins Laundromat service is herebut it is not aself-service laundry. Customers will come and droptheir dirtylaundry to you to make it adventure for you. It’s yourjob now towash and iron the clothes to make customers happy. Thiscleaninggame will let you enjoy the best washing facilities inalaundrette. Laundry Service Dirty Clothes Washing Game canbeplayed by adults, girls and kids. Open your laundry day shopontime. It’s time to get famous. Use the best washing andcleaninggame facilities be a pro cleaner in games for kids. Peoplearelining up in laundry store, time to collect and cleandirtylaundry. Don’t forget to collect and put cash in cashregistergame. Best fun games for girls Laundry Service DirtyClothesWashing Game on google play is here. Unique game of its ownkindwhere you have to perform washing and cleaning duties. Usewasher,dryer and iron in laundry store to do your task. Manage thecashregister counter of laundry day store. Earn coins and buyupgradeyour equipment in laundry business. Be a successfullaundrybusiness man and prove your worth in laundry store tycoon.LaundryService Dirty Clothes Washing Games for girls is the besttimepass. It will get more difficult in next levels so prepareyourselffor the cleaning challenge for kids. Collect dirty pants,shirts,ties, sweaters, jerseys, tops and other garments. Be carefulinwashing and remember the order of customer correctly. Time iskeyin this time management game. People are busy in their livessothey will come to your laundry store for clothes cleaningandLaundromat service. Give them the best service in LaundryServiceDirty Clothes Washing Game of adventure. Laundry ServiceDirtyClothes Washing Game Features • Fun and easy to play laundrystoregame • Real time laundry business experience • Performchallengingtasks of clothes washing • Amazing and HD laundry shop •Cool soundeffects • Best washing game • Chance to become a prolaunderer ofyour laundry shop