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Fidget spinner 1.0
spinner is a toy that consists of a bearing in the center ofamulti-lobed flat structure made from metal or plastic designedtospin along its axis with little effort.Now these stressrelievingtoys come to your hand on Android. With this simulatorgame, you nolonger need a real fidget spinner!A fidget spinner is atoy thatsits like a propeller on a person’s finger, with bladesthat spinaround a bearing. Basically a fidget spinner consists of atwo orthree pronged design with a bearing in its center circularpad.Flick them for fun or for dumping your excess energynow!GameFeatures:- Realistic simulator with authentic spinningphysics-Dozens of fidget spinners to choose from
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Bubble pop is a very funny and happy game. Play it withyourfamily.As a classic game, Bubble pop is popular at all overtheworld.No matter women, child, elderly, housewives, handsomeman,pretty girls love Bubblepop.**********************************-Match 3 or more bubbles ofthe same to blast.- Almost 70 new levelswhich are full of colorfulbubbles.- Tap where you want to shoot onthe screen.- RESCUE cutedogs to finish level tasks.- Use powerfulprops smartly to pass hardlevels.- Reach level targets withinrequired moves.- Variouspowerful props - Color Bubble.- Bubbleshooting game for ALL:Housewives, kids, beautiful girls,commuters, elderly, etc. - Smallsize Bubble shooting game(Lessthan 10MB).- no wifi need and .- bestoffline games- Relaxing andfresh background music.- Bubble game forplayers through all agesand all countries.Are you ready to be thebest Bubble Shooter?Don’t wait. Download andplaynow!*********************************************If yourfamilyhave elderly, you want them to keep away from card and othercasinogame or they want find something to kill time. If your wife,childsor girl friend always bother you.If your husband or boyfriendsalways live you alone.You can try to download bubbleshooter. Allyou problem will go away.
تطبيق لطلبة قسم المحاسبة في جامعة النجاح الوطنية ويحتوي علىالامورالتالية : 1- اسئلة سنوات سابقة 2- حلول اسئلة كتب (المتوفرة)3-وظائف الشاغرة