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Simpals SRL is a vector map of Moldova, which includes a detailedcatalogue of places and institutions, easy and simple searchsystem, comfortable navigation and public transport routes. The newversion of the application has been provided with a moreadvanced search engine, has updated the design. In the Map.mdapplication you will find: - Detailed map of all cities and regionsof Moldova, with exact street names, numbers and location ofhouses, organizations and other places. - Constantly updated listof locations and relevant information about them. displaysthe location of restaurants, bars, shops, companies andinstitutions, as well as their exact addresses, phone numbers andwebsites. - Public transport routes: buses, trolleybuses and taxis.- Car built-in navigator, which will display the exact address.With the application you will be able to: - Quickly find thecorrect street name, house or place/organization in any city ofMoldova. - Find out the public transport route in order to arriveto your chosen destination in Chisinau. - Set the location and findthe address. - Share the address or any destination.
Play Live 1.2
Simpals SRL
Play Live - application that allows quicklyand easy to create live broadcasts from mobile devices on Create the broadcasts at any time, anywhere and joy yourfriends and relatives that are far away from you. Show them themost important events of your life with Play Live.App features:- fast launch of broadcast- working over 3G and Wi-Fi- choice of broadcast quality- chat during the broadcast- opportunity to record broadcasts to your device- creating your own channel broadcast on
PointMoney 1.4.4
Simpals SRL
“Point Money” application will provide you with daily currencyrates at all banks in Republic of Moldova and will choose the mostfavorable exchange rate for you. You will be able to convert onecurrency to another and find the nearest banks and exchangeoffices. 2.95.18
Simpals SRL
The most popular free classified ads board in Moldova 999.mdpresents a mobile application. Using this application, you’ll beable to access the entire advertisements’ data base published onthe website. Hundreds of thousands of people use daily our service.That allows them to buy, sell or exchange any products or services.On you can find everything: from real estate to smallhousehold appliances. Using the 999 application, you’ll get fullaccess to all the advertisements on the website. You will have thepossibility to place your own advertisements, to react promptly toother offers and to speak to other users directly via chat.
Simpals SRL
Теперь оставаться в курсе самых важных новостей Молдовы и мирастало проще. Удобная навигация, простой интерфейс приложения PointNews сделают его незаменимым в жизни любого современного человека.Point News - это лучший источник информации на каждый день! КомандаPoint знает, как важно, чтобы новостное приложение работало быстрои без сбоев. Чтобы наши читатели могли оставаться в курсе всехважных событий в Молдове и мире, мы обновили «движок» Point News.Теперь наше новостное приложение будет работать на React Native. –румынская версия перешла на платформу Ș (вближайшее время будет представлено новое приложение на румынскомязыке Ș Now it has become easier to stay up to date withthe most important news from Moldova and the world. Convenientnavigation, a simple interface of the Point News application willmake it indispensable in the life of any modern person. Point Newsis the best source of information for every day! The Point teamknows how important it is for a news application to run quickly andsmoothly. So that our readers can keep abreast of all the importantevents in Moldova and the world, we have updated the Point Newsengine. Now our news app will run on React Native. - the Romanianversion of switched to the platform (in the nearfuture a new application in the Romanian language Ș will bepresented) 2.5.1
Simpals SRL reprezintă cel mai bun ghid în lumea divertismentului, cevă oferă oportunități unice de petrecere a timpului liber înChișinău și alte orașe ale Moldovei. Petreceri și expoziții,concerte și premiere cinematografice, odihnă cu copiii, cursuri demaster class și festivaluri – despre toate acestea puteți afla dela noi. Cu ajutorul nostru puteți procura bilete în orice perioadăa zilei. Serviciul de bilete electronice va soluționa problemacăutării și procurării biletelor la orice eveniment din capitală șidin afara acesteia. Datorită aplicației noastre veți petrece timpulliber absolut formidabil! — Programul filmelor, concertelor,teatrelor și expozițiilor; — Procurarea biletelor rapid șiconvenabil cu ajutorul aplicației; — Catalogul complet alcafenelelor, barurilor, restaurantelor, locurilor de atracție, ceconține informația de bază despre bucătărie, atmosferă și prețuri;— Selecție zilnică de știri din lumea muzicii și cinematografiei,știri despre evenimente, recenzii despre noi locuri și festivități,știri neobișnuite și pur și simplu haioase din întreaga lume! is the best guide in the world of entertainment, whichoffers unique opportunities for leisure in Chisinau and othercities of Moldova. Parties and exhibitions, concerts and filmpremieres, rest with children master class courses and festivals -about all they can learn from us. With our help you can buy ticketsat any time of day. E-ticketing service will solve the problem ofsearch and purchase tickets for any event in the capital andbeyond. Due to our application you will spend time absolutelyterrible! - The program of films, concerts, theater andexhibitions; - Purchase tickets quickly and conveniently with thePC; - catalog of cafes, bars, restaurants, places of attraction,containing basic information kitchen, atmosphere and prices; -Select Daily news from the world of music and film, news aboutevents, reviews about new places and celebrations, and simplyunusual news Funny worldwide! 0.3.8
Simpals SRL - приложение для самых крутых спортсменов Молдовы - an application for the coolest athletes of Moldova. - a free classifieds board 2.95.16
Simpals SRL
On average, the website is daily visited by 230,000 users who wantto buy or sell the products or services they need. Ads are placednot only by individuals, but also by entrepreneurs and companies,therefore, on the site you can find absolutely everything:from cars and digital equipment to travel packages and fridgemagnets. The task of is to help small and large businessesto develop in the territory of the Republic of Moldova.