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Hose The Boss 1.0
Has The Boss got you down?Does The Boss drive you crazy with stupidrequests?Does The Boss play favorites?Can you not figure out whyThe Boss is The Boss?Does it sometimes seem that you “Get TheBusiness” from The Boss?Well now you can give something back . . .some fun for you . . . and some aggravation for the boss.Hose TheBoss is a great new game that lets you “Hose The Boss” . . .Literally with a Fire Hose. Well maybe just on the screen but it isstill fun.You turn the hose on the boss and watch them try to run.They will yell at you . . . but it won’t help They will try to run. . . but they can’t get awayIs your “favorite” boss a man or awoman? . . . We got them both.Does your “favorite boss” have lotsof hair? . . . We can do that.There are over 20 characters to pickfrom.Pick a boss that looks like the most fun and then turn on thehose.Your score is based on how wet you can get the boss. Thelonger you can keep the hose on the boss the higher your score. Youcan get extra time in a level if you can keep squirting themwithout a miss as they try to run and try to get away. The extratime will let you earn some extra points.One other way to scoreextra points is when one of your co-workers is on the screen. Ifyou can Hose The Boss WITHOUT squirting the co-worker you candouble the point value for a little while. If you squirt yourco-worker she will scream and you will get a score penalty. In Easyplay you have a bit more room but in Hard play the co-worker needsto be near the center of the screen so you can get the doublepoints. One trick. Just like a real hose when you turn it off thewater that has left the nozzle keeps on going. If you tap thehydrant after you lift your finger the water on the screen willdisappear. You can use this trick to get closer to the co-worker totry and get those double points.If you are good you can earn somespecial achievements: Rookie Hoser Veteran Hoser Chief HoserSOON …You will be able to compare your score and achievements with yourfriends on OpenFeint.My apologies to the Android diehards … a newYouTube video is in the works. ;-)I hope you don't get fired.Nobosses were harmed or hosed in the making of this game … well maybejust their egos.