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Battle Command!
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Lead the Future’s Army! Troops, Mechs, Tanksand Planes at your control. Build your base, mine resources andplan your attack. Out-Maneuver Your Online Foes in REAL-TIME BATTLEover Land and Air!***OVER 40,000 5-Star Reviews!***Take command of a rag-tag fighting force with potential, but indesperate need of your leadership. Build your base, raise yourarmy, and battle against other players in an epic quest fordomination. Download now to hone your skills and become the world’snext great commander!• FREE TO PLAY• Set in a fun, futuristic military world• Easy to learn, but offers deep strategic gameplay as you levelup• Friends in Alliances help boost your resources to build andupgrade units faster• Battle with a wide variety of infantry, vehicles and aircraft –Plus, call in an airstrike to annihilate your opponents• Clash against other players in PvP mode, play the single playerstory campaign, or spar your own base to test your defensesIf you like builder games, tower defense, real-time strategy orfast paced fighting games, you’ll love Battle Command! With over 20different units to unlock, you’ll build and battle with an awesomelineup of offensive and defensive units, including:• Imposing ground forces –grenadiers, commandos, spies andmore• Powerful vehicles – assault bikes, jeeps, tanks and more• Awe-inspiring aircraft – drones, choppers, air strikes andmore• Terrifying defensive structures – gun turrets, mortars, missilesand more***Other features and fun things about Battle Command!***• A small download will get you playing faster than any othercombat strategy game out there• Watch and learn how to build stronger defenses through battlereplays• Breathtaking graphics and audio that puts you on thebattlefield• Sign in with your Google account to play across all yourdevices• Optimized for phones and tabletsBattle Command! is another great game from award winningdeveloper Spacetime Games!Check Us Out At:http://www.battlecommandapp.comConnect with other players!Forum: +:
Battle Dragons:Strategy Game
Spacetime Games
Battle Dragons is the game where you build aFortress and Command a Dragon Army! Battle hundreds of thousands ofother players worldwide in this Battle & Build game fromcritically acclaimed & Google Play "Top Developer" SpacetimeGames. Battle Dragons is one of the best combat strategy or bestreal time strategy games you'll play!***** "All about training and deploying dragons to destroy rivalvillages. Come on, how much cooler does it get than that?" -Gamezebo***** "Battle Dragons is that rare title that is literally hard toput down" - Arcade Sushi***** “You can really see Battle Dragons shine while attacking afortress...” - MMOhuts***** “I love the smell of Battle Dragons fire and brimstone in themorning. And the afternoon. And evening.” - Daenerys TargaryenIf you’re reading this, you probably tapped the down arrow inthe Description. Thanks, we appreciate your curiosity. We thoughtyou were the type of person that was pretty discriminating aboutthe stuff you put on your fancy mobile devices. So…we wanted togive you some stuff worth reading to help you decide whether or notto install this. SPOILER ALERT: we think you should.Here’s what you do in this game – pretty simple, actually. Youcommand your army of Dragons as they raze and plunder valuableresources from other players. You use those resources to grow morepowerful. You Battle. You Build. You reign supreme.We think it’s pretty fun and it don’t cost nuthin’. We had funmaking it and hope you have fun playing it. Why not try it?C’mon…tap that install button up there.Here are some other things we think are cool about thegame:• Build a Dragon Fortress with over 43 different buildings –they’re (virtually) real, and they’re spectacular.• Raise an army from 10 different types of booty-kickin’ Dragonunits that will pillage and plunder as you command. You can upgradethem all too. You’ll never get a chance to tell a Dragon what to doin real life!• Defend your Dragon Fortress with 13 different types ofstructures that can be upgraded all the way up to bad mamma jammastatus – and as J.R.R.R.R.R.R. Tolkien and George R.R.R.R.R.R.Martin so notably wrote, “Bad mamma jamma Dragons are awesome.”• Want to start a Dragon Tribe with friends? Good, you should.You can help each other by speeding up upgrades and boostingproduction of Gold and Sheep (yes, we said Sheep). Get awesomeDragon stuff faster.• Join with Facebook friends to help each other do all that speedupand boost stuff we just mentioned – ‘cuz that’s so much morevaluable than looking at photos of what they had for lunch or theirkitty cats doing adorable things.• Your Dragon tribe gets to fight against other Dragon tribes ina leathery winged battle for supremacy. That’s a Constitutionalright, by the way, not a privilege. That’s true – you can look itup.• Optimized for all the latest displays on all these fancy spaceage devices we all carry around now. If they’re going to go throughthe trouble of making these things, we might as well take advantageof it, right? Pixels are a terrible thing to waste. Plus it’s nofun to squint – unless you are doing some kind of Clint Eastwoodimpression.• Takes full advantage of Integrated Google Play gameservices!• Oh, and did we mention your Dragons eat sheep? You just can’tput a dollar value on that kind of entertainment. But that reallydoesn't matter since the game is free anyway.Still reading? Install it already - we hope you enjoy BattleDragons!Like us on Facebook: Us Out At:http://www.battledragons.comWant More Info? Visit our Forum!’s website:
Arcane Battlegrounds
Spacetime Games
Wage Epic Fantasy Warfare!The latest title from the award winning Spacetime Games! ArcaneBattlegrounds is a fun and addicting real-time combat strategy gamewhere you lead an army across a breathtaking fantasy world. Buildyour Kingdom, train your troops, and fight against playersworldwide to conquer the realm of Arlor!Join the 30 million+ players that have already experienced thethrill of our games! Part of PocketGamer’s top 50 developers in2011, 2012, and 2013, Spacetime Games have logged over 500 millionplay sessions on titles that receive critical acclaim.Arcane Battlegrounds is based off of the hit mobile MMO, ArcaneLegends. Set in the realm of Arlor, you take charge of a novicegroup of fierce Warriors, magical Mages, and deadly Rangers whoneed to hone their skills on the battlefield. Through a mixture ofstrategic planning and competitive spirit, you can turn youramateur army into a ferocious force.FEATURES:- FREE TO PLAY- Build a modest base and transform it into a massive personalizedKingdom- Train up to 10 different units to create an army of heartyWarriors, brutal Trolls, or fire-breathing Dragons- Defend your Kingdom with Catapults, Cannons, Towers, Bombs,Walls, and more- Clash against other players in fast-paced strategic battles toraise your Trophy Score- Fight against the evil Lord Grakith in an in-depth story-drivencampaign- Form an Alliance with friends to support each other on and off ofthe battlefieldArcane Battlegrounds is another great game from the awardwinning developer Spacetime Games!For more information, check us out at:www.arcanebattlegrounds.comConnect with other players!Forum:
Call of Champions
Spacetime Games
Call of Champions is themostintensereal-timemultiplayer battle arena (MOBA) on the phoneandtablet.Choose aChampion, recruit a team, smash the enemy,andcompeteagainstmillions worldwide!The heart-pounding five-minute matches in CallofChampionsdistillthe best of old-school MOBA mechanics likelanes,minions,and itemshops into fast-paced tacticalbrawls,game-changingpower-ups, and atug-of-war with an Orb ofDeath.Featuring over 15 Champions with fullycustomizabletalenttrees,as well as an innovative A.I. that fills inif you needtotake acall or text, Call of Champions is the MOBAperfectedformobiledevices.Game Features:- FREE TO PLAY FOREVER!- Compete around the world in lightningfaststrategicfive-minutematches.- Receive a FREE Champion in your first week ofplay($4.00USDvalue).- Unlock and command over 15 Champions spanningfiveiconicclassesand eight unique Realms.- Push the "Orb of Death" on a track in a thrillingtug-of-wartotakedown towers. No waiting on minions.- Grab power-ups for yourself or fight for boardcontroltosharepower-ups with your team. No item shoprequired.- Customize your Champion to suit your playstylethroughanovelTalent Tree.- Watch friends and pros duke it out inSpectatorMode.Followplayers, Pause, and Instant Replay. Youcontroltheplayback!- Never lose a game to drops. A.I. instantly fills inforplayerswhoneed to take a call or reply to a text.The reviews are in, and here's what people are sayingaboutCallofChampions:- "First mobile MOBA that does something superclever"-TouchArcade- "Feels like the first true mobile MOBA" - PocketGamer- Best Mobile Game, Pax Prime 2015 - MMOGames- "Incredibly gorgeous" - AppRumors- "The 5 minute timer makes this game perfect formobiledevices"-MMO Games- "More accessible, more interesting, and a lotmorefun"-PocketGamer- "Arena is so good, it’ll leave you wantingmore"-TrustedReviewsBuilt on Spacetime Studios' innovative SpacetimeGameEngine,Callof Champions delivers high quality real-time actionata silky60frames per second. It's small download size (80megs)andlowbandwidth requirements (synchronous over 3G and faster)makeittheideal MOBA for an on-the-go competitiveexperience.Withhighresolution graphics, external display supportand asuiteofstream-friendly features, you can bring your battlestothebigscreen and share your triumphs with the world!