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War Dogs : Air Combat Flight Simulator WW II
Teapot Games
War Dogs is a world war 2 era air combat flight simulator gamefeaturing 24 warplanes from the five major powers of the time- USA,Germany, UK, Japan and Russia. The game features the full diverserange of airplane that were used in the great war- dog fighters,dive-bombers, torpedo-bombers and long range heavy-bombers. Thegame has both single player campaigns and multiplayer arena battlesspread across five major theaters of war ranging from the desertsof North Africa to the shores of Japanese isles War Dogs is builtfrom ground-up as a flight simulator to offer the most immersiveair combat experience, and unlike most WW II aircraft games onMobile, War Dogs has both Arcade and Simulation grade controls forboth rookies and experienced Ace Fighters. Take control of allthree controls(pitch, roll and yaw) to pull off basic and advancedair combat manoeuvres like Barrel roll, Pitchback, Wingover andothers like an ace fighter Features like Cockpit mode and WarEmergency power will offer immersive Flight Simulator experience onpar with PC/Console air combat games/simulators Take off and landon Aircraft carriers. Torpedo enemy warships, Dive bomb enemyinstallations and destroy their airfields For King andCountry(British Campaign): Defend the British shores from GermanLuftwaffe using the battle tested Supermarine Spitfire. Beat backthe Kriegsmarine using biplane torpedo bombers like FaireySwordfish Always in Action(German Campaign): Dominate thesun-scorched deserts of north africa for the Luftwaffe using themenacing Stuka Dive bombers and light and nimble Focke-Wulf FW190s. Hold the relentless British Allied advance with surgicalstrikes Beneath the Rising Sun(Japanese Campaign): Spearhead thehistoric assault on pearl harbor that pushed USA into the World War2. Decimate the American pacific fleet with air-strikes on theirwarships, aircraft carriers using Mitsubishi A6M Zero, Nakajima B5Nand others airplanes The Motherland Calls(Russian Campaign):Witness an entire nation mobilized to defend their motherland fromthe German blitzkrieg. Use the crippling winter in Russia toimmobilize the German Wehrmacht and disrupt their supply lines.Deploy Iconic Russian airplanes like Ilyushin IL-2, Yakovlev Yak-3and Petyakov PE2 Remember Pearl Harbor(American Campaign): Take thefight with the Imperial Japanese Navy to their shores. Use the fullmight of American Naval air power and avenge the attack on Pearlharbor. Deploy superior American aircraft like P-51 Mustang, F4UCorsair, P-47 Thunderbolt, SBD Dauntless, TBF Avenger, and thefittingly named Boeing B17 Flying Fortress Multiplayer: Invite yourfriends and Battle out with them in Arena style Team battles.Choose your squad (2 Fighters, 1 Dive bomber, 1 Torpedo Bomber, 1Heavy Bomber), and deploy them. Face off against Anti-aircraft Gunsor Fleet of Battleships in Land and Sea battles while defendingyour own assets. Play either in flight simulator mode or arcademode depending on your style. Become a Ace fighter by leveling upand upgrade your warplanes List of Warplanes : Fighter: Warplanesthat excel in dog-fighting with superior speed, and maneuverabilitycompared to other warplanes Supermarine Spitfire P-51 MustangFW-190 Wulf Messerschmitt Bf-109 Mitsubishi a6m zero Ilyushin-2Shturmovik Vought F4U Corsair Messerschmitt 262 Thunderbolt P-47Yakovlev Yak-3 Nakajima Ki-84 Hawker Hurricane Torpedo Bomber:Torpedo enemy warships as you dodge AA flak gun fire FaireySwordfish Nakajima-B5N Grumman TBF Avenger Junkers Ju 88 DiveBomber: Dive and launch surgical strikes on enemy assets Junkers 87Stuka Douglas SBD Dauntless Fairey Barracuda Petlyakov Pe-2 HeavyBomber: Carpet bomb enemy targets using the devastating butvulnerable heavy bomber Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress Heinkel He 111Avro Lancaster Mitsubishi G4M Music By: Anup Jampala(Delta FourSoundtracks)
Enemy Waters : Submarine and Warship battles
Teapot Games
Line up your submarine and launch a torpedo salvo. Send theWarshipto the bottom of the sea Enemy Waters is a cat and mousegamebetween submarines and ships. Command and Manoeuver your fleetasyou face off against waves of pirate John’s warships.ConquerSeaports and Oil wells by defeating the enemy warships.Expand yourinfluence and procure the best submarine or battleshipto stand upto the ever increasing machinations of Pirate LittleJohn Ambushand destroy Pirate John’s convoys by laying the perfecttrap.Expect no less from the dreaded pirate as you take the role ofacaptain and escort your own warship or submarine to safetySonarping to identify underwater submarines and drop depth chargesonthem, before they unleash a torpedo salvo on your warship Asthecaptain, it is up to you whether to engage silent running onyoursubmarine and sneak past Pirate john’s battleship, or get toitsport or starboard side and unleash a torpedo right into thewarshipSimulation grade controls will let you control the depth ofyoursubmarine Simulation controls will also let you dive intodeeperwaters as you escape the depth charge from enemy warshipDeploy andbattle warships and submarines from World war 2, Cold warera, andcurrent times Submarines: Tench Class: Submarines built fortheUnited States Navy. Also used by Brazilian, Turkish, andPakistaninavy. They saw combat in World war 2 and BangladeshLiberation warOberon: Built for British Navy. Popular as museumsubmarine DaphnÈ: Diesel electric submarines built in France forthe French Navy.Primarily used for patrolling by French Navy. Hasrear torpedolaunch capabilities Foxtrot : Foxtrot was the NATOreporting name.Built by the Soviet Union. Saw action during the1971 war betweenIndia and Pakistan(Bangladesh liberation war of1972) by the IndianNavy. Known to be exceptionally good at silentrunning Kilo : Builtby Soviet Navy. Kilo was the NATO reportingname. Operated byRussian Navy and Indian Navy. Saw action duringthe cold war periodAkula : First deployed by the USSR Navy andlater Russian navy,Akula is nuclear powered. Operators are Russiaand India(on lease).developed near the end of cold war LosAngeles :Nuclear poweredfast attack submarine of the United States Navalcommand. Improvedsilent running Arihant : With nuclear poweredballistic missilecapabilities, Arihant is developed for the IndianNaval forces. Hastop mounted missiles Yasen : Built to replaceRussian soviet erafleet. Can launch missiles Virginia : The mostadvanced sub everbuilt. They are expected to be in battle readystate till 2070Ships: Flower Class : Used as a warship during WorldWar II,specifically with the British and French navies asanti-submarineconvoy during the Battle of the Atlantic. Also servedin Battleshipescort role. Evarts : Used by US Navy as destroyer andconvoyescort roles during World war 2 Whitby : Frigate of theBritishRoyal Navy, which entered service after the second WorldwarCommandant Riviere : Battleship built for the French Navy.Canperform overseas patrol in peacetime and anti-submarine escortinwartime Petya : Petya was the NATO name for this warship.Designedfor anti-submarine warfare in shallow waters. OperatedbyUSSR(soviet navy, and later Russian navy), Indian navy ,andVietnamese navy during the cold war. Still active inVietnamesenavy. Leander : Battleship of the Royal British Navy forantiaircraft roles. Also operated by Indonesian navy and PakistaninavyEspora : Warship of the Argentine Navy built in Argentina basedona German design Braunschweig : Built by Germany. UnderNATOcommand, this battle ready warship is built to performlittoraloperations Kamorta : Built for Indian Navy. Anti-submarinecorvettewith stealth capabilities. Possesses anti aircraft missilesandarray sonars. Fought against Somali pirates
Avion Flight Simulator ™ 1.37
Teapot Games
Update: 10 new missions featuring USA Presidential Air ForceOne!Air Force One is used for transporting the president of USAAvionFlight Simulator ™ is a sophisticated flight simulatorthatincludes 12 planes, 4 detailed cities, and over 9 airports.Theplayer can fly anything from single-engine aircraft to jumbojets,with idealistic to realistic flight simulation experience. Thegamefeatures an immersive set of 60+ missions, dynamicreal-worldweather system, trees and interactive clouds. AvionFlightSimulator ™ features 12 detailed aircrafts that you canpilot, withcockpit view: Cessna 182 - The Cessna 182 Sky lane is anAmericanfour-seat, single-engine light airplane, built by CessnaofWichita, Kansas. DE Havilland DHC6 Twin Otter - The DEHavillandCanada DHC-6 Twin Otter is a Canadian 19-passenger STOL(ShortTakeoff and Landing) utility aircraft developed by deHavillandCanada and produced by Viking Air. ATR 42 - The ATR 42 isatwin-turboprop, short-haul regional airliner built in FranceandItaly by ATR. Piper PA46 Malibu Meridian - The Piper PA-46Malibuand Matrix are a family of American light aircraftmanufactured byPiper Aircraft of Vero Beach, Florida. The aircraftis powered by asingle engine and has the capacity for one pilot andfivepassengers. A-10 Thunderbolt II - The Fairchild RepublicA-10Thunderbolt II is an American twin-engine, straight wingjetaircraft developed by Fairchild-Republic. It is the onlyUnitedStates Air Force production aircraft designed solely forclose airsupport, including attacking tanks, armored vehicles, andotherground targets with limited air defenses. DE Havilland Beaver- Thede Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver is a single-engined, STOLaircraftdeveloped by de Havilland Canada. It is used for cargoandpassenger hauling, aerial application (crop dusting andaerialtopdressing), and has been widely adopted by armed forces asautility aircraft. Canadair CL415 - The Bombardier 415Superscooperis a Canadian amphibious aircraft purpose-built as awater bomber.It is an aircraft designed for aerial firefighting andis based onthe company's CL-215 flying boat. It is marketed in theUnitedStates as the "Superscooper." Beechcraft King Air - TheBeechcraftKing Air is a twin-turboprop aircraft produced byBeechcraft. Theywere originally marketed as Super King Airs, with"Super" beingdropped by Beechcraft F-16 Fighting Falcon - TheGeneral Dynamics(now Lockheed Martin) F-16 Fighting Falcon is asingle-enginemultirole fighter aircraft originally developed byGeneral Dynamicsfor the United States Air Force (USAF). Designed asan air dayfighter, it evolved into a successful all-weathermultiroleaircraft. Boeing F/A-18E - The Boeing F/A-18E Super Hornetandrelated twin-seat F/A-18F are twin-engine carrier-capablemultirolefighter aircraft variants based on the McDonnell DouglasF/A-18Hornet. The F/A-18E single-seat and F/A-18F tandem-seatvariantsare larger and more advanced derivatives of the F/A-18C andDHornet. Boeing 777 - The Boeing 777 is a family oflong-rangewide-body twin-engine jet airliners developed andmanufactured byBoeing Commercial Airplanes. Commonly referred to asthe "TripleSeven”, it is also the first entirely computer-aideddesignedcommercial aircraft. Sukhoi Su-33 - The Sukhoi Su-33(Russian:Сухой Су-33; NATO reporting name: Flanker-D) is anall-weathercarrier-based twin-engine air superiority fighterdesigned bySukhoi and manufactured by KnAAPO. Following thebreak-up of theSoviet Union and the subsequent downsizing of theRussian Navy,only 24 aircraft were produced. Avion Flight Simulator™ featurespilot cockpit view for all the aircrafts. It contains 5distinctcommercial airports, 2 seaports and 2 small airports. Ithas noin-app purchases and the aircrafts can be unlockedsequentially asyou progress the missions
Jumbo Jet Flight Simulator
Teapot Games
MAYDAY! MAYDAY!! MAYDAY!!! Declaring an Emergency! Jumbo JetFlightSimulator is a flight simulator game consisting of 6differentjumbo jets that were popularly used in commercialaviation. Builtusing Airfoil physics the game delivers a highlyrealistic FlightSimulation experience on mobile devices. Jumbo JetFlight Simulatoralso features Disaster Missions which are based onreal-life aircrashes where a major malfunction cripples theaircraft. This isyour chance to display phenomenal airmanship andpilot the airplaneback to a safe landing or face impossible oddsand fight till thebitter end. The Game also features Day/Nightcycles, DynamicWeather, Free fly mode, and a Cockpit view. Unlikemost flightsimulation games on mobile, Jumbo Jet Flight Simulatoroffers acomprehensive list of control systems, instruments andwarningsystems. Control systems: Ailerons(roll control)Elevators(pitchcontrol) Rudder(yaw control) Flaps Spoilers TrimReverse ThrustAsymmetric Thrust on Engines Autopilot Brakes LandingGearInstruments: Altimeter Airspeed Indicator AttitudeIndicatorHeading Vertical Speed Indicator Turn Indicator Slip/SkidIndicatorWarning Systems: Stall Warning Bank Angle Warning TerrainWarningLanding Gear Warning Master Caution Aircrafts: AirbusA380Nicknamed as SuperJumbo, A380 is the world’s largestfull-lengthdouble-deck airliner with a seating capacity of 525.With 4turbofan engines the Airbus A380 can fly for 14,800 km.Boeing 747Dubbed as the original ‘Jumbo Jet’ , Boeing 747 is theworld’sfirst wide-body airliner. Also called ‘Queen of the skies’,morethan 1,500 aircraft were built over a span of 50 years.IlyushinIl-86 Often remembered as ‘USSR's first wide-bodiedaircraft’, theIlyushin Il-86 was built by the Ilyushin designbureau for theSoviet Union. Out of the 100+ airplanes that werebuilt, only 3remain in service, all with the Russian Air Force.Lockheed L-1011TriStar Built by Lockheed Corporation, the ‘Tristar’came intoproduction in the 1970s to compete against Boeing 747 andtheMcDonnell Douglas DC-10. A total of 250 Tristars were builtandonly one remains in service. Airbus A310 Often known as theworld'sfirst twin-jet wide-body airplane with range long enough forit tobe operated on transatlantic flights, Airbus A310 first cameintoproduction in 1983. Boeing 777 Commonly referred to as the‘TripleSeven’, it is the first Boeing aircraft with fly-by-wirecontrols.First launched in 1995, 777 had become the most-producedBoeingwide-body jet, overtaking the 747. Jump into the cockpit andsee ifyou have what it takes to be a Jumbo Jet pilot!
Sea Harrier Flight Simulator 1.08
Teapot Games
Experience the triumph of cold war British engineering, in thisSeaHarrier Flight Simulator by TeaPOT Games. Being theonlycommercially successful VTOL (vertical take off landing) fixedwingaircraft to date, the first iteration of Sea Harrier(HawkerSiddeley Harrier) was introduced into the Royal Air force in1969.Initially conceived as a second strike aircraft which canbelaunched from a tactical environment when the airfieldsaredestroyed by a nuclear strike, its vertical take offcapabilitieshelped it to transform into a multitude of roles (closeairsupport, naval air defense and reconnaissance) and wasinductedinto the British Royal Navy, United States Marine Corps,the IndianNavy, and several others. The Sea Harrier played acrucial role inthe Falklands War to great success with 20 kills to1 combat loss.It also saw combat in the Gulf war, OperationEnduringFreedom(Afghanistan, 2001), Operation Odyssey Dawn (Libya,2011),and several other humanitarian operations. This FlightSimulator byTeaPOT Games, is extremely physics accurate, and offersthe primaryflight controls and functions of the Sea Harrier such asEnginepower, VTOL lever, roll, pitch, yaw, landing gear, brakes,aircraftcarrier take off, missile locking and firing systems. Itdoesn'temulate the secondary and tertiary flight controls, due totheinput limitations of mobile devices. Some liberties were takenwithrespect to missile locking, launching, and evading aspects ofthegame for a more cinematic and entertaining approach but theflightcontrols hold true to simulation. Unlike most FlightSimulatorgames, Sea Harrier Flight Simulator doesn't stopsimulation uponcoming into contact with a crash point, it continuesinto a postcrash simulation. The dynamic crash simulation extendeven for thelanding gear. 15 missions take the player through theflightcontrols of the Sea Harrier and advance to morecomplicatedobjectives. A free fly mode offers the player to landanywherehe/she wants. Settings screen enables features that providemoreFlight simulation options such as landing gear strength andbrakingpower. Hope you enjoy our Sea Harrier Flight Simulator. Ifyou haveany feedback or issues about our game, or the fidelityofsimulation it offers, write to us support@teapotgames.in. Wewouldbe particularly interested to hear(positive or negative) fromyouif you have real life flying experience or experience withotherflight simulation systems. This Flight Simulator isneitherendorsed nor supported by the Royal Navy, United StatesMarineCorps, the Indian Navy, British Aerospace, Hawker Siddeley,or theMcDonnell Douglas Corp.Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/teapotgamesTwitter:https://twitter.com/TeaPOTGames