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Tokopedia - #1 Everyday 3.62.1
Welcome to Tokopedia! Tokopedia is an online marketplace that hasbeen trusted throughout Indonesia. Fulfill your daily needs withjust 1 application. Shop for all your needs here! From fashion,gadgets, electronics, to makeup and skin care. You can also paybills and top-ups such as paying PLN, credit card bills, BPJS, andinvestments such as gold and mutual funds. Need to travel? You canbuy flight and train tickets, hotel booking, and other travelingequipment at Tokopedia. We are providing various systems to supportthe safety and convenience shopping at Tokopedia. There are a lotof exciting promos with the lowest prices, which also comes withvariations in payment and delivery. Enjoy the best online shoppingexperience that is easy, affordable, and safe only at Tokopedia.EASY TO USE ● Choose according to your needs - Many choices ofpayment and shipping methods ● Advanced search system - Get theproduct you want with fast & accurate search ● Easy to navigateand incredibly user-friendly SECURE TRANSACTION GUARANTEE ● TrustedSeller - You can check the store's reputation, store statistics, orsee stores with the Power Merchant and Official Store sign ● SafeShopping - There is a warranty option for every item you buy ● Findout with reviews - Look at the experiences of other buyers toconfirm choices ● Track packages with more certainty - Follow theprogress of your packages in real-time MORE PROMOS FOR YOU ● Freeshipping every day ● Daily promos - There are always specialcashbacks and discounts ● Exciting Deals - Get lots of benefits atlow prices So what are you waiting for? For an easier life,Download Tokopedia Now! Check Tokopedia now! WEBSITE - FACEBOOK - Tokopedia TWITTER -@Tokopedia INSTAGRAM - @Tokopedia GOOGLE+ - +Tokopedia LINEOFFICIAL ACCOUNT - @tokopedia BLOG - Have any critics, complaints, orsuggestions? Feel free to contact the Tokopedia customer care: i: To optimize user's experience.This app needs your permission as in this link:
Tokopedia Seller App 1.58
Manage & grow your online business anywhere, anytime from yourmobile phone or tablet with Tokopedia Seller App. Tokopedia SellerApp is a platform tailor-made for sellers on Tokopedia’sconsumer-to-consumer (C2C) online marketplace. Our app givesflexibility and freedom for sellers looking to increase sales andexpand their online business. Tokopedia Seller App is the best wayfor you to give your online shop a competitive edge. You can easilymanage your inventory, create listings, and compare prices withother sellers so you know you’re setting the most competitiveprices possible. Gain valuable insights about your shop byreviewing store statistics & sales performance. Improve youronline presence and store reputation by becoming more responsiveand attentive to your customers. Get on the minute notificationsfor buyer reviews, messages, or whenever your item sells. Worry not-- Our customer service & resolution center are available 24/7to help resolve any problems you might have. Here’s why this app isthe best way for you to manage your Tokopedia online shop: ​ It’sthe simple & intuitive way to gain more control over yourbusiness ✓ Create new listings & offers instantly by uploading& updating product photos directly from your camera or gallery.✓ Our new Instoped feature makes it easy for you to upload newpictures from your Instagram handle. Import photos from yourInstagram account directly to your listing. ✓ Manage your storeinventory on the go. Easily update product prices & quantitiesin just a few taps. ✓ Boost online sales by promoting your listingswith TopAds. Edit, remove, resume, or add new TopAds campaign fromyour mobile or tablet. ​ Get up close & personal with yourcustomers ✓ Improve your online shop performance and reputation bygiving your store a competitive edge in our marketplace. Newfeatures in our seller app allows you to be more agile andresponsive in meeting your customers’ feedbacks & inquiries. ✓Respond quickly to buyer inquiries by getting notifications on theminute. ✓ Get notifications for whenever your product sells &check transaction statuses on the go. ✓ Get notifications for buyermessages, product reviews, and buyer reviews. ✓ View shop stats andget valuable insights for your store. Gain access to store data toreview and analyze your selling performance. Resolution Center& Customer Service ready to assist you whenever Our customerservice & resolution center are always here to help. We’reavailable 24/7 to resolve any questions, concerns, and sellingproblems you might have. Worry less, so you can sell more. Safelyand instantly transfer your funds View and redeem your statementbalance easily. Funds and profits will be transferred to yourpersonal banking account in just a few minutes. Semua dimulai dariTokopedia. We’d love to hear from you!Questions, concerns, & comments are always welcome. Shoot us anemail at
Mitra Tokopedia - Kios Pulsa & Supplier Warung 1.4.12
Perluas usaha warung kamu dengan gabung jadi Mitra Tokopedia!Keseharian usaha dijamin lebih praktis, ditambah harga barang yanglebih ekonomis dan ongkir GRATIS. Tertarik? Download dan gabungjadi Mitra Tokopedia sekarang biar bisa dapetin DISKON 50% LANGSUNGbuat para mitra-mitra baru! Gak perlu khawatir sama kuota HP kamu,karena aplikasinya cuman 2MB! Kenapa sih harus jadi MitraTokopedia? Tinggal sekali klik, pesan stok barang toko lebih mudahdan murah! Dijamin sampai di hari yang sama, kalau belinya sebelumjam 10 pagi. Gak cuman itu, Mitra Tokopedia hadir biar usaha kamuGAMPANG UNTUNGNYA. Deretan cashback dan diskon seru bisa kamudapatkan, biar keuntunganmu makin banyak! Penasaran keuntunganlainnya? Penjualan Lebih Maksimal di Era Digital, Bisa Jadi AgenPulsa dan Pembayaran Listrik Kamu bisa memaksimalkan keuntunganusaha dengan menjadi penjual (kios) pulsa dan berbagai tagihansehari-hari. Ada pulsa, token listrik, BPJS, sampai voucher gamedengan harga lebih murah, lho, dengan cashback langsung! Bisa Bayardi Tempat (COD) dan Tempo! Mitra Tokopedia menawarkan pengalamanberbelanja yang mudah, aman, dan juga nyaman dengan sistem bayar ditempat atau cash on delivery (COD)! Kamu bisa melakukan pembayarantunai ke kurir setelah belanjaan sudah diterima. Buat kamu yangsukanya cashless, tenang, OVO bisa jadi pilihan yang tepat buatpembayaran setiap transaksi kamu! Tinggal duduk manis dan tunggupesanannya sampai. Ada juga fitur bayar di belakang, buat kamu yangmau belanja ini itu tapi dana belum cukup. Dengan fitur Tempo,Mitra Tokopedia dapat melakukan transaksi pembelian barang grosirhingga jangka waktu 10 hari. Pasti Dapat Emas (Emas Asli)! Ikutiberbagai tantangan-tantangan belanja seru dan dapetin emas impiankamu! Makin banyak belanja di aplikasi Mitra Tokopedia, makinbanyak emas yang kamu dapatkan! Kapan lagi? Ada keluhan? Tokopediasiap membantu 24 jam setiap hari! Jangan khawatir kalau ada masalahatau keluhan apapun! Ada fitur live chat yang bisa jawab semuapertanyaan kamu, jam berapa pun dan di mana pun. Gak usah bingung!Sekarang buka warung, toko kelontong, dan kiosk pulsa jadi lebihgampang dan menguntungkan. Tunggu apa lagi? Ayo download SEKARANGdan rasain keuntungannya sendiri! Expand your warung business byjoining to become a Tokopedia Partner! Guaranteed more practicaleveryday business, plus the price of goods that are more economicaland FREE shipping. Interested? Download and join Tokopedia Partnersnow so you can get 50% DISCOUNT DIRECTLY for new partners! No needto worry about your HP quota, because the application is only 2MB!Why does it have to be a Tokopedia partner? All it takes is oneclick, order store inventory items easier and cheaper! Guaranteedto arrive on the same day, if you buy before 10am. Not only that,Mitra Tokopedia is present so that your business is PROFITLYPROFIT. Rows of cashback and exciting discounts you can get, sothat you get more profit! Curious about other benefits? MoreMaximum Sales in the Digital Age, Could Be Credit Agents andElectricity Payments You can maximize business profits by becominga seller (kiosk) pulses and various daily bills. There are pulses,electricity tokens, BPJS, to game vouchers at lower prices, youknow, with direct cashback! Can Pay on Site (COD) and Tempo! MitraTokopedia offers a shopping experience that is easy, safe, and alsoconvenient with a system of pay on the spot or cash on delivery(COD) ! You can make cash payments to the courier after theshopping has been received. For those of you who like cashless,calm, OVO can be the right choice for payment for each of yourtransactions! Just sit and wait for the order to arrive. There isalso a pay feature at the back, for those of you who want to shopthis but not enough funds. With the Tempo feature, TokopediaPartners can purchase wholesale goods for up to 10 days. DefinitelyGet Gold (Real Gold)! Join exciting shopping challenges and getyour dream gold! The more shopping on the Tokopedia Mitra app, themore gold you get! When again? Have a complaint? Tokopedia is readyto help 24 hours every day! Don't worry if there are any problemsor complaints! There is a live chat feature that can answer allyour questions, at any time and anywhere. Don't be confused! Nowopen a food stall, grocery store, and pulse kiosk become easier andmore profitable. What are you waiting for? Come download NOW andfeel the benefits yourself!