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WTransfer - Wifi Transfer 1.0
Wolf dev
WTransfer is a great android file tranfer(apptransfer) tool, that let's you use bluetooth transfer toshareapps.WTransfer use your device bluetooth or wifi to activate bluetoothorwifi file transfer and share apps between android phonesandtablets.This share app functionnality is a simple and quicke way forsharingapp between friends and family.WTransfer let you transfer android file (apps) with thebluetoothtranfer and wifi file transfer to allow you to share appsbetweenandroid phones.Features of WTransfer:* Listing apps in an intuitive and easy way* Share apps* Transfer apps* Wifi file transfer and Bluetooth file transfer* Bluetooth transfer* Mobile transfer* Manage apps (open, delete, export apps)Download WTransfer now and start sharing apps withyourfriends.Wtransfer is a simple and a usefull share app tool, please shareitwith your friends.
Sans Zig Zag Adventure 2017 1.1
Wolf dev
A zigzag game with sans undertale character.Help sans from undertale to follow the zigzag path withoutfalling.We are fans of undertale and we made this game where you have tohelp sans in his journey to reach the castle by following thezigzag path.This game have the same zigzag concept but you will play not with aball but with a 3D sans character from undertale, he will berunning in the zigzagspath and you have to help him to switch direction by taping on yourscreen, to prevent him from falling from the edge.This game contain multiple levels,as you pass to next levels, the distance from the castle will belonger and the speed of sans will increase overtime and you have to keep him on the zigzag path by switchingdirections.This is a simple but a fun undertale game where you go in a zig zagpath and collect red souls to have a greater score,red souls will increase your score by 2 points every time youcollect one.Remember that the zigzags paths will be challenging over timebecause the speed of undertale sans will increase through every newlevel.----- How to play --* Your goal is to reach the castle without falling.* Help sans to switch direction and follow the zig zag path bytaping on your screen.* Try to follow the path without falling from the edge.* Each new level will have a longer distance to the castle, so thespeed will increase more and the level will be morechallenging.* Unlock the all 12 levels and finish the game.----- Game Features ---* Beautiful 3D design and animations.* 3D Runner with undertale sans character.* Fun, simple and addictive game.In the near future we will make more 3d games like this with theother characters like: asriel, frisk, chara, papyrus andgaster.
Sporty gran run 1.0
Wolf dev
An awesome subway gran run game, a running game with superpoweredgrandma :)  Angry gran, runs faster than young peopleand shecan even fly !!  A fun run and awesome subway 3dendless angrygran run game, run with grandma to collect waterbottles, superpower pills and jetpack to fly.  Try to breakyour high score,because the game will be harder over time, causegrandma will beover powered to run faster.  How to play: * Dash, Jump,and Slide as fast as you can to avoid incomingobstacles * Collectbottles of water to use Multipliers  * UseMultipliers tomultiply your score  * Collect super power pillsto get moreMultipliers  * Collect jetpack to fly overbridges  Gamefeatures:  * An awesome and funny and angrygran run andsubway 3d endless runner game with grandma  *Beautiful HD 3Dgraphics  * Beautiful environment Download and installthe subway sporty grand run, and enjoy the funrun.