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Andy Tarot Lite
Xavier Gignac
FREE tarot Game.By touching the cards or with the pad, play against up to 4 bots onyour cell or friends. All tarots rules are respectedMultiplayer on the Internet.Multiplayer over bluetooth or wifi to play on local network gamesnow availables in BETA VersionAndy Tarot is on Facebook, come on to share around this app.http://www.facebook.com/AndyTarotThe tarot is a card game that can be plaid from 3 to 5 players. Thecard are randomly dealt but you need strategy to win.Andy Tarot lite is made as for beginners as for advanced playersthanks to its 3 levels of difficulty. The most tarot modes aresupported from 3 to 5 players with king call.The local multiplayers mode over Bluetooth and Wifi allows you toplay even if you don't have any network. AI-driven player can alsojoin the game with their three levels of intelligence.
Andy Tarot 1.8
Xavier Gignac
With this game, you can play Tarot in 3 up to5 players with king call. Three difficulty levels are available.The multiplayer game will make you play with friends locally(Bluetooth, Wifi) or with anyone in the world (Internet).