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Cells 1.0
Swipe to guide the little arrow over the cellsto get to home.Play through 3 worlds, each with 9 unique levels.Every world introduces a new mechanic to play through thegame.Use a combination of the complex mechanics as you progress in thegame.
Krishna Livewallpaper 1.0
Lord Krishna is a central figure for Hinduism.He is considered a supreme being and reincarnation of lord Vishnu.Personalize your mobile screens with spectacular Krishnawallpapers. Krishna Live Wallpaper is a beautiful wallpaperspecially designed for the users to utilize it on the auspiciousoccasion of Janmashtami. Have the image of beautiful lord Krishnaon your mobile devices. This is specially designed live wallpaperusing which the users can even change the backgrounds and customizethe rituals taking place in the background. There is an option oflive particles and pooja which would be showering on the god.=> Features:- HD image with customized backgrounds- Customized background effect (different light particles, poojarituals and flowers)- Color of background can be changedAlter and modify the appearance of your favorite Krishna dailyusing various available effects. This is a “must have” wallpaperfor this Janmashtami.
Halloween Witch 1.4
Halloween is coming. Everyone loves to playHalloween games, so this time we came up with a Halloween WitchGame. In this game, you will see lots of flying witch and halloweenpumpkins.Very entertaining and addictive Halloween game. You will beamazed by its excellent graphics and become obsessive to it. Thisapp has come up with some unique features of broom like speed andaltitude. You have to pass through many hurdles to unlock allbrooms available.The Game is highly optimized for android phones andtablets.We hope you enjoy this game
Auto Call Picker 1.0.2
Hello Greetings.We have bring up its pro version totally free. Please check itand install it with new and classic design.HERE'S THE LINK :https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.yudiz.autocallaction.pro
Bacteria Killer 1.5
“Keep calm and kill Bacteria”Take a peek in to the world of bacteria’s and kill them all withone touch. It’s fun to play and addictive game. Kill the bacteria’sand gain victory over them. Move ahead in levels by killing all ofthem at single touch. You must have seen Soap commercials promisingto kill bacteria’s, but you can do it in one touch! We are not surehow many bacteria dies by washing detergent, but within this game,you are free to kill as many you want. Explore the world ofbacteria’s where they are attacking your mobile screen and you haveto be a rescuer by killing them.----------------------------In order to give you a free app and keep developing more free appsin the future, we are integrating a search tool to our application.This will add a few access points to your device (hence thepermissions) to direct you to the web search service. Pleaseconsider using the search to help us keep creating apps. You maydelete the search icon, bookmark and homepage easily. Thank you
Back To School 1.5
This is an education app concerning mainly totoddler and preschool kids and helps them to get ready forkindergarten. It assist the toddler to evolve from Rhymes totoddler books and then to kindergarten transition. The toddler bookcomprises of Alphabets, Colors, Numbers, Shapes, Fruits, Animals,Vehicles, Planets, Days in week and much more. It even boostinfant's memory power by fun based quiz and memory game. Such gamesnot only enhance the teaching but even entertain the toddler. Let'slook on its main aspects.Back To School App comes with four main aspects.Colors-- Balls with different colors are displayed. And withevery color balls, three images with different colors aredisplayed. Toddler has to tick mark such image whose color matcheswith the color of the ball. It helps toddler in makingidentification of color and boost its grasping power. Toddlerbecomes familiar with different colors and this will help inkindergarten as well.Shapes-- Similar to above color balls, there are differentshapes that are displayed on screen. Shapes includes triangle,rectangle, circle and many more. Toddler just has to select any ofthe shape and relevant to that three different shapes are show withfunny faces. Toddler has to tick mark on such face whose shape isexact of the one being selected. This will make the toddlerfamiliar with different shapes.Numbers-- This is really very beneficial to your kid. Playingwith numbers will entertain the kids and teach at the same time.1-10 numbers are displayed. When the toddler select any number,three items are displayed. Each items are in different quantity andamong them toddler has to choose such item that matches the numberselected before. WIth these game, your kid will identify thenumbers and will master over it.Alphabets-- This game is something that every kid would love toplay. First step of kindergarten is to learn alphabets. The gamestarts from selecting any alphabets that are displayed A-Z. Afterselecting, three images will be shown whose names start withdifferent alphabets. Toddler has to tick mark such image whosefirst alphabet matches with those selected before.
GESIA Cricket League II 2.1.4
GESIA Cricket League IIGet Latest information of your favorite game " GCL II " from thissuper application.=> Team Participated=> Know about schedule=> Today's Match=> Recent Matches=> Live Gallery=> Latest News
Tune Recorder 1.0
A simple,easy and user friendly to usethisapplication for voice recording as well to apply differenteffectFeatures :★ Save as .mp3 or .wav★ Apply different voice effect.★ Pre-Setting of any recording.★ Pos-Setting for any recording.★ You can see the list of recording.★ Background playing recording like music.
Timber Woods 1.0
Want to cut down tall trees? Timber Woodsishere to do that. Timber Woods is a fun game app where the objectisto cut down the trees.Be careful while cutting down the trees and don't letthebranches hit you. Tap right or left and avoid from comingbranches.It's an easy game to play but tough to get master over it.Justtake your axe and cut a lot of chunk as you can. Be on the topofscore list and have fun!
Banana Bucket 1.1
Banana bucket, game app where youcollectbananas in your bucket and score points.But have only good bananas in your bucket. This will score youthemore! And beware of bad bananas in red color. Danger one .Otherwise it will make you lose your earned points. Grab allthoseyummy bananas in your bucket. Enjoy this game and bananatoo.
Auto Call Action Pro 1.2
Are you tired of people who keeps ongivingmissed calls? Have you ever stuck in an embarassing situationwhereyou get calls while you are in a meeting,driving or busy insomeimportant work? AUTO CALL ACTION is a cool app which letsyouhandle the incoming calls smartly.While in a meeting or in classes or busy in some work just settheauto call action button to ON and select Decline option. Thisappwill automatically reject the incoming call, send busy tone tothecaller and show you missed calls.This app also helps you get rid of the people who keeps ongivingmissed calls. Just set the auto call action button to ON andselectRecieve option , and all the incoming calls will be recievedevenif the caller tries to give you miss call.Cool Features :1) You can turn OFF or ON the auto call action if turnedOFFphone will be back to normal and you can answer/rejectcallsnormally.2) Set the seconds after which you want to auto decline orautoreceive the calls.3) Select the vibrate option to notify you with vibration orelseyour phone will be completely in silent mode.4) Send Decline sms after auto declining the call.5) Set default message or create your own custom message to besentafter auto declining the call
World Innovation Symposium 1.9.0
- Event Organizers- Event Partners- Event Details- Schedule- Registration for WIS
QR Barcode Scanner 1.1
With this amazing new application, you cannowscan multiple barcode formats at one go. With this application,itis easy to decode the QR codes. Whether its text, url or anISBNnumber, this scanner can decode it all. Whether the code is inonedimension or two dimensions, this application would code itall.Utilizing the phone inbuilt camera, it will scan the codeandrecognize it within fraction of seconds.Features:-- Auto Focus-- Fast recognization-- Easy to use-- Automatic decoding-- History log past scansKeep the phone camera at a level of about approx 11 cm abovethebarcode and scan it. If there is some text in the code it wouldbeflashed on the phone screen immediately and it it is some url,itwould redirect you to the website instantly.** The device must have an inbuilt camera in order to scanthecode.
Tripada Biotech Info. 1.0
Tripada Bio-Tech Pvt. Ltd. is awell-knownorganization involved in manufacturing, supplying andtrading avast array of Allopathic Medicines, Ointments & GelsandLotion, Soap & Shampoo. All our products processed&formulated using finest quality ingredients so that these areinadherence with international quality standards. Theofferedproducts are offered to clients in hygienic packagingmaterial toretain their quality & effectiveness. Moreover, weoffer ourrange in variegated specifications as per customers'requirementsat industry-leading prices.
TripadaBiotech 1.0
Tripada Bio-Tech Pvt. Ltd. is awell-knownorganization involved in manufacturing, supplying andtrading avast array of Allopathic Medicines, Ointments & GelsandLotion, Soap & Shampoo. All our products processed&formulated using finest quality ingredients so that these areinadherence with international quality standards. Theofferedproducts are offered to clients in hygienic packagingmaterial toretain their quality & effectiveness. Moreover, weoffer ourrange in variegated specifications as per customers'requirementsat industry-leading prices.
Locker App 1.1
Lock your phone app by setting password oryourchoosable pattern.
O7BN 5.4
O7 Business Network , It's Main Moto is Together We Gain
AR-SDT 1.0
As the name defines, the AR Social Distancing TrainingAppcalculates person to person distance based on AR technology.Theperson using the app can monitor a distance of 6m from theotherperson. If the person tries to breach the social distance, theappalerts the user to maintain a safe distance.
UnlockGates 1.0.6
Basically we are making society work smoother & easy. Wearebuilding trust to the verified members of the society. Wehaveroles & permission in each level of hierarchy in thesociety.You can manage all the work of society like complain,notice,security guard, member dir etc..
Smart QR Code Scanner & Generator (No Ads) 2.0.0
QR code scanner / QR code reader / Barcode scanner app isextremelyeasy to use. All you need is just open the app. Forscanning a codeIt gives us two options i.e. Camera and DeviceStorage. It givesresults very quickly and accurately. QR codescanner / QR codereader / Barcode scanner app helps you to scan andread all typesof QR code and barcodes: Website, Product, Text,Contact, Email,Phone, SMS, Wifi, Map Location, Calendar Event, andmore… This QRscanner / Barcode scanner app doesn’t require anyspecialpermission, it doesn’t collect any personal information oraccessto your device storage, contact list, or anything else. It’ssimplya QR code reader app to help you scan QR codes and scanbarcodes onthe go, everywhere. FEATURES: ✓ Scan and read all typesof QR codeand Barcode ✓ Super-fast and super-lightweight ✓Appropriateactions on each QR code or Barcode: search on Google,open awebpage, add a contact, send an email, call a phone number,connectto wifi networks, add an event to google calendar... ✓History forsaving Scanned Result ✓ Flashlight button as well as onvolumeup-down button ✓ Scan gallery images ✓ Autosave result option✓Manage beep sounds and more settings HOW TO USE: - To scan anytypeof QR code or Barcode just select one option either CameraorGallery and within a second or less you get a result ofScanningand take action according to the Scanned result like savingcontactdetail, copy wifi password, open link on browser, etc... -Historytab allows you to view all the QR codes and barcodes thathave beenscanned from the QR code scanner and barcode scanner app.Thehistory is organized clearly, sorted by date-time. you canalsodelete the history by long press on one item and it allows youtoselect multiple history items and you can delete selectedhistoryitems. -User can also delete from the result page where itgives adelete button on the top right corner to delete a specificresult.-On the Settings page, users can manage the Beep soundenabled ordisabled state, which can be heard after code scanned.-On theSettings page, Users have the option to AutoSave the resultandAutoFocus the camera. This is a free application, installandenjoy. If you like this or you find this app useful, please rateit5 stars ★★★★★ or review it. It motivates and appreciates us.Thankyou very much